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  1. Arminius considers this proposition for a moment. And then shrugs almost immediately after. "Might as well throw him a bone."
  2. Rory shrugs. "Probably. I mean, you ought to have a landing strategy if you're going to be fighting right? Otherwise what are you going to do if you get thrown in the air." The level of casualness that Rory says this with makes it hard to tell if she's just being an ass again or if he's being genuine.
  3. Rory grinned in a way that said just how much joy she took in hearing those words, which was surmarized nicely as "Too much". With a playful "Aye aye!" the snake person reared back and pitched the small woman into the clearing, before quickly going to his hiding place.
  4. With a very loud cry of "Shit" Jack runs back around the corner, slipping a little on the newly melted snow before regaining traction and running for his ship, which should be approaching now. Looks like they were going to have to give chase, and the faster they did so the less likely they were to lose the beast.
  5. Travis ends Tank It early and then Defends.
  6. Jack does what comes easiest to him. Namely, he backs further into the cave hurling insults. "Ooh, big scary dragon gonna come teach me a lesson!? Come on, I'll tan yer rotten hide and have ya guts for garters!" When the time is right, Jack of course sets off the trap.
  7. With an intimidating DAKADAKA The tank's machine guns fire off, suppressing the hostiles.
  8. Rory rolls her eyes at the continued confusion. "Really, you still don't get it? It's really simple with some thought... You, the one who works for the deathy chick, you get this right? You work for her so you should be able to think of this plan just as well as Birdy did."
  9. The box quickly sped up as it heard the sounds of people, before Rory's head popped out from the side of the box. "Don't worry, I've heard her plan and I'm sure it'll work.... And she got a box and some stuff. You'll see."
  10. Despite it probably being karma for attracting the swarm, Travis uses Tank It on Tsubasa and Edmond.
  11. Rory sighs as she goes along with the tengu. "Hey, I'm never dying unlike those dweebs. I got packed in immortality!" And with that they were off to do... something apparently.
  12. With a lot of cursing and a beyond pissed look at Tsubasa, Travis is the last to enter the tank, the rest of his crew having been in better position to both enter and act. He gives the order to turn on the threat and Fire the Machine Guns, forcing the bugs to attack him.
  13. Travis gestures towards Tsubasa with a nod. "Exactly. And yeah, I'm not Japanese. American for the record... Of course, that's assuming that both of those things exist on your world...." Travis shrugs and retakes his seat, though now he's tilted more towards the newcomer and the one who claimed to be a revenant. His team on the other hand, didn't look quite so eager to relax, though they left cover as well.
  14. The sudden arrival had prompted Travis and his crew to duck away, using the tank as cover where possible for a few moments as the stranger explained themselves. After a few seconds without gunfire ringing out or weapons being drawn however, the green masked man straightened up before speaking. "I'm willing to trust them. If they were allied with this Makuta guy they wouldn't have come alone I imagine, and they certainly wouldn't be talking to us without anything regarding a terms of surrender being mentioned. I'm Travis Darcy by the way." He offers the newcomer so as to not be impolite.
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