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  1. No, I know that Contrary isn’t SUPPOSED to reverse Z-Powers, that’s what Z-Happy Hour Malamar is based on. However, it’s REBORN that’s wrong. I’ve tested it both online and offline, and it made Malamar slower using Z-Hypnosis.
  2. Over the course of playing the game, I've encountered a number of bugs and inconsistencies with the main games and Reborn. I may have listed some of them on Reddit, but I want to put them here in case people are looking for them. -Curse (used by a non-Ghost type), will give the message, "But there was no target" if both opposing Pokemon are knocked out in a Double Battle, and therefore fail. I am unaware if this move fails in Single Battles if the opponent is knocked out before the move is used. -Weakness Policy is knocked off and removed without being activated if a Dark-weak Pokemon is hit with Knock Off. Weakness Policy is supposed to be triggered and consumed before Knock Off removes the item. -Z-Powers (the stat boosts you get from using status Z-moves like Z-Conversion) do not ignore abilities like Simple and Contrary. A Simple Swoobat will get +4 Special Attack when using Z-Psycho Shift, and a Malamar will get -1 Speed when using Z-Hypnosis. -Tauros cannot learn Role Play from the move tutor despite being able to learn it by tutor in USUM. Furthermore, Aromatisse (and maybe Spritzee, haven't checked) gets access to Focus Blast by TM even though it doesn't learn that in the main game Though if you chose to ignore that my own Aromatisse wouldn't complain.
  3. I can’t believe this hasn’t come up before. Protect (and similar moves) online all have a 100% chance of working no matter how many times you use them consecutively.
  4. This isn’t the first time this has happened. It’s likely a server issue and it should be cleared up, like, whenever the devs get around to it.
  5. I can’t seem to connect to the server. Whenever the game tries to connect, I get this error: Script ‘Socket’ line 224: Errno::ECONNRESET occurred. An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.
  6. I ran into this early on with my Igglybuff in my Normal monotype Reborn run. I used Copycat the previous turn, and in the current turn, my opponent went first and used Encore. My Igglypuff responded with Copycat, which called Copycat, which called Copycat, which called Copycat, which called... You get the idea. There was nothing I could do.
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