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  1. Recently replayed and I still can't believe how much I still enjoy this game. Even if it never gets updated again the cliffhanger can serve as a type of ending that can stand on its own. Also hi
  2. I don't need a monster to consume excessive amounts of food for me
  3. Haven't been on the thread in a while but the hype for me is still real. But there's also a part of me that's sad because for a game that I and others have followed for years to be ending now makes me realize that part of the fun of Reborn is waiting for whats going to happen next and that its going to be over soon. However it also made me realize that the fact that this fan game is getting FINISHED is a monumental achievement and it'll be nice to see the story actually end, no matter how it inevitably does. Thanks
  4. Just playing through again and that john cena music they play for the sidequest is amazing, love the detail
  5. In the alolan vulpix/alolan sandshrew trade I am able to trade my alolan muk for it
  6. I'm on the second day after saki (i think) asks you to meet her but for the life of me she is nowhere to be found
  7. Can you look at past dialogue? I skipped some by accident and no one seems to know what to do next in the prison in this version
  8. Do you guys know where to find saki after you start to plot against the warden? I can't find her or the other two anywhere
  9. Hi, I accidentally hit the x key on my keyboard and skipped over some dialogue, Any directions? eg. I've chcked the west wing and i cant seem to find her
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