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Pokémon Reborn: Translation Management Sheet

If you were to work on a translation, would you use this?  

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Pokémon Reborn: Translation Management Sheet


So, being the bored guy I am, I've made a Spreadsheet which helps at managing translations of Pokémon Reborn made with @Waynolt's translation manager.



I. Why I made it

You might be thinking: Is he crazy? Doesn't he have anything better to do? Who'd even use that?

Well... Yes, no and I don't know.

I do have to admit that this might only help in big teams and that there might not be any people who end up using this, but I just want to share this with everyone just in case just one translation team does want to use it.

Anyways, when I started making this, it was meant to just be used for my translation team.

You see, we are four people and we need to have a way of organising stuff, so that there aren't two people translating the same lines without knowing that they are.

On top of that, we need to keep track of which groups are translated and which lines are spell- and grammar-checked.

Furthermore, I want to keep track on the total progress of the project to plan ahead and also post the progress on my Translation's thread.

Now, you also need to keep in mind that the easier a task is, the more people will do said task.

If translating Reborn is easier, more people would be willing to do it and there would be more translations.

The more translations a game has, the more people can enjoy it.

Even though many people speak English, a lot of them aren't fluent in it and just wouldn't be able to play a text-heavy game like Reborn without it being offered in their native language.


So, did I sell my product? 😛



II. The link

Here's the link to the sheet.

Keep in mind that it's read-only, so you need to make a copy of it.



III. How it works

After you've looked at the sheet, you're probably thinking: What's all of this about?

Well, let me explain:

First off, I want to clarify that the structure of the sheet is based on the group structure of the translation manager and requires you to use said program.

Here's the forum thread of it, where you can also find a download link, in case you didn't already download it.

Now that that's out of the way, I'll explain how the sheet functions.

Let's say a team member of yours, let's name him OrderlyJohn, wants to translate the item descriptions (which have an official translation by the way, so keep that in mind when translating something inside the "Pokémon Terminology" group!).

Inside the translation manager's nested group hierarchy, there inside the "Items" group, which is inside the "Pokémon Terminology" group, which is inside the "Default groups" group.

He now looks at the sheet and turns to the page "Pokémon Terminology". There, he is greeted by more groups. OrderlyJohn now looks for the "Items" group inside the row A.

There, he looks for the "Item Descriptions" "sub-group". He then goes to the "Translated" row and adds a comment to the cell there saying something like "OrderlyJohn - Working on it".

He can now start translating the item descirptions.

After having translated a hundred lines and having killed a thousand Budews, he decides, that the group could be added to the next version of the translation.

But first, he decides to update the progress on the "Translated" row of the group. He estimates his progress to be around 25% and updates the percentage in the cell accordingly.

Now, he uploads his languageName.dat file to some place the manager of the team has access to.

Then, he goes to the "Pending groups" page and adds "Item Descriptions" to the list, along with a comment on the cell containing his name. Since the group is neither completely finished nor completely checked, he leaves both options at no.

The next time the manager of the translation checks the "Pending groups" page, he sees the new entry, downloads the file from OrderlyJohn's repository and merges the "Item Descriptions" group into the file that will be uploaded on the forums.

Then, the manager deletes the entry from the "Pending groups" page (which can be re-added by OrderlyJohn, if he thinks that he's made a good extra chunk of progress).

Meanwhile, another member, let's call him TheUGT, has the desire to translate the "Item Descriptions" group. He checks it and - too bad! It's already taken.

However, he sees that it is 100% translated. "Great", he thinks, "I'll check if everything's correct"!

He downloads the languageName.dat file from OrderlyJohn (which should certainly be up-to-date on the "Item Descriptions" group, because OrderlyJohn finished the translation) and reads through all of the translated lines.

Now, that involves the same process as translations, except you use the "Checked" row.





I think I'm bad at explaining things in as few words as possible.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post them here or PM me.

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Well this tool sure would have came handy when I used to manage the team working on Pokémon Uranium's french translation x) too bad it's long since done haha

It's thorough and it's easy to navigate through at the same time, it's great! Good job!

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