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  1. @Zarc Just Avria. I'm waiting for the request right now. Thanks again!
  2. @Zarc Anything is fine (shininess/IVs doesn't matter to me), though if you have a Jigglypuff I'd prefer that over the shiny Wigglytuff.
  3. @Zarc Thank you so much! An Igglybuff or Wigglytuff is fine too. Unfortunately they're not in the wild...
  4. Do you have a Jigglypuff I can have? IVs/Nature/Gender/Shininess/Ability does not matter. ^^;;
  5. Just when I thought I couldn't adore you any more you turn out to be another Touhou fan :o

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    2. seki108


      (Second post):  Were these the Undertale/Touhou crossovers you first came across?







      Also, since you liked Reimu's themes, I'll post her themes from the Fantasy Maiden Wars games:







      And her combo themes with Marisa






    3. Avria


      Ah, I see! That video is really cute, by the way. As are all those group/shipping pictures. *O*

      Alice is quite nice as well. The whole theme of her not showing her true power is interesting, as well as the doll aesthetic. Alice and Marisa is definitely a cute ship, hehe. 


      And ah, yes, Rowlet. It makes sense to replace my favorite character in Undertale with my favorite Pokemon, no? xD

      Plus, who could resist Rowlet? And hype for E17.


      And yes, those were the crossovers I came across! Out of the two though, I like the second one the most. The use of Marisa's "Witches's Night" theme is really lovely, though I thought the ending seemed a little rushed (like they were trying to squeeze all the feels in a moment that wasn't built up to.)


      Thanks for all the new Reimu themes, though! Trichromatic Butterfly is now what I will listen to on repeat for three days straight, haha.

    4. seki108


      I'm not sure it turned into me posting only group pics, but at least most of the character tags were covered.


      An additional point for Alice/Marisa is both being from the PC-98 era, specifically the last game (5th Touhou game overall).


      Just watch out for jealous flowers.  Round birb is definitely cute.


      Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever watched the second video...........I'll fix that later.


      For the Reimu/Marisa combos, here is a video of their second one (with Yukari support).  Sadly, since it's the final boss, the event BMG is playing (and I can't find another video of of ATM):




      Just if you want to look through them, here is a playlist of most of the character themes, though they are out of order:




      Plus, one of the missing event songs (with event video included)



      event (turn on annotations):  Also, not sure why the top one isn't showing a thumbnail, but it works.





  6. Avria


    He didn't ban the person above him Banned for being OP in Little Cup.
  7. Avria


    Banned for not banning Tartar
  8. Online Username: Avria Timezone: EST Availability: Usually from 5pm - 10 pm on weekdays. Weekends are pretty random. Rules/Field Effect: Prefer 6x6 and no field effect, but I'm willing to try new things.
  9. i'm ready to trade. what is your in game name?


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