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  1. Damn there's so much hate towards Melia.
  2. So I'm not sure if this can be considered a bug or not, but as you can see in the video if there's too much continuous text for one line (usually it's one word too many) it automatically skips ahead to display the extra word, cutting off everything else. Now this wouldn't be a problem if this thing was just in looping dialog, but it's also in some cutscenes. sometimes it does it at the beginning so I can just reset until I read it all, sometimes it does it in the middle of one, or worst of all, it does it on a post-battle cutscene. I don't know if it can't be helped or if it's just a little bug, but if that could somehow be fixed that would be astounding. Rejuv bug report.mp4
  3. Yeah it's weird I could do it right at the very beginning of the game but now it's nonexistent perhaps the Debug portion of my mods had something to do with it? (Also Mandela?)
  4. @MhicKy How do I turn off autosave? (I already checked for it in both the game options and the start menu options, it's not there.)
  5. I'm at the part where Madame X Declares a temporary truce until we get back to our time. All she says after an exposition dump is "We just have to wait for an opportunity to arise" and then it cuts off, none of the characters are on the ship after this and I can't "sleep it off" to start a new day. Where do I go? Edit: Nvm I found it
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