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  1. Happy Birthday πŸ˜„, i hope that you will have a great day πŸ˜„πŸ°

  2. For some reason Thrash will sometimes confuse the user on the first turn Thrash is activated (where it will only confuse the user after inflicting damage for two or three turn) EDIT: nvm, my mistake on taht part
  5. lmao this is some shitty bait. welp might as well bite it: Level Gap- nononono Rejuv here is actually a bit more generous when it comes to level gap. What made Rejuv hard is the field not the level gap, and tbh I had no problem raising my pokemon. if you're training 8-9 or more pokemon then that is kinda your fault. Stuff that replace HMs- now listen here, what you said is self explanatory, the stuff is used to replace HM, NOT to help you gain early access to some of the HM. That would be too easy, and to my knowledge, there is no fangame who would give out such hand holding. btw those stuff are all useful since, most of the HM are seriously sucks. Useless battles- LMFAO you silly goose... Reborn also does that both game are great, probably at the top of my list of pokemon fangame alongside Desolation, so this compla- oh sorry... whining is really silly also bait quality: 6/10 not too shabby since I actually decide to bite this bait
  6. This is wonderful, a truly wonderful news
  7. "no!! we're so close but..." seeing both Verna and Zeromaru feeling a bit sluggish, made Sena realize that, getting out of this town is the best option they have right now. "Alright... we're lea...ving. uggh my head... lead the way."
  8. Interesting... the only thing Sena can do now is to ignore it for now, and Radovan is right, they are in hurry right now. "Right, let's go to the forest's gate." As he walk with the group. "On the off chance we couldn't, we have to split up, searching the gate key in some of the places that seems to be interesting." Is destroying or at least damaging the core would reduce or even end this crisis? There isn't any possible right answer for that, until they actually see the core's situation. Worrying now won't solve anything. Sena think to himself.
  9. "After he found his Sableye, would it be okay if we go back to the forest gate and force it to open? I'm not sure beating Alpha and Omega is-" Sena remember to Abravator. to what the Abravator said to him and Emmanuel: "Which came first, the Pidgey or the egg? The Land or the Sea?" "A...woman thrown between the two. But who is she?" "Things are starting to change. Goodbye now. And be careful. We must be on our way as well..." oh you have got to be kidding me, this is probably what those two talking about. Sena think to himself, he's not entirely sure the meaning behind those phrase, but one thing for sure, like it or not, either Uno herself or her existence is disturbing the Nexus core. She might not realize it, and even if they manage to defeat Uno, that doesn't means the crisis would end. Whacking the Nexus Core might be the solution to the current problem. keyword: might. "Yeah, I think Uno, Alpha and Omega have connection with the core, I can't really put my finger on what it is, but it's important. We might need to whack the core a bit just like in the previous Nexus to fix some of the problem we are currently have right now." Sena think a bit, remembering the door he examined. Can they force it open with enough force thought?
  10. ahhh I already got one from trade but thank you for the reply
  11. Does anyone have Female Ralts with perfect iv on both sp atk and speed? Any nature is fine I can offer you Alolan Vulpix with perfect iv in everything except atk, snow cloak ability, Docile nature Thank in advance!
  12. I... didn't expect thisΒ at all

  13. "yeah sorry about the kill steal thing, anyway, I've found something interesting." Sena showed Betani the footage in the forest with a distinct blue and red glow emanates from the center of it. "The glow reminds me of Alpha and Omega, but I can't take a closer look aside from this footage as the door into that forest is locked, I think it might be best for us to investigate it."
  14. Seems they are almost done, but it wouldn't hurt to give them some helping hand. "Zeromaru Quick Attack" Sena shouted as he runs to Betani and group, with Zeromaru nodded. The frog understood what Sena want to do as he rushes to the weakened Claydol using Quick Attack not for attack but to get up close and personal, "Now Water Pulse!" from there Zeromaru unleashed a powerful Water Pulse to Claydol right on its body. Zeromaru use Quick Attack to get close and hit Claydol with Water Pulse (10495 SpA Value)
  15. "This looks interesting. Nice find there Verna." Verna nodded happily. After examining the footage, Sena decide on his next action. Alright, I need to find the key to travel inside. Still a bit worried with the team above but the thing behind this door worries me even more. Sena checked the map, there are two location he deem to be interesting. The one on the forest (5) and the one that is close to the fountain (9). Both seems promising, checking both is not a bad idea. "It is decided then. We're heading toward the forest first. Betani, Zeta, and Radovan seems to be battling quite close to the forest we're headed to, so might as well give them a hand if possible." Sena signaled both his pokemon and Dolly to follow him, to Betani Zeta Radovan current location. Sena goes to point 1
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