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  1. Francis orders Meow Wow to Block with Balloon 10.
  2. Francis looks over his cards for a few moments before having meow wow use cure.
  3. Francis almost curses, but decides to be safe in case there's children in the audience. Then he selects Slow 10.
  4. Arminius looks through the phone, giving all his muscles experimental stretches to make sure nothing out of the ordinary was happening on that front. After a few moments and some accidentally opened apps, he gets to the contacts page. Looking through it, he mostly shows no reaction until he gets to the most recent contact. With a grimace, he quickly tries to see if he can remove them, and does so if possible. While he does this, he makes conversation. "Well, on this world that may be true, but it's less so on my world. Monsters there are of course made of magic, demon magic to be specific. The runes, if I remember what the assistant said correctly, are supposed to be based on monster's inherent ability to absorb mana. Specifically the way wights can do it, with but a touch. I think... I heard it worked better on monster subjects than humans, so you're probably right... Hm, maybe if I ever get back I'll have to get you in contact with some of the liches in the research department."
  5. Francis looks over his choices, before deciding to take a gamble now when there's the least risk. Block with Balloon 4.
  6. Francis nods to himself before heading for the portcullis, it seemed rather obvious to him that if he'd be participating he shouldn't be in the stands.... Unless this was like wrasslin' back home. Then it'd be perfectly acceptable to start a match in the stands, and then when your rival got to close you take them by surprise. But only if they really deserved it or you were a bad guy since it was a pretty mean move. Nothing on par of running in during their intro and just going to town with a Nuetrinochair, but still.... Finally recalling what he was doing, Francis enters the arena.
  7. Francis squeals in a rather unmanly way for a moment before leaning down and almost starting to pet it, but remembering the last time he tried that with an unfamiliar animal, instead lets the Meow Wow sniff him. If allowed to continue, he pets the pudgy creature, the glee in his eyes almost matching the amount he gets when talking about medical procedures. After a while though he continues down the corridor, stopping at the end to look for any identifying markers on the stairs, and if none are found, he just goes up each set to see what's there.
  8. Francis looks over the Dreameaters, ooing and ahing occasionally, likely adding the ideas to his own stable before speaking to the attendant. "Right, and I suppose modifications are not allowed? That said, I would like to join up with Meow Wow. I mean, how could I not, it combines cats and unicorns! I should have thought of that long ago!" Francis looks as if the very idea has excited him greatly, like he's going to test it the next chance he gets... but he wouldn't do that, right?
  9. Dani and Joan Dani snorts as he gets out of the boat. "Don't worry, that's why I sprang for armor. Anyway, I'd say later but..." Dani shrugs as his partner turns back to their human form. They both turn and wave at Komachi before starting on their own path out of the netherworld. Rory Rory looks at the cat for a few moments before waving and going to see if there's some way to contact those within the palace. If there is none to be found he just knocks. If that still doesn't work, he tries opening the gates to let himself in.
  10. Arminius looks more unsure about how this'll go, but he never was one to shy away from risks... And so he took the mask and quietly hoped that he wasn't making a mistake trusting the lizard.
  11. Arminius looks the tiniest skeptical about the claim of fixing his runes, but nonetheless follows Alphys. She was competent enough to have little chance of making it worse at least. Arminius shakes his head. "Never picked one up since there wasn't much time."
  12. Arminius shrugs. "Well, it's not really all me there. I'm sure you saw the runes while I was attempting the fusion right? Experimental magics, made in conjunction by some of the best wizards, liches, and witches we could get our hands on. They're designed to be able to capture some of the essence of powerful foes and... make them into minions using some of their own power. It'd weaken them in the process of course, but it's nothing that shouldn't heal. I've kind of jury rigged it so that I can use it for moving around souls and their components. But trying anything with the actual creation process has ended... Well, that was by far the one I've felt the worst about but it should indicate what the attempts have been like." Arminius stops pacing and slumps defeatedly.
  13. Arminius stares at his... creation. That was really the nicest way to put it, as he really didn't want to acknowledge that he was the progenitor for this being and he could use some much less diplomatic terms for her. With a very long and drawn out sigh, and a look that makes Arminius seem to have aged ten years he turns to Alphys and shakes his head slowly. "Do you really think that I wanted to do that? Can you honestly look me in the eyes and tell me that you don't think this was not another monumental fuck up that I have somehow achieved against all odds?" Arminius takes a deep breath before recalling the failed creation back into his stable of minions. "Fuck's sake... I can restore a soul without body to life, hell I can do that easily! But if I try to just put a soul together, which you would think would be several orders of magnitude easier, it... The pieces just don't want to fit together! It's like I'm cursed!" Arminius throws his hands into the air as he shouts, starting to pace back and forth to try and reclaim some feeling of control.
  14. Francis nods and begins to look through the books, searching for a suitable dream eater. While doing so, he makes small talk. "So, if one wanted a dream eater of their own, what would they need to do? Are there licenses or anything of that nature to acquire?"
  15. Francis folds his arms as he thinks. So it's like Panhandler! Interesting, he'd have to ask about the game later. For now though, he has to ask about a different game. "This does sound fun, but unfortunately I am not the owner of a dream eater or the cards required for this game! Will that be an obstacle?"
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