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  1. A game by @Michael_ and @Ekat Introduction: Pokémon Ashen Frost, formerly Pokémon Present, revolves around Sylvester, a kind, albeit surly, officer-turned-detective in Riverview City. Sylvester works alongside his not-quite-canine unit, Swinub, to solve minor cases. Tracking down missing cheques and ice sculpture vandals doesn't come without risks, however; the frigid metropolis is home to ordinary people and criminals alike. To uncover the truth, Sylvester steps on the toes of some of the city's most important figureheads... as well as the mafia's. Features: A story-driven plot consisting of 19 cases, involving searching for clues, presenting evidence and solving mysteries A fully fledged case system, complete with its own UI and features Pokémon from Gen 1-8 available A continuously expanding city to explore, complete with a ton of side content Reborn AI and custom weather to keep players on their toes An optimization area to allow any party member to become battle-ready in no time! An overworld encounter system, with areas involving wild grass being very far and few between A unique battle tower system, complete with random teams akin to the battle factory as well as its own field effect Fully functional and running on MKXP, yielding improved performance and modular screensizes Screenshots: Download: Following Progress: Progress can be followed in a number of places. Some notable options include joining our Discord Server and following our Twitter. If you've read through this far, thanks for checking out the game! Hopefully you'll hear back from us soon with the next release! Cheers! Credits:
  2. Hey Guys, I wanted some advice in how to build my team as I see the game is very strategic as you move through the game. I want to have a team I can always rely on but obviously changes have to be made per field effect, movesets, etc.. Currently my team consists of: All level 65 as im currently in the 7th street Episode - Roserade (technician): Hidden Power (steel), Venoshock, Petal Blizzard, Toxic Spikes - Blaziken (Speed Boost): Sky Uppercut, Blaze Kick, Protect, Bulk Up - Galvantula: (Unnerve) Signal Beam, bug Buzz, Sticky Web, Discharge - Spiritomb: (Pressure) Shadow Sneak, Sucker punch, Nasty Plot, Feint attack - Empoleon: (Defiant): Aqua Jet, Steel Wing, Agility, Swords Dance - Flygon (levitate): Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Earth Power Im looking for better synergy of mons and movesets to go along. if anyone has advices in team building that i can follow let me know or how to make this team better. Thank you
  3. NOTICE Pokémon is not owned by Scorbunny Channel Pokémon is owned by Nintendo/GameFreak/Creatures/The Pokémon Company International This is a non-profit fan-made game. No copyright infringements intended. Please support the official games! I wanted to create a game but graphics, mechanics and my very own Pokemon and Fakemon. This game is in a very early state, I recently scrapped everything because I wanted this game's story and mechanics to be unique Since I gotta start from the beginning, I might as well share for the game so it doesn't become lost to time lol This Pokemon Arcane Fan Game is created by Scorbunny Channel. That includes the version of the full game release! Pokemon Arcane are Pokemon fan games! In this game, you must stop Team Pixel from taking over the world. Wow that's not good! You must defeat this evil team and become champion of the Tublon reigion! Pokémon: Arcane Version includes : - Over 395 Pokemon - 3 Rivals - 8 Gym Leaders - New Story - Post Game - Tublon Region - "Evil" Team Pixel - And Even More Stuff -Starters: Timberry, Bonfur, and Dampurr Download In Demo 1 Here Screenshots:
  4. Hey. Finally decided to start this thing. God knows I should finish one run before I start another... But I love the game so far and am hoping to continue loving it. And I have a bit more free time for the summer so I figured I might as well. Prologue & Table of Contents There's the link to the prologue chapter not much going on yet but there'll be more to come. Hope you enjoy!
  5. How do I get the Poison Memory In Rejuvenation?
  6. ● ● ● ABOUT This is a non-profit game being developed solely by myself CruelEnigma. This game was made entirely because of my passion and love for the pokemon franchise, and after seeing all the incredible fan games other people have developed, I decided to get my licks in too. This is my first ever fan game, and game in general, that I've decided to create. So, hope you all enjoy! ● STORY The Runis Region is known for beauty and landscapes, however, even the most beautiful of roses hide their own dangerous fangs. Hiding within the shadows of this region are some of the cruellest and most dangerous individuals known to man. You, a new master trainer in the rising, have just started your journey as you now find yourself leaving your once peaceful life within Alvenus Town to explore the wide world, and perhaps uncover the dark mysteries behind your past Though, with the tragedies and horrors to come, will it even be worth it? ● ● ● PROTAGONISTS [Reina/Reiko] A young new trainer hailing from Alvenus Town, and someone with a past shrouded in mystery long-since forgotten in the annals of time. After becoming old enough to officially become a trainer, they find themselves venturing through the world not only to become the strongest, but to also find answer and potential closure on the mysterious past that haunts them to this very day ● RIVALS/FRIENDS Landon He has been your greatest friend ever since you were taken into care by his father, the Pokemon Professor. Despite it having only been a year since you were taken in, you and Landon have grown incredibly close and have absolute trust in one another. Just like you, he is now old enough to be seen as an official pokemon trainer, and he is more than excited to start his journey off with a bang! ● Celine A young girl who hails from an incredibly well-off family, she is both kind towards the ones she calls friends as well as being hateful towards those who in any way brings harm to her loved ones. On top of that, she also possesses quiet the unique quirk that causes those that hang arond her to both hate yet love her company. Just like you and Landon, she is on her way to becoming an official pokemon trainer! ● ● ● SCREENSHOTS ● ● ● CURRENT FEATURES Original Story: An original story that has been written for the mature audience members Dark Story: A story that is full of violence and graphic imagery, be warned as the game is suited only for the mature audience members as there will be scenes of blood, dark themes, and extreme violence Multiple Antagonists: A multitude of enemies for you to face off against, all with their own agendas and cruelties to show! Runis Region: An entirely new region for you to one day explore and uncover the hidden secrets of! Level Scaling: Wild pokemon will be scaled to match the player's team Level Cap: Each gym will have their own level caps and any experience gained after reaching said cap will be reduced to a measly 1 experience point ● DOWNLOAD Demo: To Be Added ● BUGS Game Still Under Development ● CREDITS Custom Sprites, Tilesets, etc and Scripting (By CruelEnigma) Gamefreak/Nintendo Pokemon Company v20.1 Hotfixes (By Maruno) Made using RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials (By Enterbrain, Maruno, Poccil/Peter O and flameguru) With Contributions From: AvatarMonkeyKirbyMarinBoushyMiDas MikeBrother1440Near FantasticaFL.PinkManGenzai KawakamiPopperGolisopod UserRataimehelp-14SavordezIceGod64SoundSpawnJacob O. Wobbrockthe__endKitsuneKoutaVenom12 Lisa AnthonyWachungaLuka S.J.and everyone else who helped out! Gen 4 & 5 Trainer Sprites by Mr. Gela/theo#7722Custom Music sourced from Epidemic Sound Artists Current Include:Dream CaveYear of the Deer
  7. This Pokemon Enchanted Fan Game is created by Scorbunny Channel.That includes the demo version until the full game release!Pokemon Enchanted are Pokemon fan games! In this game, you must stop Team Metro from taking the power and taking over the world. Wow that's not good! You must defeat this evil team and become champion of the Signo reigion!Pokémon: Enchanted Version includes :- Over 234 Fakemon- 8 Gym Leaders and Elite 4- New Rival- New Evolution Stone- New Items- New Moves - New Story - Post Game - Signo Region- "Evil" Team Metro- And Even More Stuff-Starters: Jungcub, Croakfire, and Octotide Download The Demo Here:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Fupzg46gp9jjiSGqH-894k3DdRUgJZ6Y/view?usp=sharing
  8. As title says; Giving away a 6IV shiny Budew that is holding a shiny stone. First come, first serve o/ Edit: its traded.
  9. Hiya everyone! I thought this might be a nice place to leave some Reborn fanart :) What I would imagine a cover art of Reborn to look like : Ame Saves The Protagonist (Train Opening) Ame & Alolan Ninetales I am also on DeviantArt and Instagram :)
  10. So besides Pokemon Reborn, I've kind of fallen out of wanting to do playthroughs (for now) of other Pokemon Fanmade Games. But I've kind of been itching to do a couple of Pokemon Reborn mono run challenges & uploading those on my uploading days. Although... that feels weird because I haven't uploaded the James Only Run yet. Haha. The dude that's making the intro music though has other people ahead of me so I understand that. But yea. I would expect that to happen this upcoming week. BUT! I want some help from you guys. Idc what mono type run I do 1st. So I'm gonna let you all pick for me. The most voted gets done 1st. Let's see which 1 you guys want to see 1st!
  11. Hey everyone! It's been a few months since the official release of Pokemon Reborn and I bet that most of us have probably finished the main game and even postgame by now. I wanted to do a fun post as in Reborn we had access to every Pokemon from Generation 1-7. My question to you is this: What is your Champion/Elite 4 Team. (If you wanna include Gen 8 you can, but I didn't since I was focusing on mons in Reborn.) I don't mean the team you used to beat the game or postgame, but the team you would use if you were literally Champion of a region, any region (not just Reborn). On another note, if you weren't Champion, what Elite 4 team would you have and what Type/types would you use for challengers? There are a few limitations to this choice. For the Champion team, you can list one Legendary/Mythical Pokemon to use if you want, but no more than one. For Elite 4, you are not allowed to use any Legendaries or Mythical Pokemon, so choose wisely! My Champion team would be these guys on either a Starlight Arena or Holy Field. Garchomp Togekiss Silvally (Holding a Dark Memory) Serperior (With Contrary) Delphox Empoleon (My Ace) Yes its a weird team for Starlight Arena or Holy Field but for the moveset for most of my team, many of their moves would be boosted on Starlight while Garchomp is Garchomp and would just kick the crap out of you. On Holy Field, not only is Garchomp boosted but Togekiss is a BEAST on this field with Dazzling Gleam and Timid Nature as well as Delphox's Psychic and Serperior with Contrary/Leaf Storm and Dragon Pulse. Silvally automatically becomes Dark type on the field so instead of a Memory, I can give him a better item to use for his attacks. Strangely, Empoleon would be my ace purely because Empoleon is my favorite Pokemon of all time and Water/Steel is such an underrated type combined with the sheer bulk and power Empoleon has if used correctly. For the Elite 4, I'd use Dark type Pokemon since Dark is my favorite Type even though my Champion team doesn't consist of any. My Elite 4 team would be these guys on a New World field. Zoroark (Disguised as Drapion) Greninja Incineroar Drapion Tyranitar (Mega) Hydreigon Kinda feel like Luna with the Dark types, but Dark is my favorite type. Just how they are so menacing and cool looking though a lot of Pokemon are cool. Hydreigon is my favorite Dark type of all time and while it didn't make the cut for my Champion team, it would be my ace for this team. (I feel like Lin now, lol). I can't wait to see everyone's answers!
  12. Pokémon Reborn - Looping Battle Music Mod Being the bored person that I am, after having played through the main portion of episode 19 and some of the post-game, I have decided to update my looping battle music mod for episode 19! About This mod, as the name implies, makes the battle music in Pokémon Reborn loop - and not in the same way it already does, starting from the start of the file, no, it makes it loop based on a set looping point. This essentially means that you should no longer notice the point at which the music reaches its end, however, due to some of the music used in Reborn not having a clear point where it is supposed to loop, transistions might still not be 100% smooth on all battle music but I tried my best to make it as seamless as possible. Because of there no longer being any need for the music looping within the audio file, the combined file size of these files went down from ~120MB to ~80MB. This reduction could be even higher but I decided to keep additional loops on music files that have slight differences on their second or third loop whenever possible. Since Reborn's engine already supports looping audio natively and all audio files are in the .ogg format now, this mod only contains audio files to replace the old ones. Installation In order to install the mod, you need to download and extract the .zip file into your Pokémon Reborn folder. Your computer should then ask if you want to replace files of the same name. Click on yes (for all) and the installation is done! Compatibility & Bugs This mod should be compatible with any other mods that do not change the audio files or substantially alter how the game's audio engine works (which should be no other mods!). Regarding bugs, well, it is just music files so there should not be any. Download
  13. Note: This topic is available in both English and German, as permitted by andracass. If you want to say something about this project in German however, please do it via a PM. (PM = Private Message) Hinweis: Dieses Thema ist auf English und Deutsch verfügbar, so wie es von andracass erlaubt wurde. Solltest du etwas über dieses Projekt aber auf Deutsch sagen wollen, so tue dies bitte über eine PM. (PM = Privatnachricht) English/ Englisch: German/ Deutsch:
  14. Trailer INTRODUCTION: Pokémon Violet Crystal is the sequel to Pokémon Violet Version, both projects born from the idea of dedicating a series of games to the Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo. Everyone knows Mewtwo as a Pokémon created by humans through a genetic mutation of Mew's DNA, but in Pokémon Violet Version and Violet Crystal the reality is different: Mew has never been cloned, therefore Mewtwo does not exist, however there is still a presence of a Mewtwo that apparently came from another universe via dimensional portals. Furthermore, this Mewtwo does not seem to be very friendly and is endowed with special powers, therefore it poses a threat to both Pokémon and people. STORY: MAIN CHARACTERS: IMPROVEMENTS FROM VIOLET VERSION: - Tilesets and OW Sprites from HGSS - EBDX - Bigger maps - More use of HM - The Pokémon Center and the Market are in one structure - Poké Gear - Loop .ogg audio files - More Pokémon - New encounters methods - Balls from Apricorns Feedback and info: pokemonviolafeedback@gmail.com YouTube channel Instagram UPDATE (9/9/22) UPDATE (10/21/22) UPDATE (10/22/22) Release date: 12/12/22 SCREENSHOTS AND VIDEOS: Pokémon Violet Version Download CREDITS:
  15. Good Morning everyone! Finished episode 18 for a long while now and i have had alot of time on my hands, so i decided to build a team that utilizes the Rainbow Field effect to its fullest potential (or at least what i believe to be) So im gonna post my current team here, their sets and the reasons why they are on the team and i want your honest opinions and feedback. Note: This is the best iteration of the team ive come up with after many days of testing in ep 17 sandbox mode, then breeding and ev training in episode 18 once i got the team that i felt was the best iteration. The Tank (Level 94) Aggron @Aggronite Ability: Sturdy (Filter after Mega) Nature: Careful IVs: Maxed EVs: 252 HP 252 Sp.Def 4 Atk Moves: Bulldoze, Heavy Slam, Ice Punch, Rock Slide This guy is the great wall of f****** china. Along with the support from rainbow empowered Wish (via Clefable) This thing does not die and hits like a bus. Very good for switching into poison types to protect the fairies on the team as well as tank Rock type attacks. Bulldoze is amazing coverage as well as utility for making enemy mons slower, giving my other mons the speed advantage. Ohm (Level 94) Electivire @Electrium Z Ability: Motor Drive Nature: Jolly IVs: Maxed EVs: 252 Atk 252 Spe 4 HP Moves: Wild Charge, Bulldoze, Ice Punch, Meditate This is the premier (yet unexpected) sweeper of my rainbow field team. This guy protects everyone on my team who is weak to electric type moves (and there are alot of them) while gaining a +1 boost in speed thanks to Motor Drive. Rainbow boosted Meditate makes abso-freaking-lutely no sense AT ALL, giving a +3 boost to Electivire's attack and turning him into a walking nuke. After that boost, there is nothing that this guy cannot kill in one hit and that shocked me during testing (excuse the lame pun) Gloxinia (Level 94) Togekiss @Choice Scarf Ability: Serene Grace Nature: Timid IVs: Maxed EVs: 252 SpAtk 252 Spe 4 HP Moves: Fly, Air Slash, Dazzling Gleam, Aura Sphere The rainbow field effect doubles the chances of added effects, and Togekiss' ability increases the chances of additional effects on top of that. Simply put: Air Slash = perma-flinch. As long as Togekiss is faster, then no questions asked. The enemy Pokemon WILL flinch. Aura Sphere gets boosted but the rainbow as well, so there are coverage options outside of perma-flinching. Astra (Level 94) Clefable @Magical Seed Ability: Magic Guard Nature: Bold IVs: Maxed EVs: 252 HP 252 Def 4 SpAtk Moves: Wish, Moonblast, Cosmic Power, Protect In the rainbow field, magic seed increases your SPAtk by one stage and gives you healing wish. In addition, one rainbow boosted cosmic power makes Clefable as tanky as (or even tankier than) Mega Aggron. The rainbow field also increases the healing effect of Wish to a ridiculous 75% of Max HP, combined with protect, this makes it a more effective healing method than Softboiled, since it can also heal other party members on switch-in. Moonblast gets a boost from the rainbow field as well, so in combination with the magical seed boost, Clefable can dish out ridiculous amounts of damage while receiving very little in return. Kitsune (Level 94) Ninetales @Heat Rock Ability: Drought Nature: Timid IVs: Maxed EVs: 252 SpAtk 252 Spe 4 HP Moves: Flamethrower, Solarbeam, Hypnosis, Will-o-Wisp The first part to creating the rainbow field effect. Ninetales is a great support for the rest of the team in form of Hypnosis and Will-O-Wisp. Because the rainbow field is a terrain, it means that sun and rain weather effects persist even after the field is created and can be refresh permanently as long as rain or sun is present on the field. This makes Ninetales a great offensive threat when sun is active because of a boosted Flamethrower and a first turn Solarbeam. Tefnut (Level 94) Pelipper @Damp Rock Ability: Drizzle Nature: Bold IVs: Maxed EVs: 252 HP 252 Def 4 Spe Moves: Tailwind, Surf, Icy Wind, Hurricane The final part to creating the rainbow field effect. Pelipper has great bulk and has fantastic supporting options with Tailwind and Icy Wind. For the same reasons as Ninetales, the weather effect it brings gives it offensive options in a rain boosted Surf and a 100% accurate STAB Hurricane, which gets its chance of confusion doubled in the rainbow field. Im seriously considering swapping someone out for a Primarina because of the combination of a rainbow AND rain boosted Sparkling Aria, as well as rainbow boosted Moonblast with Primarina's massive base 126 SpAtk stat...Heres the set im thinking of Primarina @Magical Seed Ability: Torrent Nature: Modest IVs: Maxed EVs: 252 SPAtk 252 Spe 4 HP Moves: Sparkling Aria, Moonblast, Icy Wind, Perish Song Tell me what you guys think and give me some feedback about changes in members, movesets etc. Have a great day
  16. The game series takes place in a universe that combines two frachises: Pokémon and Super Sentai. Story The story goes that two universes that shouldn't be allowed to meet (Pokémon and Super Sentai) unite mysteriously in the Dual-Series Combination, a mysterious phenomenon caused by the Avataro Sentai Donbrothers that combines the franchises of their choice. These Super Sentai has since become Pokémon Trainers and/or Gym Leaders. The enemies each Super Sentai face also has Pokémon to use for their attempts to take over the world. Luckily one Trainer (the players) is the only child of one of the 45 Super Sentai leaders, who was going on a quest to become the "Super Sentai Pokémon Master Extraordinaire", a title held by the Donbrothers.
  17. THERE WILL BE TWO VERSIONS OF THIS GAME! ONE WILL BE A DARKER STORY, WHILE THE OTHER BEING IN A MORE TRADITIONAL STORY! This game was made possible by RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials v19.1 Trailer Watch Here! Pokémon Tabula Rasa, inspired by Reborn and Insurgence, is a story driven fangame with 2 brand new regions! - The Anphelio Region, inspired by the word aphelion (or the point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid, or comet at which it is furthest from the sun). This region has a lot of similarities with its name, as it is a snow-covered tundra with little to no civilization. Mostly covered by routes and forests, this region gives you a lot of training and time to meet new faces who help to get you back to your once held glory. Many Pokémon from all over the world have descended from this region and here, you can find many of their different, undiscovered versions of themselves. These Pokémon are often shy and haven't come in contact with many humans. However, the ones that find civilization or Human population, get along with them very well. - The Pansperma Region is the mainland. The region flooded with tourists and an influx in population. This has really driven out Pokémon in these parts, especially near cities. As you go on throughout the region, you find power-hungry corporations out for control over the region. To do this, however, they need the most powerful trainers to be able to drive out all Pokémon insight. In which doing so, makes room for more people to come in, leading to more money and power in the corporations. Here, you will find out who you truly were in the past and you may have to power your way through to get what you want for yourself and the Pokémon at stake. The sheer variety in Pokémon, people, and places you find along the way is incredible. This region has everything a person could ask for and is the reason why it's a huge tourist attraction. Story Before the events of Tabula Rasa, the main protagonist and their rival travel to a distant region while their home region's Pokemon League is being developed. When they discover that this new region doesn't have a current champion, the protagonist and the rival decide to battle each other for the crown. During the battle, the protagonist is finally "beaten" via an intentional hit which causes them to go into a severe coma. Years later, the protagonist wakes up from their coma and realizes that they've been taken in by Professor Oleaster and his apprentice, your rival. After some encouragement, the rival gets the protagonist to become a trainer once again to travel across the brand new Pokemon League in their home region that spans across both Anphelio and Pansperma The Protagonists Story of the Two Regions Along the way you meet a strange professor who tells you he has seen you around before and knows your story. He brings you in and tells you that he knew the man who tried to save you from the (evil agency) and knows how to get your Pokémon back, your items however, are unobtainable. He plays as your guide and tells you the newest information on where your belongings are being held, along with the evil team's location. People throughout both regions will recognize you, but you will have no recollection on who they are or even who you are. The natives of both regions understand your godlike stature and will do anything to help you take back their region. This includes giving you tips, pointers, and even their own belongings. However, the Pansperma region's big cities are heavily guarded, so watch your step. The Meaning Behind/Why I chose Tabula Rasa Tabula rasa, the latin word meaning a "clean slate" or "scraped tablet." The bigger picture/driving narrative in this game being starting over from scratch, or Tabula Rasa. I really wanted to make a game where you were previously the champion, where you have to go through the region have once did, with no recollection of anything the regions have to offer. I'm already planning to make a sequel and prequel to these games, which already have titles. Those being Pokémon Prevenire and Pokémon Exigo. Prevenire meaning before hand/To come to and Exigo meaning complete or finished. Pokémon Prevenire will be in the style of FRLG/RSE and Pokémon Exigo will be in the style of Gen 5. However, if I am going to make that happen, I will need a team to do so, which is why I will also be putting a similar thread in the Team Recruitment channel. So if you are interested in making music, sound designs, scripting, or sprites, comment here/on the team recruitment page and/or message me directly. Screenshot Showcase Plans for the game - Fully custom music/Battle intros - Custom characters with backstories - Full fledged character customization system - New mega evolutions - Custom Anphelion and Panspermanian forms for over 200+ Pokémon! - All new, remade shinies for existing Pokémon - New Pokémon that you discover throughout your journey (Not a final decision) - HMs as Items (Axe for Cut, exc.) Current Features - 12 gyms (4 in Anphelio, 8 in Pansperma) - Brand new stealth elements - Choices effect story - Every Pokémon Generation 1-8 (IoA and Crown Tundra) - New Mega Evolutions - Past characters coming back! ex. Wes, Red, Blue, Gary - Hidden Grottos - Customizable Secret bases - High Leveled Overworld Encounters - Seasons/Seasonal events - All new UI - Fast forward (Thanks to Marin) - Huge post game - Side quests galore! Credits list Notes This is a huge game idea I want to pursue and will probably need quite a team to pull it off. The game's full version won't be available to play in the near future, but we will get it done! We currently have a team of 5 and still growing! I have had this idea in mind for a while now, and I am finally able to accomplish it. Any support for my huge project will be greatly appreciated! We currently have a roadmap made and we are working our hardest to have a fully fledged demo out by the end of this month! The demo will have frequent updates with new features, quests, maps, and bug fixes. We are also still recruiting! What I would be looking for is anything ranging from spriters/concept artists to music makers! If you are interested in joining the team, please send me a DM over discord, twitter, and even DMing on this forum! You can also contact the team by emailing pokemontabularasa@gmail.com. Discord You can join the game's official discord Here.
  18. DyausPyta


    Hello Guys, Sorry if this was done in the wrong thread... I would like to request some trade if possible. The pokemons that I would like will be the following: Garchomp, any lvl but with decent to perfect EVS/IVS Shiny Gengar, any lvl but with decent to perfect EVS/IVS Shiny Volcaron, any lvl but with decent to perfect EVS/IVS Shiny Hydreigon, any lvl but with decent to perfect EVS/IVS (Shiny if possible) Electivire and Magmortar, any lvl but with decent to perfect speed and speacial attack EVS/IVS Milotic, any lvl but with decent to perfect EVS/IVS
  19. Join the Pokemon Arrow discord: https://discord.gg/hCQWcnrDYb Plot Introduction Decane is a vast beautiful, culturally rich region which always lived peacefully. The two legendary pokemons, Dhabown and Arowteer protected the people of Decane and its beautiful nature, every year they use to visit various cities during the autumn festival. But suddenly one day the legendary pokemons dissapeared from the region, they also didn’t came during the festival, after that incident, twenty years had passed, the region started suffering a lot, several natural disasters and several wars hit the region. Professor Mendel gives you a task to find the legendaries and bring them back or no one can prevent the region from endless sufferings. You team up with your friends Trina(when player is boy)/Ricky(when player is girl) and Renuka and start the mission of finding the legendaries. But the path to the legendaries is not so easy, there are four holy places where the legendaries can stay but to reach them you have to decode several codes and get the name of the places. You set on a adventure to find the truth behind the disappearance of the legendaries and to bring them back. There will be several obstacles on the road to find them, you'll have to overcome them for returning the peace to the region. And beware of the criminal gang Team War!! You’re on the way to be the very best like no one ever was!! Features New expansive region, 'Decane' based on peninsular India. 8 Gyms, Elite Four + Champion Pokemon from Earlier generations+Exclusive Decanian Pokemons! An intriguing, climactic story with new, original characters New custom regional forms/variants including: Dark/Fire Arcanine, Poison Meowth and Persian and more Quests (Including optional side-quests) Purely GBA-Themed, with Gen 4 Styled textures,music and many new, custom remixes The Battle Tower! (Our version of the Battle Frontier) MANY Easter eggs Mega evolutions New Evil team- Team War New Professor- Professor Mendel New Champion- Naomi No Z-Moves or Gigantamax New Legendaries and New pokemons and a brand new adventure!! Try it now For further information visit our wikia page: Page is under construction Screenshots Downloads DOWNLOAD- Pokémon Arrow
  20. Okay so I've been trying to find a certain fish pokemon here but... ...so like am I using the wrong thing? I'm using the Standard one. Is it just rare? What's the percentage of me getting it? Maybe the location changed?
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