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  1. I assume you mean this as in "What does looping music mean?"? Basically, when the music reaches a specified point, it jumps back to another specified point so that it can keep on running forever without any rough transistions when the end of the audio file would be reached. Well, I first added the FmodEx extension (which is linked in the original post) to Reborn. The compatibility edits I mentioned were just type-casting the volume and pitch variables on the extension's script to integers (which is about as much as I am able to do with my non-existent Ruby knowledge). Afterwards, I opened Reborn's music files in Audacity and searched for a point at which the music can loop properly (which is easily the step that took the most amount of time, especially on the music files that don't have a clear looping point), cut unneccessary parts beyond the end of the loop off, added metadata for "LOOPSTART" (sample number at which the loop starts) and "LOOPLENGTH" (amount of samples from the start of the loop to the end of the loop; and I am not sure if these tags actually need to be in all-caps) and exported them as a .ogg files (because while the extension is supposed to work with .mp3 files, it is a known bug that it doesn't really, it will still loop but there are odd hiccups on the looping point). And the last step was to edit the trainertypes and metadata pbs files to actually use the .ogg files and compile them. The .mp3 files still need to be deleted because whenever music is controlled through an event on the map, it seems to happily accept an audio file of another extension with the same name if it can't find the one with the specified extension (which is both odd and great). TL;DR I added the FmodEx script which looks for metadata "LOOPSTART" and "LOOPLENGTH" on audio files and made sure the game would use these audio files where I set that metadata.
  2. Pokémon Reborn - Looping Battle Music Mod Being the bored guy I am, after having made a looping battle music mod for Pokémon Rejuvenation, I decided to make one for Pokémon Reborn! About This mod, as the name implies, makes the battle music in Pokémon Reborn loop - and not in the same way it already does, starting from the start of the file, no, it makes it loop based on a set looping point. This essentially means that you should no longer notice the point at which the music reaches its end, however, due to some of the music used in Reborn not having a clear point where it is supposed to loop, transistions might still not be 100% smooth on all battle music but I tried my best to make it as seamless as possible. Because of there no longer being any need for the music looping within the audio file, the combined file size of these files went down from ~81MB to ~49MB. This reduction could be even higher but I decided to keep additional loops on music files that have slight differences on their second or third loop whenever possible. And one final note: The metadata of the audio files (title, composer, etc.) is still there and can be viewed via external software such as Audacity, however, Windows Explorer will not display it for .ogg files. Thanks, Windows. Installation In order to install the mod, you first need to download the mod; you can do so by clicking here. Your browser will likely notify you of this being an unusual download, due to it containing .dll files, if you don't believe me that this doesn't contain any viruses, feel free to run it through VirusTotal before extracting. After you downloaded the .zip file, you need to extract it into your Pokémon Reborn folder. When prompted whether you would like to overwrite Scripts.rxdata (this is based on the E18.4.1 Scripts.rxdata file by the way!), metadata.dat, and trainertypes.dat, confirm that you want to overwrite those files. Lastly, you should delete any of the files named "Battle- [].mp3" and "RBY Battle- [].mp3" or move them somewhere else, this is to force the game to load the .ogg files when the battle music is controlled through a map script. Compatibility This mod should be compatible with any other mods that don't change the Scripts.rxdata, metadata.dat, or trainertypes.dat files, however I can't give any guarantees since I haven't tested it. This mod is however not compatible with game-z.exe and will cause game-z.exe to no longer work after installation! If you would like to use game-z.exe again, you will need to uninstall the mod by replacing the Scripts.rxdata file with the original one. Credits This mod wouldn't have been possible without the Essentials script "RGSS FmodEx Extension" by 塗 ゆり. You can learn more about it on the script's Pokécommunity thread. All I changed on the script itself were really minor edits to fix compatibility issues the plugin had with Reborn. And besides that, well, I set looping points on all the provided music files.
  3. The mod now includes all battle themes (unless I forgot some). There probably won't be further updates to this mod for now.
  4. Have you ever found yourself in the midst of an epic clash between good and evil atop an active vulcano, accompanied by an epic orchestral piece of music, only for the music to suddenly fade out, followed by a short silence and finally the music restarting back at the intro? Have you ever found yourself fighting the Angel of Death herself, encouraged by the upbeat music to finally bring justice to the world, only for the music to suddenly - Ok, you get the idea. Well, I am here to offer you the solution to your problems! Introducing the gaming industries latest invention... Pokémon Rejuvenation - Looping Battle Music Mod Alright, so after the maybe just a little bit over the top introduction, let's get into what this is, how it works, etc. As the name already implies, this mod makes the music in Pokémon Rejuvenation loop - but of course not the same way it already does, rather this mod aims to make the music loop seamlessly like it does in most video games. The current version has properly looping music for all battle themes and there are currently no plans to update this mod with other music from the game. That being said, I think that the battle themes are the most important since you hear them a lot and there's a good chance they will reach the looping point while playing. It is also noteworthy that the looping music files are significantly smaller (~60% the size of the .mp3 files) in file size, thanks to the fact that a lot of the original music loops once or twice on the file itself so that it doesn't anticlimacticly restart after just 90 seconds. Unfortunately though, the metadata (title, artists, etc.), while still there, isn't visible anymore. Also getting the Evil Gym music to loop properly was a nightmare... How to install In order to install the mod, you need to extract the mod's .zip folder (which you can download by clicking here) into your Pokémon Rejuvenation directory. It will need to replace your Scripts.rxdata, metadata.dat, and trainertypes.dat files (note that this should usually be compatible with any other mods that don't change any of these three files). It is possible that your browser will warn you about the download, due to it containing .dll files. If you don't believe me that the files are harmless, feel free to confirm for yourself by checking them via virustotal. Go to \Audio\BGM and remove all .mp3 files that now have a .ogg file with the same name from the folder (whether you put them somewhere else or delete them is up to you). This forces the game to use the new .ogg music files in situations where the music isn't controlled by the metadata.dat or trainertypes.dat file, even if it tries to access a .mp3 file (which to my surprise actually works). Credits This mod wouldn't have been possible without the Essentials script "RGSS FmodEx Extension" by 塗 ゆり. You can learn more about it on the script's Pokécommunity thread. All I changed on the script itself were really minor edits to fix compatibility issues the plugin had with Rejuvenation.
  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😉🍰

  6. It's actually GlitchxCity's Cynthia remix with the pitch set to 0.5. I could send you an mp3 file if you want me to, just PM me.
  7. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^🍰

  8. I'll sure have fun with Pokémon Reborn Thanks for the help!
  9. Well, it's looking for the right directory... D:/Pokémon Reborn/Reborn17-0-2/Pokemon Reborn/Data/Mods/ Well, it's now on my Desktop and working just fine
  10. It gives me the error message. Well, I just solved the issue. I put the Reborn folder on my Desktop and ran it from there. Maybe it has something to do with how the location of the Mods folder is described in the Scripts file? I guess I can try messing around with that... Edit: It could have something to do with my E17 folder "Pokemon Reborn" being inside my E16 folder "Pokemon Reborn"
  11. Windows 10. And also, I somehow broke my game by playtesting it xD Well, gotta reinstall it...
  12. Oh, I may have expressed myself wrongly, I don't have the option. I checked the scripts file and the .rb files. The first few lines of the script's main part (and also the only lines marked with MODDED): #####MODDED begin ModsPath = Dir.pwd+"/Data/Mods/*.rb" Dir[ModsPath].each {|file| load file } end #####/MODDED The code of the .rb files also seems to be fine. (Though I'm not a coding expert)
  13. Well, all three are okay, so... :/
  14. For some reasson, this doesn't work for me... I replaced the Scripts.rpgxp file and put the Mods folder in the Data Folder. Back in E16 I had no problems using this mod.
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