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  1. Long Reach reduces accuracy by 10% on Forest Field, so it might be related to that? Anyway, error with Emergency Exit works (because the official games are more inconsistent about it ) So how it works in the official games is if passive damage brings it below 50% it should immediately trigger even if holding a sitrus berry or something like that (and still consumes the berry). But if an attack is what brings it down and it recovers over 50% before it reaches its turn it stays in. Instead in rejuv, it always retreats.
  2. Rage Powder doesn't always work on enemy mons.
  3. Honchkrow is one of the best flying types in the game. The AI doesn't really play around Sucker Punch (well, before 18.2, maybe it does now) so there are fights where it can just solo. It also has useful utility like Tailwind and Perish Song I'm also a fan of Dodrio but it's extremely frail. Dual STAB/Swords Dance/Jump Kick is a strong moveset though and its offensive stats are great. For Grass it kinda depends on if you want something offensive or bulky/utility mon. Bulky/utility is easier to come by as Tangrowth and Amoonguss are free. The good offensive Grass types are almost all starters or from the Mystery Egg if you want one early (Serperior/Sceptile starter, Venusaur if you can get it sun support; Breloom from mystery egg), with the exception of Lilligant. Roserade is also a good all-purpose grass type, it gets Toxic and has good offensive stats
  4. Gigantamax forms are confirmed to be implemented as custom megas
  5. I don't know about a full defensive team, but there are plenty of good bulky/defensive mons (shadow slakoth, crest beheeyem, snorlax, amoonguss, hariyama, sableye, sylveon, golisopod, to name a few). Sticky webs are also very strong for supporting these mons
  6. I think the potions are useful info to have, even if it bloats
  7. I'm seconding that Aster&Eclipse 1 is a huge difficulty jump. Fern is completely useless as his pokemon are outsped and OHKO'd by either enemy and he only has 3 of them. After clearing out every single trainer (including sidequests) available before this fight, I have a party of 3 at levels 15/18/19 which is not enough to essentially 1v2 this battle. Without access to even Grand Hall trainers at this point, we're left with the Peridot Alleyways to grind levels, which sucks isn't great when I'm trying to get pokemon up to 18ish just to stand a chance vs. these leads. I will say I like that vitamins max out the stat's EV
  8. Basically, in Essentials, damage is calculated dynamically with AoE attacks (like Earthquake or Surf), meaning that if a Moxie pokemon KOs something, the damage calculated after is applying the attack stage boosts. But additionally and something that will come up very often, this means that if the first/second targets are KO'd, the last one damage is calculated for doesn't take the reduced doubles damage, effectively taking an extra 33% damage PBS information for this test: HIKER DoublesTest 2 PICHU,1 ARCEUS,90,,SLUDGEBOMB,SHADOWBALL,THUNDER,DAZZLINGGLEAM,0,M,0,false,TIMID,31,70,,false,,,0,0,0,0,0,0 What should happen here is this: 252 Atk Life Orb Krookodile Earthquake vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Arceus: 126-149 (36.7 - 43.4%) -- guaranteed 3HKO What actually happens: +2 252 Atk Life Orb Krookodile Earthquake vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Arceus: 339-399 (98.8 - 116.3%) -- 93.8% chance to OHKO I am 99% certain this is something inherent to Pokemon Essentials since I've encountered it in other fangames like Rejuvenation edit: switching the order of Pichu and Arceus in the trainer's order has Krook doing the proper amount of damage, because Arceus gets hit first by Earthquake
  9. Are the pokemon that made it through Dexit going to be able to obtain moves they can only get through TM in SwSh? Examples being new Nasty Plot mons
  10. I thought the same until I used it. The issue I ran into is that its coverage moves usually weren't powerful enough to OHKO and are only better than Eruption vs. thing that will KO it back anyway (Rock or Water types). So I usually ended up going back to Charcoal to secure KOs. Also, the Beheeyem Crest always disables if the attacker isn't already disabled (that or I was playing pokemon when I should've been buying lottery tickets) and it's a massive 33% damage reduction. That's the equivalent of having an Eviolite, which makes Beheeyem bulkier than Toxapex, and with significantly better offenses
  11. the Shade point choices often involves characters facing reality/the truth even if ends up hurting them, rather than continuing to live in a more comfortable situation where they aren't being honest with themselves or what they want (Heather learns about her dad, Taka leaving something he knows is wrong, Aster leaving Team Meteor, Fern and Florinia extra dialogue at Fiore Mansion, Titania breaking it off with Amaria rather than continuing to lie to her)
  12. The AI will pretty much always go for the lower HP mon in that situation (there seems to be a slight variance factor so there's like a 2% chance they do something different) Normally I'd say Outrage is not great in a non-STAB situation esp for a nuzlocke, but I think it was probably better than his third best fire move. Also Noibat will be good when it evolves but that's not til after Aya (and then it's bad vs. Serra)
  13. Looking at ttube's bench though, a lot of his bench aren't very good and a couple are redundant with what he already has (or had, in the case of Trubbish). Mareep and Sawk are good, Sandygast was probably a bad sac, Woobat is okay, and that's about it.
  14. And the tedium of grinding itself is likely to make you more prone to making a careless mistake and lose someone to the Grand Hall trainers.
  15. I haven't watched his videos in their entirety (I generally just skip to boss fights), but I don't think he's playing poorly for someone coming in doing a blind nuzlocke. In fact, I think he's doing pretty well considering the team he has. How many people beat all these fights on their first attempt in their first playthrough of the game without Nuzlocke rules forcing crap like Pidgeot onto their team? I sure didn't. Anyway, his pokemon are pretty limited in flexibility, and it's not great for the viewer experience that his best 'mon he has after losing his starter is something that leads to these stalled out situations where he just spams Lemonades while it slowly kills things. But he does use his other strong members when they can contribute (such as Kiki vs. Shade or ZEL) I do agree with the sentiment that he should just play through the game normally, he seems to enjoy it a lot outside of bosses, where he seems genuinely stressed because of the stakes involved in a Nuzlocke. Also it'd lead less to "oh shit, I can't afford to lose anyone so I am gonna spam potions on my tankiest pokemon until it chips down the enemy"
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