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  1. The new reward for 5 Zygarde Cells is TM49 Echoed Voice, with Old Rod (as stated above) on Aqua Apartments, second floor.
  2. There's a (non-breaking as far as I know) sequence break you can perform after Venam. I don't know the exact cause but what happened was that after defeating Venam, I bought the Golden Hammer from the AP Store and went to Route 2. I went and triggered the beginning of the Nim event on the route, caught a Crabrawler to aid in my fighting monotype (as Monferno had no chance at 1v3ing Jenkel) but when I went back to fight Jenkel, Karrina was nowhere to be seen, I could enter Jenkel's lab and look at the Pulse Musharna in the machine but Jenkel wasn't around. I haven't played any further on route 2 so I'll update if there's any future ramifications of this (aside from potentially relationship points). EDIT: Ok I cannot find Karrina anywhere within Gearen, I don't know if this is normal for v11 or not though. EDIT 2: Playing with debug I found a fix. The only things I changed were setting the NimTheft variable (036) from 3 to 0 and setting the Quest: Karrina/Dr Jenk (037) variable from 1 to 0
  3. I may or may not have found a problem.... you can buy the Golden Drift Board, invalidating the need to do the whole sidequest to get it. I mean, you need to do all the plot to keep moving anyway but as I've gone, I've been able to get certain items (looking at you, tms 34 and 36) before when I probably should.
  4. Hey, Was Panpour axed from Gearen Park in v10? Been running around for 10 minutes and no cigar... EDIT: Nvm, found it. Looks like specific tiles host specific mons.
  5. Placing my bets on either March 31st or April 2nd, April 1st is way to predictable for Jan.
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