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  1. You spelled it perfectly The regeneration only happens after you die. Healing of injuries still takes the normal amount of time.
  2. GDC Central Building Headcanon : Melia is so beloved by all because her dad was apperantly the most charismatic dude ever. Kinda funny that the big bad Vitus is driven to evil by corporate greed, land disputes and police brutality (and his sexretary-assistant being a bitch) No, i will not leave you alone. SNAKEWOOD WHEN
  3. In case anyone couldn't figure it out the journals in the Forsaken Lab were written by Gregory "Geara" Altair. Honestly this game is so convoluted that I wouldn't blame anyone for forgetting that half the villains exist. We have And most of the "good" guys either suck or are incapacitated
  4. Why do I feel like you're unintentionally going to get the bad ending of this game ? (Assuming, you know that you finish the game before you die)
  5. The last time the devs said "soon(tm)" was nearly a year ago so I'm a bit suspicious. Anyway you don't need to overwork yourselves.
  6. So anyway, do you want me to explain all the powers the player character has? Zira is right, why CAN'T you charm real girls? At this point by the time this series finishes, Half Life 3, Portal 3 AND Team Fortress 3 will be released. SNAKEWOOD WHEN
  7. So, backtracking adventure. Hurray, I guess.... Honestly time travel is almost normal in Aevium. I think Sean and Karen were pretty much made for each other. I mean they are both extremely destructive forces contained within fragile shells of sanity. So, when's that new Snakewood episode coming?
  8. Oh, yeah "Smoke Signal" Sean is still around. (Seriously, how the fuck did I get "Sober Empowerment" ?) The Aevium League is more fragile than an average high school student's mental health. Any hopes for v13? My hope is that the devs decide to answer at least few of the billion fucking questions the game has.
  9. Well, since in v13 the game now shows which decisions contribute to which ending (when you make a "good" decision a teal gear spins in the corner, a red gear for a "bad" decision and a black gear for the "worst" decisions) which ending do you want to get? You might just want to go full Anti-Christ and gun for the worst ending possible.
  10. Okay, what is it with the player and attracting crazy chicks? Crescent wants to "see them smile". Madame X says that they are "important to everything". Angie specifically invites Melia Sue, Veronica Kleptomania and the player into the church. Karen just flat-out tries to marry them. There is also a CERTAIN chick who is just a short while away from being introduced. So the player is stalked by 1)An edgy goth StormChaser 2)Terrorists 3)An actual witch and 4)A crazed nun. Probably not the luckiest fella out there.
  11. If I remember correctly the Mega Ring was going to be given out during main story of V13. So it would be given out in part 1 of V13. (Unless the devs decide to change that for some reason)
  12. Let me guess, you disappear for another 6 months? Someone just needs to slughter AA at this point, otherwise they are going to kill the whole region by sheer stupidity. Was that "Rotomphone" conversation with Carnage about the Odd House quest? Sakitron best girl! So, when's the Snakewood update coming out? Also remember that 50 year old Gamecube?
  13. My guess is that this is going to play when either 1)Something is revealed or 2)We enter some sort of mystical ruin
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