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  1. Hello Guys! I was getting bored in the current situation we're in, so I thought of coloring sprites in my leisure! I've just started using GIMP for coloring some sprites of Pokemon, I'm just a beginning noob in this, So please comment your honest views on them!
  2. Wait. Is Starlight Divide even related to POKEMON
  3. can someone tell me a few quests in v12 after finishing the story
  4. I wish an Entirely new Pokemon game related to reborn and rejuvenation
  5. Wait a sec.Tbh Does this mean that version 19 will be the last version of reborn?What will happen after it? Will a new game come out? I will miss reborn.Or perhaps a New Region? Please answer.
  6. How to download The game now in Community? or do I have to wait for public release?
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