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  1. As promised in a previous announcement, The Odd One Out has a new chapter, and that's the Aya battle! 


    Will Gabriel manage to get the Badge and hence the right to Strength? Or is Aya's self-deprecation a show? Did the author manage to lose to Fern? 


    You'll find all the answers there: 



  2. Hi! It's been a while. I said it, I meant it, here's the next chapter. A few things I would mention beforehand: again, the pictures aren't as good as I'd like them to be, and in particular suffer from some inconsistencies. I don't like that, but I'm not really sure how to do it better. And I’m positively hyped for those I’ll have to make in Yureyu. Not to mention the actual re-adapting of the draft as the picture gets clearer. (sigh) Second, you get the written (and pictured) account of the Aya battle this chapter. However, I'll only detail how it went in
  3. So, you may have been wondering why the latest chapter from my story dates back to over two weeks now, and why I have so shamelessly failed to keep my schedule. 


    I have two reasons (and yes, the fact that I'm speaking of it now means that there should be a chapter this week-end or early next week). 


    The first one is the Aya battle. Basically, I don't have too good an answer for it and I'm a little bit dreading it. I guess I want to keep my death count as is.  


    The second one is the Yureyu rescue. That thing was difficult to write and grew so massive that I'm unsure how that won't dwarf the next action sequences. But the first draft is over (although it will not be a cakewalk to think and write my way through the fallout). At least, I hope that you'll appreciate the spin I've chosen to put on it. What I'm going for should already be apparent in the upcoming chapter, but of course it'll get clearer afterwards.  

  4. We all make these, don't worry! I still shudder at some of the mistakes I've written (and not edited, shame on me!) a year and a half ago. (speaking of which: advice is always singular, because it's uncountable. The English for un conseil is "a piece of advice". Merci pour tous ces conseils would perhaps be better translated as thank you for the advice. I'd appreciate for a native speaker to correct me.) I guess I will :) Yes, it's easy to lose track of that in first person. But I think it's important (though of course, that's far easier to spot when reading so
  5. Yeah, that was the point. If you've never done any before, code is really something meticulous and the slightest typo can make a program bug in interesting ways (see cass's dev blog posts on engine and AI -- I have my own stories but they're beginner level compared to what the dev team does). You got a syntax error for mismatching your parentheses, and thus you should double-check that for the other syntax error you got (when "replacing [the lines after "if @opponent && (!pbIsSnagBall?(ball))"] with a copy of some of the code for catching Pokemon", for instance). Other tha
  6. I’m not sure, but it looks like your error is about parentheses. If I’m not mistaken, it should be “if @opponent && (!pbIsSnagBall?(ball))” or “if @opponent && !pbIsSnagBall?(ball)”.
  7. Fellow Frenchman here. Welcome and good luck for this challenge of yours, because you're certainly getting into one! I'm not speaking about the game, of course (it is one, but I guess you already played through it), but about the writing. After all, it's plain as day in your chapter: "there's a lot to say". You know that the lockdown is "only" going to last a few more weeks, right? (I think I lost track, isn't it supposed to be three now?) I think I was going to complain about your choice of font, it was pretty hard to read on my phone (especially the parts in full caps
  8. That’s what I meant when I associated haircuts with Pikachu. I’m still surprised because I don’t remember Vanilla actually retaliating (while she punched Cal, didn’t she?). We may be willing to consider forgiveness for this inaccuracy if you upload this episode before two months^^
  9. Mindlack

    an apology

    That's a big thing to apologize for... I'm not sure we as a community can forgive you for having spread such falsehoods. Especially since you first hinted that it was something far less consequential, like giving up on the nightclub. (Just in case it weren't clear -- these were antiphrases).
  10. I feel I'm missing a few references... I already struggled recalling who the new characters were... Who's Sasha again? For me haircut screams Pikachu... It's interesting how Vanilla is part of the party and still isn't quite in it.
  11. I don’t know. I find it pretty easy to look at it from an “inside” perspective – but maybe that’s just because I spent maybe hundreds of hours writing that fanfiction in the first person. I try to think about my decisions too, usually as the player, but I’m pretty bad at predicting what will give me the eventual outcome I like better. So my first playthrough is mostly as I feel like while the next ones are to get a certain outcome.
  12. That's what I'm saying: you're choosing from an "outside" perspective, based on what makes a better story/player experience (because out-of-story you knows you don't need to resurrect anyone to win, because you know it's going to end well). But "in-story you" (a real person that would experience all the game's events like the protagonist does) would probably be (an utter shell-shocked nutcase) unconvinced that they're the ultimate savior, that all the stars are aligned for them (would you really believe that you wouldn't want some more help?), and would probably still like some out
  13. Plot wise (ie from an outside perspective), of course, you’re right. But this way two more people would get a (likely) happier ending. I just can’t see that happening if Ame or Eclipse is resurrected. They’d get killed again (whether by a malevolent storyteller or the internal logic of their exposed, not-plot-armor-protected situation). Of course, one might argue that Ame or Eclipse would be better assets (even temporary ones) to help finally take down Team Meteor, or that their survival would make a better story and I fully agree. As I wrote, it all adds up to what criterion you’re
  14. So that means no surprise barely-averted incinerations for Vanilla this year? That’s good news to her, right? I’ll admit I was quite thrilled to read that. But then I remembered which day we were and that a little dose of skepticism was necessary, however appealing it was to take it at face value. (no, I’m not trying to make you post the chapters sooner, of course!)
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