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  1. In v13, Chapter 4 or w/e where you're in Blacksteeple Prison? That's the moment for me. In this version, they update just how Madame X kills your mom. After you miraculously defeat Yvetal, she just pulls out a sword and chases the protagonists away. They don't think to use their pokemon here, they just run. Your mom, clearly one of the strongest trainers there, gets struck with fear and withdraws her ace pokemon after Madame X breaks the barrier with sheer physical strength. How does that work? Anyway, she chases and impales your mom while Hapi is watching and Hapi at no point decided to fly t
  2. If I'm not mistaken, the leaf stone hidden in gearen park was the only one you had access to early game, and it was axed I believe. Therefore leaf stone pokemon like Vileplume and Simisage are moved to later if I'm not wrong about that.
  3. Yeah, since Route 4 is some kind of wild area now, it would be good to have a way to heal and access a PC somewhere on that route. Even if it isn't directly before the Nim fight, it'd be good just for gameplay. The most egregious thing to me is how you don't get access to a PC from Madelis to Madame X. Am I mistaken about this? It seems pretty intentional, too, as once you and your mom team up, your allies are blocking the way to anywhere other than Nevad. I tried backtracking to the area with Pianolady - a buggy experience that lead to my character walking through the part Emma tr
  4. I read this thread before heading to Akuwa town, so good looking out. Val has been tough for me on most playthroughs, but thankfully I could catch a few pokemon before we're locked out of the mainland. For those of us playing on normal mode, the advice about not using grass types isn't as helpful; normal mode Val uses a Seaking that proves to be truly problematic for most electric mons. If you're reading this for help on a normal mode play, go ahead and embrace a bit of grass. My team that eventually won wasn't very good: Cinderace Gloom Lurantis Floatzel
  5. At the very beginning of V12, you get told to investigate a noise on Natasia's airship. If you instead walk outside and get on the train, you can take it to route 9 but you can't take it back to the tournament area. You just get stuck on route 9. In fact, the option from route 9 to the tournament area is just an option to route 9 again.
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