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  1. well, for defensively, bulky Gar is really better with SRock and Bulldoze, but in the offensive side- Exca is better (i mean AT THE MOMENT, of course not when Gar can access to Sword Dance or Earthquake). Always use Mold Breaker, not Sand Rush (unless you build a Sand team with Tyranitar and Hippowdon). Mold Breaker surpass EVERYTHING, like Leviate/ Disguise (i hate Mimykyu)/ Fluffy... and people maybe forget that Exca can Toxic or set up SRock in front of those Magic Bounce pkms with Mold Breaker. In E18, combo Sword Dance + Iron Head + EQ is way better than anything an offensive Gar can dream of. And you still have a free 4th slot move to chose . And 1 more reason- you can get Excadrill very early in game :v :v
  2. let a pokemon with Compound Eye ability first, it will increase the chance you meet a pokemon holding item in the wild. then switch to a pokemon with Frisk ability to find out it actually has the item or not. if you dont want to catch that pkm (maybe due to full boxes), switch to a pokemon with Thieft or Covet to steal the item. Thats is how i farm Heart Scales from Ludvisc, and i think it works for all other cases too
  3. yeah i have same questions too. but i can understand Blaze Kick over Flare Blitz bcs he wants Bla to sweep with bulk up + speed boost, and not taking too much damage from STAB FB. Competitively Bla's job can be done with 2 or more kills, but in-game, BK can do the jobs. You dont really need coverage moves in-game like competitively. Nasty Plot is 100% better than Calm Mind. But the most important thing is Earthquake Garchomp :v :v :v i cant use Garchomp yet just bcz the best Ground move he can get is Stmoping Trantrum. Excadrill can do so much better than Gar at the moment (Mold Breaker for those leviate pkms, Sword Dance leant by level up, Iron Head for Fairy and of course- Earthquake). With Fairy, Outrage Garchomp is not a good option, and Dragon Claw is too weak, so he really need EQ to shine. btw, i think the team really need to change a few Nature- like Modest Greninja or Adamant Garchomp. The main reason Garchomp is a top tier threat due to rising above other 100 base Speed tier. The same as Greninja. For example, how can this Garchomp deal with Jolly Salamence for the maybe next upcoming battle? But if the player feels that these pkms is already outspeed everything he needs- then ok. Just my opinion.
  4. @Gengar768 can i have one too? really appreciate if u still have a spare one.
  5. @Dartu-san thanks, i already do some search about goodra moveset. With physical side it has Outrage/ PowerWhip/ Aqua Tail/ Iron tail (we dont have TM earthquake yet). And about special moves: Dragon Pulse/ Flamethrower/ Sludge Wave/ Thunderbolt/ Muddy water. Well, i dont have any choice item (band or spec)- i heard that now we can get it after magma/ aqua quest but i dont know what i missed. so if trading between save files is legal, then it is awesome. but i dont know how :((, anyone can help me please?
  6. Hi everyone . I'm glad to be back (well, maybe you wont remember me, but Its already 2 years since the last time i play RB. For me those 2 years is pretty dam' long with my new family's member, and now i have some personal space and time to get back to episode 17 (my over 600 hours play save file up to epi 15, is still...well... usable). And the moment i get back to play RB, it made me feel excited and fun like never before. First- i want to say a huge thank for everyone helping develop the game and keep this community strong than ever. Secondly- about the game, after i play 50 hours more in episode 17 (well, i havent finished this epi yet), and JUST resolve GUM room to get goomy, i back up my save file (to make sure to get the best IV goomy before continue). Result: i get those 2 goomies from 2 different save files (well, after like 500 reset). I cant decide to keep playing from what file, cuz i dont have much experience playing goodra (Physical or special nuker). Any thought will be very helpful please . Or else, can i have both by trading between my 2 save files? is that legal?
  7. that was A LOT OF WORKS etesian!! great job!!
  8. hi everyone !!! too long since the last time i was here :( hope i didn't miss any new episode :(

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      Hey gutten.. welcome back!!

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      Welcome back!

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      Isn't missing a new episode a good thing, to some degree?

      Anyway, it's great to have you back.

  9. 1, destiny knot works perfectly. 2, gen VI breeding mechanic is awe-some (even without TM moves) 3, the "perfect IVs" is just for competitive ONLY. You don't need perfect 5 or 6 IVs to "rampage" through Reborn. So you shouldn't worry about EVs spread at all, 92 or 156 EVs speed both are fine (the only reason to compare these two is the existence of Jellycent in OU environment, but this is IN-GAME, not competitive). You will see that both of these EVs spread will work exactly the same (especially you use Aqua Drum combo, and/or you want to winged-up this little blue killing machine by Speed boost)
  10. actually i don't think this is how it works. Sylveon can ONLY learn hyper voice through Eevee, not itself. An example: Sylveon can learn Heal Bell right? but if you don't teach Eevee through move tutor in 7th strees and evolve it to Sylveon and go back, there is noway your Sylveon can learn Heal Bell (i checked it). Hyper Voice is the same. And actually i think without competitive environment, Moonblast is enough for Sylveon, and the moveset: Wish/ Heal Bell/ Moon Blast/ Baton Pass or Calm Mind is bulky enough (especially you got a Calm nature one)
  11. 1000000% good. Very good Typing, and crit x2.25 damage from Hydro Pump or Dragon Pulse will take out every-single-dragon or fairy (bar max sp.def Sylveon) dare to come out after one Focus energy. So the "must have moveset" for Kingdra will be: 1,Focus energy (actually in epi 13 only 50% crit because Ame didn't know that Focus Energy got buff to 2 level crit in gen VI)/ 2, Dragon Pulse (stab) 3, Hydro Pump or Surf (i think Surf is enough, and 100% hit is something better) 4, and only one moveslot left for Ice Beam or Signal Beam for some specific situation (actually i can say that Signal Beam is useless, because Hydro Pump hit will be more power than super eff. from Signal beam except for poor thing Malamar). Or you can choose Rain dance here too if you want to play Swift Swim + Rain Dance + Hydro Pump buff (but i think Sniper + Scope Lens still got more power). Or Agility too (but 2 turns setting up is too much) EDIT: and i see someone use Dragon dance moveset??? really??? the only reason to use Dragon Dance is IF ONLY you can get Outrage and Waterfall for him. Please don't use Dragon Dance in a moveset with Surf or Dragon Pulse or...Brine (@@)
  12. well, i don't think i got any problem and will NOT comment on this topic IF you start with: "another useable pokemon" or "just not cuteness thing in Reborn". But you compare it to THE Gyarados. You start it first. And even if you don't like, when you start a public- topic and compare 2 different pokemons, you MUST accept that not all people agree with you and they can say whatever they think. In this case you are alone. No-one ever agree that Clefable is as power as Gyarados (even you said it right here). So maybe that "3 words" will be more suit you than me bro
  13. Heavy Slam and ... Iron head??? I say no. Heavy Slam will be more power than Iron Head in like 99% times (especially with Heavy Metal) Brick Break? still no. Heavy Metal will be more power than a super effective Brick Break except for only ONE exception: Snorlax. (even Tyranitar got 4x with fighting, Heavy Slam still more power when compare 300 to 360 power) Just my idea.
  14. well, even Calm Mind is IN the game, so without Scolipede you need another moveslot for healing (because not have defense boost and too slow to OHKO first). So you got only 2 more slots left, but basically with your strategy, it will be Moonblast and Stored Power. Well, i think it can work well. But i don't think there will be lots of gym leaders can be swept with this idea... Without the boost from physical defense, with the mediocre stats (only 95/ 73/ 90 defense stats), almost any Attacker can 2HKO Clefable (especially with field effect boost). And Clefable is just bulky enough to avoid OHKO, but 2HKO will not be a problem at all. So....good luck :/
  15. Metal Burst + Sturdy and max HP invest for gimmic battles (like Garchomp and Arceus), but just let it stay in PC till the day comes. Rock Head: Head Smash + Iron Head + Earthquake (for Fire and Stell type coverage) + Autotomize (well, if you want to abuse Iron head 30% flinch and don't want to take lots of hits without priority moves). Max Atk and Speed. After one Autotomize, spam Head Smash like there is no tomorrow. That's the best idea for Aggron now (well, if you don't use Autotomize, so Heavy Slam is way better than Iron Head) Earthquake and Head Smash can be breed with a male Tyrantrum form episode 12 (gen V mechanic)
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