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  1. I feel stupid for forgetting about Narcissa and the specifics of Isha’s own story. But I can’t remember where it’s hinted (or even said) that he did something to Valarie or Adam. I always assumed that was Freya. (Another possible outcome is Crescent utterly pwning everyone on that scene and making them remember a version where she faked her death – see below for why it’s not absurd. Not that I believe that, but I don’t think it’s inconsistent). Note that hugely altering memories isn’t too unusual a feat by Rejuv standards, see Karen at the Starly help request or Crescent with Nim (well, either that or she convinced Nim so thoroughly that she trusted Crescent more than us, and changed her name and purpose with that). That’s also why I’m pretty sure that Freya may be more able to modify memories than “just a little”
  2. I don’t recall which scene this is? Can you recall me? Again, I don’t think Freya needs Isha. She didn’t need anyone to
  3. So, that was quite the read. I suppose it all boils down to this: is Saki being, well, Saki, more likely than her being an evil mastermind? There is another piece of evidence against Saki being just over the top – that kind of stuff was rather removed from the game (Melia’s early “handling” of a Xen grunt). Some of it sounds dubious – I am not sure why Saki would jump to utter ridiculousness to try and attack us at the Chrysola Hotel. I mean, she must know such mundane means wouldn’t kill anyone – least of all us, and instead would give away her game. But a lot of the rest makes disturbingly much sense. Although it could as well be that the Saki we saw is a Xen-controlled robot masquerading as the actual Saki, and failing by being “too anime”. (or perhaps she saw the game’s full plot and lore the real relationship between the Blakeories and Team Xen and Went Mad From The Revelation). Trouble is, you’d expect Braixen to comment on something that amiss... Also, is there any canonical evidence for Isha to successfully and reliably alter memories? He experimented on Braixen but as far as we know its memory wasn’t modified...
  4. That was an impressively productive week-end, and pretty good episodes too. You kept your favorite Seviper nickname! I'm interested to see how you'll write what comes next...
  5. Chapter 29 of "The Odd One Out" is online! Still not quite satisfied, but since I can't find what annoys me...  


    There are many things in this chapter, but mostly I think it's a transition... And there's a significant divergence from the game plot approaching. 

  6. @TheHellHamster: Thank you very much! Thank you to all of you who read and enjoy the story (for those who read and don't enjoy, please tell me what you think I'm doing wrong ). As you may have seen it on Discord or the status bar, I'm not very fond of this chapter. I keep feeling something is wrong with it, but I can't find out what exactly. So after a last revision, here it is... This is the chapter of the Aster and Eclipse battle underneath the Staircase, if you didn't follow. It went more smoothly than I had hoped for, mostly because of the work of another Pokemon which isn't in Gabriel's team yet (obviously, there's not a full correlation between the story and the playthrough), and I don't want to spoil the surprise. You won't have to wait long for it, though. Chapter 29: A Mob Job Gone Wrong Character ratings: Death count (reminder):
  7. @&~€%$£#*!

    I’m usually fine with the chapters I write, but I’m really struggling with the upcoming one. 
    Each time I read it, it feels so somehow wrong. And I don’t really understand what causes this feeling. 

    I guess I’ll give it another try tomorrow. 

  8. I've checked the game and a version of Essentials, and I can't find anything resembling a script. I suppose I need RPG Maker to get the dat/rxdata files to make sense?
  9. "do you really want to see me complain about math more?" Yes? (imo it's not really math, just code someone hadn't cared to optimize) Am I the only one who's interested to see what the code looked like before your fixes (in the section "are you sure you're in range")? What do you call a "deep bush"? Aren't there some on Route 1? Anyway, that looks like an amazing job, cass. (also, please don't deprive yourself of sleep for us).
  10. Poor Lucia... No matter where she ends up, she always is a target. I really hope it's all going to improve for her, but given that it's Reborn I don't believe it... You're sure you can't have M-Rayquaza check up on her and "unfortunately" pushing Fern in the lake? Also, what on earth was that attack? Was Fern behind it, or bad timing? Another Meteor move? I was thinking of asking you why Lucia is scared that calling M-Rayquaza would reveal her whereabouts to Zander, but then I realized that you called him a billionnaire. Of course he could be very interested if news spread of a mythological OP beast showing up in some random part of the earth for no reason in particular, and quite able to go there.
  11. I like that update. I had forgotten how over the top the entire Magnolia Library incident was. And the other sidequests... Karen's first appearance in the story... Great episode, in a nutshell. I'm excited to read what's next! (Now I really want a Rejuv story where all the MC does is sue the Blakeorys for all their money, collecting stories and evidence for a massive lawsuit. I'm pretty sure it would be interesting to explore the consequences to Melia, Venam and Ren, who don't actually meet us. They end up happy and still friendly and we become rich and powerful and adored by every person of lesser social status than the Blakeorys. Happiest ending ever.)
  12. All in all, such a downer evening. 

    First, there’s this TV show which is even bleaker than usual, showing several meltdowns by very relatable characters.


    Then, thinking afterwards, I realized some unexpected implications of my fanfiction’s premises. It’s not relevant to the chapters currently online, but... it sheds some future plot points in different (and darker) lights. 

    Now I think I’m going to sleep before it gets even sadder. At least it’s not about anything really important. 

    1. Candy


      Oof and it doesn’t help that the FEtR episode I posted was Devon Corp 😢

    2. Mindlack


      That too, even though I almost forgot it -- tbh it had been earlier in the day. But now I'm thoroughly demotivated for whatever I could have done today.




      Well, it felt surprisingly better just writing it. I think I'm back to my studies now.^^

  13. Chapter 28 of my Reborn story "The Odd One Out" is now online.

    I will neither confirm nor deny that the entire chapter is mostly a paranoid Gabriel freaking out about the voice-activated lights in the ruins. 

    I will neither confirm nor deny that the chapter title is a voluntary pun on the iconic sentence of some famous Orson Scott Card novel.  


    There is a rambling madman in the ruins... But a very dangerous one. Very, very dangerous. 


  14. Now, I really should get back at writing, because my buffer is diminishing... But never mind, as usual in the week-ends, I can give you the next chapter. Chapter 28: The Enemy's Gate Character ratings:
  15. Is there a truck to look underneath, maybe?
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