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  1. So if Titania's Aegislash faints, would she still be able to wield its unconscious body as a weapon?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Q-Jei


      Ironically, if that was the case, that would mean that Aegislash would be the only Pokemon able to inflict damage after fainting. No wonder why it’s part of the Uber Tier!

    3. Dreamblitz


      I mean, you could do plenty of other things like throw fainted geodudes at people
      ....is this going to be the new meta?

    4. Q-Jei


      That would be more the case from a human's perspective than from a Pokemon's perspective, probably.

  2. Calling it now.  Ash beats Raihan and takes his place in the top 8 just in time for the final tournament.  The other 7 are Leon, Lance, Steven, Cynthia, Alder, Diantha...


    .......and Tobias.

  3. Plz don't tell me this is gonna end up like Shofu. This game just can't catch a break when it comes to youtuber publicity.
  4. Pokemon Go was the worst thing to happen to the franchise. The actual main games are getting lazier and lazier while Nintendo instead puts all its efforts into pumping out mobile spinoff after mobile spinoff in a doomed effort to recapture the viral success of Go (whose success ironically was short-lived because of terrible mismanagement. Good job.). Even the Mystery Dungeon remake was low effort. At least Snap 2 might be good. Maybe. We'll see.
  5. TFW Celeste didn't visit your island on the night of a meteor shower (like she's apparently SUPPOSED to) so you miss a ton of star fragments simply because you didn't know any better.  And no I'm not time travelling to fix that, time travelling is for cheaters.


    ...Okay maybe I'll time travel if we get to April 19 and I still haven't found any Aries star pieces.

  6. In the new Animal Crossing, do weeds still = bad?  The fact that they have uses makes me want to say no, and I like the way they look now, but if they still make your villagers unhappy I need to know otherwise I'd keep them.

    1. Commander


      They aren't as bad and have some uses but better to just pull them all up and only keep like 70

  7. I was made aware recently that the images and downloads of these things were broken, so they should be fixed now. I put all 18 of them in one place this time, I don't know what I was thinking earlier having 18 separate download links.
  8. I used to agree that episode 19 should be split into two, then I saw what happened to Pokemon Uranium.
  9. You know, I was never comfortable with the fact he was playing such a heavily modded version of the game. The reason I care about Youtubers playing this game is that it’s essentially advertising, and when he’s playing a version of the product that isn’t accurate to the actual product, it undermines the whole purpose. And now we’re here, this dumb mod crashed the game at what would have been the funniest moment. Not a good look for the game.
  10. My thoughts on the new Death Note manga oneshot (spoiler safe)






    First of all I should mention how I've seen a lot of people say it's bad because "it doesn't have the epic back-and-forth cat-and-mouse game like the original".  If you were expecting or hoping for something like that from a oneshot issue, you were being silly.  I thought it was good for what it was, aside from two big missteps.



    The first (and lesser) problem is that Near basically does nothing.  That'd be fine, if he was just there for two or three pages where he decides he has no way of catching the new main character and leaves.  But no, he and his officer buddies take up exactly 20 pages (I counted) which is almost a quarter of the whole issue.  They could have either cut out most of that and focused on the main character more, or invested more into Near's involvement and had it lead up to something more than "I give up lol".


    Even then I really liked the manga overall until the end.  The ending is the REAL problem.  It kinda spits in the face of the whole series: the Death Gods literally make up a new rule at the very last second and don't tell the main character about it, so he dies even though he did everything right.  What's worse is that there's some bad design in the manga itself: it seems to show that the rule was changed WHILE the guy still had the Death Note and was still never told about it, which actually breaks an existing rule of the Death Gods being up front about their own rules.  It's only after going back and re-reading the page carefully that you realized they covered their bases in saying Ryuk didn't change the rule until after the kid gave it up.  Even still, it's dumb and only exists to reach the pre-decided endpoint of "the main character always dies".  At least almost everyone but him has a happy ending I guess?


    Other than those two things I really liked it.  I would like to see another oneshot after this, because it leaves the world in an... interesting geopolitical state.

    1. Eagleby18


      Oh right, I should also mention there was another oneshot made back in 2008.  It was lame and dumb, this new one's much better.

  11. Uh Dreamblitz you made a point to tell him the Pokemon to buy for the Mega-Z Ring but didn't tell him to get all of them anyway (cuz he's mentioned wanting a Lucky Egg)? The Lucky Egg is the one he's actually in danger of missing out on since as far as I'm aware, those Pokemon are still there after you return to the city. I'd get back to him on that cuz he's gonna pass the point of no return in two episodes at this rate. EDIT: Lol I typed that while watching the video, looks like he figured it out on his own. Maybe. Although he needs to either A) be told about the itemfinder and how many shards you can get from it or B) be told to just soft reset mining rocks to get what he wants. I don't know exactly how many of each shard he has, or if he's gonna make it at this rate. Also you should tell him about the online Voltorb Flip calculator so he can grind casino coins quicker, or he's gonna miss Silvally too. Also he's mentioned wanting to buy X items, well he CAN get those now but not without being directed the stickers he's missing.
  12. As soon as he stops doing the "nuzlocke", his luck gets drastically worse and he loses every major fight in the game multiple times (even Bennet. BENNET beat him multiple times.) Really makes you think, huh.
  13. Well now that the game's officially out and I won't get told off for "spoilers" since this was discovered as soon as the game leaked, What do you know, the models are in fact copy-pasted from the 3ds games! Ohmori's claim about remaking them all from scratch when was a blatant lie after all. I mean it was completely obvious from the trailers but it needed to be proven for sure since he made that claim publicly (plus some people in the fandom were in denial). As you can see from Noibat there, some of the Pokemon have had very minor touch ups, as in like "click two buttons in the modeling program to smooth out a surface" kind of minor. To say that this is "remaking them from the ground up" is still blatantly untrue. And you bought the game anyway! So Ohmori doesn't care.
  14. "There's NO WAY he wins the next boss fight first try" "Okay he won that boss fight first try but there's NO WAY he wins the next boss fight first try" I mean he actually is gonna lose to Garchomp but that doesn't count
  15. Get near perfect luck on Confusion. The one time he hits himself "I SWEAR THE RNG IS RIGGED AGAINST THE PLAYER IN THIS GAME"
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