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  1. Dani and Joan Dani thinks for a moment before finally shrugging. "Pretty much, though it's more a youkai that was turned into a different kind. Demon weapons come from demons... Though I don't think they ever told us how. I should look that up when I get back home...." He thinks for a few more moments before shrugging. "Well, like I said, we have to get going. It was nice talking to you." Joan nods, waiting for the two to finish exchanging pleasantries before leaving the unnamed youkai. Rory - Former Hell Base With the lack of happenings, Rory had gotten bored. Having exh
  2. Dani and Joan The meister looked thoughtful for a minute as he released his grip on Joan, the gun staying in midair for a second before returning to a human form. Joan gives a little curtsey as Dani speaks. "Well, not exactly a tsukumogami. She's a demon weapon, a... well person that can transform into a weapon. As for it being weird for us to travel together... well she's my partner in battle and my best friend. Or more than that, she's quite literally my soul mate, apologies for the sappy wording." It's clear that it's directed more towards Joan as she pretends to gag, before speaking f
  3. Dani and Joan The meister narrows their eyes, followed by said eyes... getting "brighter" as if there was more life to them somehow. After a few moments, the meister relaxes and sighs. "Well, you don't seem to be lying; or if you are you've fooled me. Nah, I'm one hundred percent currently. Name's Dani, DWMA Meister in Training. Here on orders from Lord Death himself.... Not that I imagine any of that means much given I'm clearly not home..." Dani rubs his chin for a few moments before shrugging. "Anyway, like I said, I gotta get to that village to meet someone. I don't mind the extra com
  4. Dani looks the little girl over a bit before shaking his head. "No. I'm here on the orders of Lord Death, I'm... Well, I'm trying to find the human village, should be meeting up with someone there I guess." The gun carrying meister shrugs, using Joan's barrel to scratch his head as he speaks. "I don't suppose you're going to... attack me and trying to eat me or something along those lines?"
  5. Once again, Dani holds for a bit, starting to drop into his stance with a glare. Then with a sigh the meister relaxes and instead starts approaching the orb. Sensei said no reaping and he wasn't about to get in trouble of his own volition even if it went against everything his gut was screaming at him.
  6. Mercy gasped as his throat was suddenly unpunctured and he quickly rose to his feet, taking great gulps of air. He takes a moment surveying the area with an inquisitive then sad look. He shakes it off before going to the downed Diligence, tapping her with his staff to get her back onto her feet. Mercy to D8, Heal Diligence.
  7. Dani and Joan After a few tense, then not so tense moments of watching the orb, the human of the pair shrugs and leaves his battle stance as he begins walking on once more. Joan doesn't leave Shotgun form, feeling the less than calm grip of her partner tell her that he'd rather be ready to fight. Rory Rory nods. "And to tell the truth, I'd rather not be stabbed or ripped apart. Anyway, it was fairly pleasant meeting you. Hopefully if we meet again I won't have been stabbed!" With a cheery wave Rory begins to trek back to where the group had originally ended up in the area
  8. Travis had been appreciating the moment of respite. "Had", as in past tense, as the influx of enemies meant he quickly had to get himself into battle mode, the crew having already been prepared for more fighting to break out despite the odd circumstances. Still he was somewhat used to alliances breaking and making on the fly, so it was little surprise when a burst of machinegun fire let fly from his tank to strike at the combatants. Travis uses Fire Machinguns!
  9. Francis rubs his chin. A problem this indeed was, for what could he offer that they might find... exotic enough a payment? After a few moments to consider, he reaches into his coat and pulls out what appears to be alligator skin, though shiny and grey with some dents in the more scalelike parts of it. "What do you think of this? It's Cybergator skin. Infused with nanites to be nearly as strong as steel, while still being nice and flexible. Usually I use it when clients want a limb that's still got some feel to it but either want extra protection or just think it looks cool."
  10. Aquila follows Danielle's lead on dancing, not being familiar with the local style.
  11. Francis looks around, his eyes adjusting to the various sights slowly. After a few moments he turns to the fungimancers. After a few more moments he shakes himself out of the trance their fungus put him under to finally speak. "Whoa.... What is this stuff? And if you have extra could I have some to take with? I could see this being useful for for some experiments..."
  12. Rory The snake faunus nods, before sighing. "Rory Gilroy. Well, my group set up camp down that way. It's the area with the newly crashed train. If any of you guys want to talk to us that's the best place to check." Joan and Dani Dani takes a step back as Joan flies into his hand in weapon form. He takes a knee as he activates his soul sight, trying to get an idea of what they're dealing with.
  13. Arminius nods. "Yeah.... Anyway, I'm going to go find the others and try to stay out of trouble... Who am I kidding, we're just going to get into trouble someplace else." Arminius chuckles to himself before clearing his throat. "Really though, thanks for the help. If you ever need some help you can count on me." With that, Arminius starts heading off to find the rest of the group.
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