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  1. if u take the ladder when the magma isnt there!! the game freezes
  2. if u bring growlithe to this place u cannot do anything else.....other than restartn the game
  3. in karrina's base you can walk over the books placed on the table ..in both the rooms
  4. can someone tell me how to reset iv's of mons !! (if there's a way).. ive reset many times for the starters and other mons ,but the mons from the egg doesnt seem to change !!!
  5. are there any event for mons ... gible,dieno,scyther and any good mons!!
  6. in ur manor ..to the right side...press the tab to make the jinx build take up the room ...
  7. using z moves and winning the battles wont give u exp points!! (observed at the celia bar)
  8. Can anyone please trade me a perfect iv or rather nearly perfect iv scyther adamant , ditto (imposter), dewspider , elekid adamant and magby modest ... Thanks for the hello in advance...
  9. might not be a bug but im sure i couldnt find a meowth and bidoof for the first quest !!
  10. Thanks .. and what about that jinx lab!! They're eating all my credits !!
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