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  1. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^

    1. Paul25


      Happy birthday! :) 

      A day full of beautiful and splendid surprises shall be today ^_^ 

    2. Piloswineseyes


      omg, I am seeing this just now! 

      Thank you so much guys <3 Iam moved 

  2. That sounds so cool, I'm looking forward to read it! Keep up the good work!
  3. There's a reason why I didn't enroll into Law School. Should remind that next time I want to try for a competitive exam in a public administration. I hope there won't be a next time, this has to be the right one. 

    Power of patience please assist me. 


  4. A cat sitting alone in a pub drinking a whole bottle of liquor.... And i thought advertising reached its bottom with Banderas baking cookies while chatting with a hen. 

  5. My new laptop works worst than my old one and it is even slower. I am hopeless at buying electronic stuff. 😓😅

  6. Your work is amazing! I especially loved the colored version of Shade, that's defiantly something I would hang on my wall. Not to mention that you made Ciel making a handstand which gives you extra points since I adore gymnastics. I think you depicted them really well, good job! PS: Corey looks charming
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