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  1. Go to the museum in Kristiline and interact with one of the regis. That's when she'll appear.
  2. There are other decisions you have to do to get that scene. I myself never went down that path so I really don't know it.
  3. Launce

    Episode 19???

    https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/development/ Just follow this.
  4. Ambipom-technician- High speed, high attack fake out double hit
  5. I believe that door is mostly related to Where Love Lies.
  6. Launce


    I always play out the new episode with my current save file and once I complete it I then restart to see all the new things.
  7. Launce

    'Rare Candy'

    You need blast powder to mine the rest of the rock. You can buy blast powder from one of your gang members in 7th street.
  8. There are more ways to beat Charlotte than using rain dance. Not once have I ever used that tactic to beat her(I prefer sand) and as Candy said he did use the fire tip. So just because he didn't use rain dance doesn't mean he ignored advice.
  9. Launce

    Version 18.2

    For #2. It's scripted Thunderstorm for raid only. and if you want to test weather use the weather report on the TV to do your testing.
  10. Well. Only the pokemon you have a mega stone for can mega evolve and really any pokemon can use z moves(as far as type crystals go). Pretty much whatever you have. Now if you're asking for what's available: Absol Ampharos Garchomp Lopunny Venusaur Aggron Steelix Gardevoir Heracross Pinsir Sharpedo Aerodactyl Manectric Gallade Mawile Kangaskhan Glalie Audino Camerupt Abomasnow Sceptile Blastoise Altaria Beedrill Sableye Charizard-X Medicham Pidgeot Houndoom
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