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  1. The Odd One Out's new chapter is online! We're closing the Orphanage arc -- and re-instituting character ratings, and chronological order as well.  



  2. Here's the new chapter, we're ending the Orphanage arc here. Which, alas, leaves us to deal with the consequences afterwards... Something something Shade fight something something Azurine something something screenshots something something Amaria something something Blacksteam (don't pay attention, that's just my subconscious complaining about the next chapters not coming too smoothly -- but it'll work out in the end). Chapter 34: Breaking Out Character ratings:
  3. As a Wise Old Wizard (TM) once said, it’s easier to forgive people for being wrong than for them being right. For very many people, it’s hard to acknowledge they’re wrong and the other speaker is right even when you know (or “subconsciously” believe) it. It’s easier to grudgingly apply their advice. Also, isn’t Vanilla a bit selfish when considering how Pikachu’s death affects her (or her plans)? After all, she’s denying the actual victim their desire to fight. Then again, it’s a really understandable reaction. I wish I could find the drive to read back the mom chapter and try and find clues, but I’m pretty bad at spotting these and, even then, at connecting the dots. Vanilla not being harmed suggests that Candy’s message was successfully delivered, but how? She couldn’t just threaten Lin, the latter wouldn’t be fazed... did she sell the Devon raid, against a commitment to not harm Vanilla? Improbable... Very nice chapter. I look forward to the Power Of Friendship (TM) is going to destroy Adrienn... good luck (I’m not sure levels really help enough though – a specific choice of mons would, but it’s not really your approach)!
  4. I remember beating that Sirius fight with revives, x items, and lots of save scumming (not that I didn’t struggle with many other fights as well!). This is one reason why I don’t know where you are now, but if that fight is the one you remember, I think you still have lots of difficult battles ahead. Enjoy!
  5. I would switch them (even though the grinding is going to be a pain) but I am not that great at the game. Noivern has slightly better defences virtually everywhere, far better speed and its special attack significantly beats Pidgeot's attack (also iirc fighting-type Pokemon rarely have a great special defence). It also learns Hurricane, Dragon Pulse, and perhaps even Boomburst (if you can use the move relearner) which is boosted on the field. It also resists everything Pidgeot resists, nullifies its electric weakness and fighting weakness, at the cost of being *4'ed by ice and weak to fairy. It's also resistant to fire, so perhaps also a good option to deal with the fire leader.
  6. I've been trying out Zumi's Rejuv character sorter. I had 68 characters, after removing Rifts and PCs. But when looking at the results, the only thing I can think of is how it took over 320 ~ log_2(68!) comparisons to sort the list. Truly, you can feel the difference between O(nlog(n)) (minimal average number of comparisons for a list-sorting algorithm) and n when you have to specify each comparison by hand (Volta or Florin? Jolene or Alexandra?...)



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SilverAngelus


      Melia, although before taking this sorter my top 3 were (and still is) Erin, Tesla, and Risa!

    3. Mindlack


      Yes, it's strange how the sorter doesn't always do what you think it would do (I hadn't even thought of Tesla when I started, I then realized I perferred her to almost everyone).


      So I take it you don't support the "Risa is Freya" theory?


    4. SilverAngelus


      The sorter is good for helping you realize characters that might not come to mind right way, yup!


      I don't 😛 


  7. That’s not a bad idea, but the timeline doesn’t seem to track, does it? Amanda says their plan has been in motion shortly before the MC returned to Aevium. But I’m pretty sure the Interceptor project is much older than that (at least Garufa old).
  8. I recently found out that my Reborn story's title (The Odd One Out -- there's a new chapter just available btw) was almost the name of a (entirely unrelated) YT channel with millions of subscribers. People (including me) are weird, I guess?

  9. Hey, new chapter here! Perhaps I should apologize to Ame for how I portrayed her self-insert... You'll decide for yourselves, I guess. Chapter 33: Shocking Authorities
  10. Time spent procrastinating the Shade fight because I feared I would get so wrecked: a couple of weeks. 

    Time spent preparing for said battle: a few hours. 

    Final score after first battle: 6-0. 



    Maybe, just maybe, counting the number of times I fail makes me overthink stuff? Or am I just getting better?

  11. Thank you @Evi Crystal for your comment! I was trying to answer yesterday and it devolved into more or less a retelling of every internal monologue Gabriel had to this point... so something pretty useless. So I'll try to summarize Gabriel's attitude differently. He's lawful good at heart, but he's in Reborn City, a place almost as far as possible from everything he's ever witnessed. A harsh, torn apart, unforgiving place, where he doesn't even believe he had any reason to go to in the first place. So he has two main goals: survive and leave. Hence, as he's not a fighter, his attempting to not make any enemies (especially not any officials, because they control when the station is rebuilt) and remain on the sidelines. Trying to not take sides, and especially to not go to extremes, is pretty natural to him. In the Orphanage situation, there is also (I think I wrote about that) another reason for him not wanting to storm the place: his first-world belief in institutions in general (hence the "lawful"), and in particular in the Orphanage being very likely a better place to children than just living in Reborn's street. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by my universe's situation plot? It's not exactly like it, but it's set in a universe mostly like canon Reborn, with minor differences that will appear in time.
  12. Hey, it's been quite a while since the last chapter -- that's summer vacation for you. (I swear, I'll try not to make that many excuses from now on) The views counter keeps growing, I'm quite amazed -- thank you to all those of you who read. This chapter and the next one follow a nonlinear time structure, meaning that some events in chapter 33 happen between some of those of chapter 32 and some of those of chapter 31. I've tried to keep mentioning the correct timelines so that you don't get too confused. There is also a little riddle in the chapter -- do you like crypto? Whether you played the game or not, you have all the necessary information to solve it (if you're interested) at the end of the chapter. Finally, a point for more about the story as a whole -- there may be spoilers for some books, films, or fan fictions. But they'll be written carefully enough, so that one can't realize which work this spoils, so I don't think that counts. Chapter 32: Undertakings
  13. How about writing disclaimers for every insane action done by the characters, shuffling them, and putting the entire list in the prologue? No one would read it in full, let alone remember it, but you would be un-suable. Also fEtR is a good title, the one we all know and love, I don’t think there’s any need to change it?
  14. Over 4,300 views for The Odd One Out, that’s amazing! Thank you to all (human) viewers! 

    The next chapter is coming as soon as I can get a good Wifi spot – a dozen days at latest. 


    On a not-too-unrelated note: I used to be stuck on some soon-to-come part (chapters 35-ish). I couldn’t write it satisfactorily – it felt poor, eventless, almost a waste of words, among others. A couple of days ago, I had a, er, great idea and I finished to write it entirely. Now it’s much more epic (and, I’m confident, more original), but... kind of weird at the same time.



    There’s poetry from two different languages (one which I translated myself into English, so I’m not sure how it actually sounds), for crying out loud!

    I guess we’ll wait and see... 

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