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  1. Yuki

    miss u bababoo -hark

  2. time for my weekly status

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Arkhi


      It's been over 3000 years...

    3. Maelstrom
    4. Eclipse Blaze

      Eclipse Blaze

      How was the war back then in Kalos? Bad? Also, it really has been almost a month. since this was posted So much for weekly status updates. TrolololololFernisthebestlolololol. (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little from complimenting Fern.)

  3. what does it say about me when I don't recognize half the names in my friends list anymore?

    1. Arkhi


      It says you must be thinking too many people change their names.

    2. Ikaru


      ^ beat me to it

  4. so confused 9.9

  5. fantastic

    1. Cowtao


      Welcome back from the dead Cloud.

    2. Neo


      clud pls go

    3. Jelly


      ocldu pls come bak bb

  6. someone host a Little Cup tournament so I can destroy it

  7. oddly enormous picture of me ft. fake nose ring pardon my need for a haircut and unshaven lip
  8. indeed I am convinced Mael is Ru Paul

    1. Maelstrom


      Who is that?

    2. Shadow Tack

      Shadow Tack

      Should I tell him? nahhh but I agree cloud.

  9. (19:25:56) +Amethyst: Can anyone else become Tacos by clicking on their fezzdog
  10. Neo sucks

    1. Neo


      Fight me, Cloud

  11. I don't think I've posted a picture and if I ever did, it was at least three years ago. So, to make up for it! This picture was taken from Snapchat, given a Retrica filter, and posted on Instagram so I'm sorry for the quality, haha.
  12. It's all too much. Someone grab my hand.

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    2. Shanco


      *grabs other leg*

    3. Amethyst


      *grabs edge's hand*

    4. Nyrias


      *grabs head* Now everybody pull c:

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