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  1. Seeing the completion bar at 90% fills me with glee.
  2. Swampert Crest: Boosts water and ground type moves and applies aqua ring for 3 turns upon entry. Heracross Crest: if the ability is swarm Boosts its attack at half health instead of 1/3. If the ability is guts if burned raise attack by 100% instead of 50% and if poison, heal from it ever other turn. If ability is moxie raise both attack and special attack stat by 1 upon entry. and boosts bug type moves regardless of ability. Parasect Crest: Apply sleep to enemy for 1 turn upon entry and boost grass and bug moves. Swoobat Crest: Apply Mind Reader upon entry and boost psychic types moves. Lycanroc Crest: Apply stealth rock up entry and boost rock type moves. (Hope you like them.)
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