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  1. Yes, I replaced the scripts.rxdata with the debug one and renamed it.
  2. How'd you load in the debug? If I add in debug my entire either gets fucked up or just doesn't load in debug at all
  3. No problemo mate, things take time and with the new version, errors are to be expected. "Not utilize debug until after you gain your starter..." I've been loading debug into my main file (Which ran debug without errors in V11) But it's all good!
  4. How'd you install it? I replaced the scripts.rxdata and added in the mods from the post into the Rejuv V12 and the mod aint working. The game runs fine, just the debug doesn't show up
  5. Alright, so here's what I've done. (No other mods installed, though I ran mods though V11, but that's all deleted and gone.) With the standard scripts.rxdata that you just sent me, the game loads and works fine. Soft resetting and closing/reopening the game has no problems at all. When I replace it with the scripts.rxdata in post 2, I get the same result: Debug works fine and I can change whatever I wish (This time I didn't change anything.) Game saves fine. I did notice though that a new filed labelled "PBS" appears in the Rejuvenation - V12 folder as well. (Edit: It contains abilities.txt/moves.txt/types.txt if that means anything. Nothing else is in the folder.) When I soft reset the game (F12), I get the Exception: Type Error. From there the game remains a black screen. Soft resetting further gives the same message with the same black screen. When I close and reopen the game, I can get to the title screen, but pressing any key will get me the same error I've already posted. That's about as much as I can tell you, friend, what do you think?
  6. Hey, I just replaced the scripts.rxdata in the V12 Rejuv file. Debug works fine, and the game saves, but once I restart or close the game, I get this error after loading the title screen. Any ideas?
  7. How are we meeting up tomorrow? Is there a discord or some group chat we'll be using?
  8. However I have one question: If the match ends with a player executing a Sacrificial KO on his opponent when both players are on their final stock, the perpetrator will always be declared the loser regardless of what the victory screen says. This affects Bowser, Kirby, Wario and King Dedede. B. If Ganondorf or Bowser use their Side B to kill both their opponent and themselves simultaneously, they are declared the winner despite what the Victory Screen says. This technique is known as a Bowsercide or Ganoncide. If any other character does a similar trick, such as Kirby, Donkey Kong, Dedede, or Wario, the match will go to whoever the Victory screen Claims to be the winner. It says on the top that Bowser's Side B kill will result in a loss, but the bottom says that it will result in victory, could you tell me which is the applied rule?
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