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  1. huh. I think the only one who has access to those would be the dev team at this point. Maybe someone has old mega links or something.
  2. The damage isdone. Also I forgot how spoiler tags work on this forum so rip..
  3. I forgot my contribution to reborn. Puns.
  4. THERE'S A CREDITS SECTION YOU FOOLS. Also for legal reasons Ame has never accepted money to work on this game. Ever. In. Any. Form. Reborn is the most non profitable pokemon game in history. pls dont kill it before E19 nintendo. Nah but like this is the answer, also agreed fuck budew. I think Ame does like 50% and the main work (Story, most of the development) while everyone chips in with their free time and bug tessting and supplementary stuff. Not to discredit anyone in the credits I'm just spitballing because I assume they do a lot of stuff (I remember like 50 people helped out for the gen 7 sprites) but it's most of the supplementary materials like sprites, animations and ya know making sure the game doesn't crash when you catch a meowth. Also jan is in the credits for what they did I do not know but I assume they did spritework. Straight from the readme file in Ep. 18.2
  5. Thanks mods. Guess this means I can't sell Psyducks in back alleys anymore. Guess I have to sell them out of the back of my pokevan.
  6. I used this thread about a year ago to set mine up. No idea how it'd translate to the TV but it should be fine if you keep your laptop close-ish.
  7. Praise to the Reborn gods and devs and artists and sprite people who are technically artists but also have a specific label because spritework is a ***** and deserves it's own label so thank them too.
  8. Nice to know this site runs on windows vista.
  9. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  10. Waiting for the inevitable gamefreak approach of Ame to remake Pokemon Reborn as an official game and she can make it. Yeah that ain't happening but a Psyduck can dream, thanks to the reborn team old and new. You've made my favorite pokemon game that doesn't have Psyduck catchable in the wild.
  11. Do you plan on sharing photos when it's done? because that sounds amazing.
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