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  1. anyone watched the new opening of Pokemon XY? The new opening was so hype! Goomy evolving to sligoo then goodra, Ash has apretty good team right now

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    2. BlueWave


      Well, Ash's team right now is Pikachu, Frogadier, Fletchinder, Hawlucha, and Goomy (Goomy has just been recently caught)

    3. zimvader42


      Now if only all his mons (ex.hawlucha) evolve into their final stage, that will be a OU team alright...and I'm not sure but I think that Frogadier has protean, I can't confirm cuz I just follow the Malamar episodes XD

    4. Klemeltios


      Wait what. Ash actually caught a random Pemon he helped out!? THIS IS A NEW LANDMARK, HE EVEN CAUGHT GOOMY. GOD PRAISE HIM. In all seriousness, Ash finally made a slightly smart decision.

  2. I'm not going to play Pokemon Reborn for a little while because of school work...

  3. I'm known for being shy, cool, high-strung (alittle), a little bit of introverted person. Even though i'm like this, I like my personality I also sometimes a bit nervous at small or big weird situations.
  4. This is interesting... I'll think about it, if I want to sign up.
  5. Wow, this looks cool! props to you Renegade Can't wait to play it (still downloading)
  6. In the past days, I have been thinking of ideas for the next MD game, of course, I want many playable pokemon and have more variety to its hub world. Also, a really good, touching story. But I really want to hear your ideas, opinions and all those stuff for the next MD game. (Also bring back the personality test)
  7. Well, dang, I got infiltrator espurr (Well at least infiltrator is good in some ways) Is there anyway I can get another Espurr?
  8. Uh, do you guys know how to put a "spoiler" in signatures?

    1. Raindrop Valkyrie

      Raindrop Valkyrie

      Should be the same as in the forums.

      words are links you want here.

    2. BlueWave
    3. Raindrop Valkyrie
  9. What if my Espurr has the ability Infiltrator? What will be her ability when she evolves?
  10. Thanks Cyaloom But there's one problem, what if my Espurr is female? The female espurr is more of like offensive type of pokemon i think. Any suggestions?
  11. Corey Frogadier Lv 28 N/A Protean Timid - Water Pulse - Lick - Bubble - Quick Attack Kricketune Lv 29 N/A Technician Serious - Slash - Bide - Struggle Bug - Fury Cutter Noibat Lv 24 N/A Frisk Quirky - Bite - Wing Attack - Tackle - Air Cutter Espurr Lv 16 (Priority for training) N/A Infiltrator Sassy - Scratch - Light Screen - Covet - Confusion Growlithe Lv 20 N/A Justified Docile - Odor Sleuth - Helping Hand - Flame Wheel - Reversal Emolga Lv 25 (Newly received) Cheri Berry Static Modest - Nuzzle - Pursuit - Double Team - Shock Wave *Also, which is the best place to train Espurr before the third gym?
  12. Guys, which is better? Pachirisu or Emolga?

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    2. Wolfox


      I will say Emolga since you can easely use the Nuzzle, Electo Ball tactic

    3. Commander


      I'll have to go with Emolga. It's usually my solution to every threat. Solaris's Garchomp, Noel's Swellow, Slade's entire team, etc.

    4. Shamitako


      Emolga>Pachirisu, easily

  13. Guys, who should I replace for Growlithe, Weepinbell or Pachirisu?

    1. Simon


      Weepinbell, cuz why not.

    2. krim


      Yeah I'd go for weepinbell now, but once you find the event I would replace pachirisu with emolga.

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