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  1. I came just back in time to say: Mimikyu's ability is goddamn amazing. All new mons announced today look cool one way or the other. Also more meta-breaking abilities lol. Off again, see ya.

    1. Red_Chaos


      NO, i wanna say hi :(

  2. Persian has a tiny ass red orb on its head. Persian can learn power gem. Diancie is a literal living diamond stone with gems all over. Diancie can't learn power gem.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cepheus


      it doesn't need Power Gem... it has DIAMOND STORM

    3. zimvader42


      @NC: and I lack a decent special rock STAB on one of my fav megas to use.

      @Ceph: it needs it if I plan to run moonblast on it, since it doesn't get play rough and going mixed just for the sake of diamond storm is not really good imo.

      Plus on the matter, carbink does get power gem. Diancie's case is probably a mistake that I hope they fix in S&M.

    4. Azeria


      tbh diamond storm is amazing as it gives a 50% chance of a def buff. Coming from a nice 160 base attack, even with a lack of investment, with stab, it'll still be doing a shit ton of damage.

  3. If Gamefreak expects me to believe that a ghost type stole fabric, painted it after pikachu and goes around cosplaying like that then they are doing a great job because I'm totally buying it.

    1. SilverJakler


      oh my god that thing is creepy

    2. Red_Chaos
  4. When you have to keep a friend's dog after you haven't had to take care of a dog of your own in like, 12 years. These are goibg to be some rather interesting 10 days..

    1. Red_Chaos


      go get some treats for it :D

    2. Cepheus


      doggy-cuddles!!!! :D

  5. You people and your AMAs

  6. That feel when your father asks you to give him some music in spanish, and you only got 6 songs. Out of 680. I really should get back on track with my language's music.

  7. These two moves are insanely good. I like them.
  8. Oh ok I get it now. It is like a permanent snatch for the substitute, just that it also prevents the use of sub again until the snatched one is destroyed. Cool. Is it speed based tho? as in, you know how encore fails if you move before your target? was wondering if it is something like that.
  9. I don't quite get what this one does. You prevent the target from using moves behind a substitute? you only prevent it from setting more subs?
  10. Upon seeing charjabug I happened to think of a piñata pony pokemon. Named it ponyo. 2 minutes later I realise.

  11. After today's morning I'm sure of it: bureaucratic paperwork is the 2nd worst thing in the world. The first being, amoonguss/tornadus regenerator core.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Red_Chaos
    3. zimvader42


      @Viri: yeah, but at least you don't see it in OU.

      @Red: Hi red :)

    4. Cobalt996


      No, the worst thing is dealing with both of them.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. zimvader42


      Trump card and barrier. Let this mon learns just those 2 moves and I'll cry of a mix of unbelievability and bittersweetness.

      And I don't know if those words even exist..

    3. doombotmecha
    4. FeatherDuster


      "You're Fired!"

  12. I really predicted a water/fighting for popplio's fate, but after today's disarming voice, water/fairy seems most likely. I'm fine either way, I like both. Although, if water/fairy ends up with bulk, it will be great. Also, that supposed theory about litten ending as fire/ground and popplio as water/fighting back then I hope is debunked by now. #Hope

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. SilverJakler


      But it's very hard to make a CLOWN look cool.

    3. Ironbound


      It's a circus sea lion. I bet you it gets all the voice and circus moves, so disarming voice needn't be proof positive that it'll be fairy type.

    4. zimvader42


      Needn't be proof positive, but it's still the most likely by now, unless we get either the evos or new looks at its movepool.

      That aside, water/fighting really sounds cool to have in a starter, but I don't oppose water/fairy if it's well done.

  13. Do you think every single fully evolved pokemon will end up having a mega evolution or a primal reversion at some point, given the direction GF has been taking with these as of ORAS? ((not counting S&M yet because that would be blind speculation)))

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. dragoniteborntacoz


      id like for most of the under used pokemon to get megas that way we can use some of our favorite but not very good pokemon in OU

    3. zimvader42


      That's an honest feel that I share, but most of the bad pokemon I like could actually use a regular evo better than a mega.

    4. Red_Chaos


      meh, they will have a new idea

  14. Wait... rock type dog... could evolve into rock/ground to get STAB on bone rush/club?

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    2. Ironbound


      Yeah! Rock Fighting, could be better than Terrakion if it gets Intimidate or moves like Espeed and stuff maybe? Or of it gets elemental coverage. Not that it needs it; Rock/Fight is amazing dual stab, as Terrakion demonstrates.

    3. Raindrop Valkyrie

      Raindrop Valkyrie

      FUCKING TRUUUUUE DOE. Like ESpeed would be brilliant on Terrak ((I've seen some run Quick Attack so...Definitely be nice.)) and if it hada better ability than Justified ((which isn't awful but isn't crazy either.)) it could definitely be interesting... ((and if it got U-Turn it probably make a nice Offensive Pivot.))

    4. zimvader42


      Lol I really do hope doge doesn't end up rock/fighting. I like it better than growlithe and hondour, but I don't want its typing to check the other 2 in every single way.

      Pure rock would be cool if it's fast tho. I like fast rock types.

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