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  1. From the item guide ( https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/41661-item-guide-v18-void-kissed/ ) IIRC Blazikenite and Swampertite can't be obtained yet.
  2. Yay, good news! I didn't know you could downgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 7 -- you may have been the luckiest of us all. ^^ Just a word of caution on pictures. Especially if you're not using exactly the game's own screenshots, it's surprisingly time-consuming. But you wrote that you would take your time until V13 (a decision that is completely understandable -- what the Rejuv dev team is planning in route 4 looks absolutely huge, and it'd be a right shame to force yourself not to use it because you'd have reached it too soon), so perhaps it won't be a concern.
  3. Okay, so it wasn't a bug in the end. I found out from CosminCosman on Discord that Kiki's mons were EV invested, with level*1.5 EV in every stat. That makes it just possible (with unfavorable rounding or perhaps a display thing that keeps enemy mons green if they're less than 1 HP under 50%) that Meowstic took 59-60/119 HP from Medicham; similarly, the Swoobat had probability 7/8 to OHKO. I just got unlucky damage rolls.
  4. Don’t worry, it’s been like that for a while and no one complained.^^ Remember? “The AI is so broken I’m surprised it ever functioned.” I don’t know how it’s exactly like – but here’s an analogy which I hope isn’t too far off the mark. Imagine a 20,000-tile mosaic (so that any two tiles have the same shape) representing a blue sky (so that two tiles have similar colors). Or, maybe, one of the Reborn tile puzzles, except much, much bigger and without recognizable shapes or colors. You know approximately how it’s supposed to look like in the end, but n
  5. How do you manage Terra? With Ciel, she’s one of the Gym Leaders where I just can’t seem to make anything work, so I end up spamming healing items, especially for Quagsire which doesn’t care about set-up mons. Ciel I always eventually cheesed after setting up a mon right under the Togekiss’s nose and making it sweep. I also struggled with Hardy. Shade was an issue in my two completed playthroughs but I swept it in the third one. I remember beating Charlotte first try in my first playthrough (with a Magneton’s Sturdy being the deciding factor in the end, while the Prankster Damp
  6. It’s quite possible indeed. However, so far it gave me the right info on Pokemon levels, movesets, and the right ballpark for damage... so did the devs specifically change the ev spreads since the wikia’s last update? (or is it just the first modification I catch) That’s why I would really be interested in a non-conjecture answer.
  7. He's aware of it, but climbing Mount Pyrous to challenge Cal (whose strength he doesn't know) doesn't exactly sound like a test of mental health either, so he doesn't understand the point. That would be so mean of me to do this to him. But I can't let him escape the resolution of the plot, can I? (By the way, I think I wrote it in an earlier chapter, but it's really not a straight trip to Kalos).
  8. But HP/Sp.Def aren't specific stats of Lucario or Medicham, are they? And the wikia disagrees -- apparently the first EV trained ace is Serra's. (Though it could of course be incorrect or outdated)
  9. There are some who will give riddles to people they want to assess. And there are others, who ask them to instead climb mountains. Guess which category is Kiki? Guess which category Gabriel would have preferred? 


    The Odd One Out has a new chapter online! 



    (PS: If you didn't answer: "the category of people who will take care of Reborn City and help him go home", you might have been wrong ^^)

  10. I know I should EV train, but I don't want to do it right now. I'll probably do some later, before some harder battles than these. But that's not my question here.
  11. Hey! Thank you for all your answers in the poll! I'm closing it now, but feel free to comment. You won't have any battle this chapter... But don't worry, you'll have plenty in the following chapters... After all, it's called a finale for a reason. So I'm writing the finale of Part 2, making the pictures (which takes a lot of time because battles, among others), so Part 2 should be completely online by the end of the year. Chapter 40: Novel Nihilism Character rates:
  12. Hello, I'm not sure this is actually a bug, but I've just been fighting Kiki and I have had a couple of Psychic attacks that damaged their enemies a bit too little. The thing is, I'm using the wikia to get the EVs/IVs of my opponents, so perhaps it's incorrect or I'm doing the wrong calculations. Everything uses Smogon's S/M damage calculator. Here are the two situations: 1) Swoobat using Psychic against the Lucario (lv 40, 30 IVs HP/SpDef, no EVs and neutral nature according to the wikia). Swoobat is Simple and used one Calm Mind (so +4
  13. Do you know which color the lake is supposed to be on Azurine Island in Reborn 18.4.1? I'm on my first visit, and it's blue. But in TTar's playthrough (for instance), and in my memory as well, it was always brown at that point... Am I mistaken or is there something wrong?

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    2. Mindlack


      Thank you, cass! So, it’s nothing to worry about? 

    3. andracass


      yup! it'll be fixed next release.

    4. Mindlack


      Okay, thank you again! 


  14. I have just finished the first draft of the last part of Part 2's finale of The Odd One Out. 😢

    I'll probably need to retune it a bit, write the latest chapters' character rates...

    And then there will be all the pictures for the chapters 41-45. 😨

    I said it earlier, the idea is one of the earliest ones I had and one of those I was most eager to write. So I really hope it works and you enjoy it...

  15. IIRC they did a lot of work so it's really not the Essentials AI anymore, so much that it's a massive chunk of code, with at least thousands of lines. This kind of length and complexity makes it very easy for tiny mistakes to have dispoportionately large impacts, completely straying from the intended behavior (or worse, weird combinations of correct and subtly wrong code to produce something that looks like a mostly correct output). That's really hard to debug. And it's not even in the "oh, what a nice puzzle" way, more in the "omg, how do I untangle this 1000-string knot?" way. A
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