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  1. I'm no expert on the subject but according to Bulbapedia, the Swords Dance trick only worked in generations 3 and 4. Since Reborn uses gen 7 mechanics, you can't get it. Sorry.
  2. Or if you just read any of the non-main story text at all. Oh wow, the guy who built memorials to his own glory and used propaganda to make everyone forget about his predecessor was the bad guy? Who woulda guessed? The only question was which cult he was with. Or if you had an IQ of over 3 when reading the prologue. The "oh no our leader has MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED I guess I have NO CHOICE but to take over in his absence I'm TOTALLY NOT THE REASON HE DISAPPEARED BY THE WAY" trope is overdone. Anyway while I don't disagree with some of your complaints about the stor
  3. This was originally part of my long update post in the beta thread about my issues and suggestions with the game, but since this is a pretty serious bug I'm posting it here in case no one notices it there. I went out of my way to kill Nova thinking it'd cause the story to change like when you win the "unwinnable" battles in Reborn. Instead nothing happens until I move on, beat the "intended" boss, and escape. A bugged out version of (what I assume is) the normal ending cutscene plays where Nova and Veivax talk to each other as if Nova were still alive, and there's even a sound effect of Nov
  4. Moved my original edit from the download post here. Fair warning: I focus on the negative aspects here, usually to give my own suggestions on improving them.
  5. Seems I came to check the website again just in time. EDIT: Moved my long post about issues and suggestions to the more relevant thread.
  6. Good news is that Pokemon Masters gives us evidence that regular Sun/Moon is cannon, not the Ultra crap.  Bad news is that Pokemon Masters is still not a very good game.

    1. Bearadactyl Prime

      Bearadactyl Prime

      Not necessarily with Hoopa running the show. If the Cyrus event didn't imply that he's from a timeline where he won, I'd be more willing to agree. But, it seems like it yanks from the multiverse at random. Rainbow Rocket being there also challenges regular Sun and Moon being canon.

  7. So if Titania's Aegislash faints, would she still be able to wield its unconscious body as a weapon?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Q-Jei


      Ironically, if that was the case, that would mean that Aegislash would be the only Pokemon able to inflict damage after fainting. No wonder why it’s part of the Uber Tier!

    3. Dreamblitz


      I mean, you could do plenty of other things like throw fainted geodudes at people
      ....is this going to be the new meta?

    4. Q-Jei


      That would be more the case from a human's perspective than from a Pokemon's perspective, probably.

  8. Calling it now.  Ash beats Raihan and takes his place in the top 8 just in time for the final tournament.  The other 7 are Leon, Lance, Steven, Cynthia, Alder, Diantha...


    .......and Tobias.

  9. TFW Celeste didn't visit your island on the night of a meteor shower (like she's apparently SUPPOSED to) so you miss a ton of star fragments simply because you didn't know any better.  And no I'm not time travelling to fix that, time travelling is for cheaters.


    ...Okay maybe I'll time travel if we get to April 19 and I still haven't found any Aries star pieces.

  10. In the new Animal Crossing, do weeds still = bad?  The fact that they have uses makes me want to say no, and I like the way they look now, but if they still make your villagers unhappy I need to know otherwise I'd keep them.

    1. Commander


      They aren't as bad and have some uses but better to just pull them all up and only keep like 70

  11. I was made aware recently that the images and downloads of these things were broken, so they should be fixed now. I put all 18 of them in one place this time, I don't know what I was thinking earlier having 18 separate download links.
  12. My thoughts on the new Death Note manga oneshot (spoiler safe)






    First of all I should mention how I've seen a lot of people say it's bad because "it doesn't have the epic back-and-forth cat-and-mouse game like the original".  If you were expecting or hoping for something like that from a oneshot issue, you were being silly.  I thought it was good for what it was, aside from two big missteps.



    The first (and lesser) problem is that Near basically does nothing.  That'd be fine, if he was just there for two or three pages where he decides he has no way of catching the new main character and leaves.  But no, he and his officer buddies take up exactly 20 pages (I counted) which is almost a quarter of the whole issue.  They could have either cut out most of that and focused on the main character more, or invested more into Near's involvement and had it lead up to something more than "I give up lol".


    Even then I really liked the manga overall until the end.  The ending is the REAL problem.  It kinda spits in the face of the whole series: the Death Gods literally make up a new rule at the very last second and don't tell the main character about it, so he dies even though he did everything right.  What's worse is that there's some bad design in the manga itself: it seems to show that the rule was changed WHILE the guy still had the Death Note and was still never told about it, which actually breaks an existing rule of the Death Gods being up front about their own rules.  It's only after going back and re-reading the page carefully that you realized they covered their bases in saying Ryuk didn't change the rule until after the kid gave it up.  Even still, it's dumb and only exists to reach the pre-decided endpoint of "the main character always dies".  At least almost everyone but him has a happy ending I guess?


    Other than those two things I really liked it.  I would like to see another oneshot after this, because it leaves the world in an... interesting geopolitical state.

    1. Eagleby18


      Oh right, I should also mention there was another oneshot made back in 2008.  It was lame and dumb, this new one's much better.

  13. It wasn't a bait and switch after all, Ash really did win the league.  Also even though I don't actually like this generation's artstyle or animation even I have to admit the fight's climax was awesome.

    1. doombotmecha


      Absolutely! I saw a gif of the climax of the fight, that was so cool!


      Oh look, and Ash even gets to keep his title. Nice! I like how it makes the ending of future seasons/regions much less clear.

  14. In the anime we're looking at a possible last-second Tobias right now

  15. So this version of Ash has a mythical AND an Ultra Beast now

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