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  1. A newer photo of me, last time I posted here I hadn't come out as trans yet,
  2. You know what I'd like? Time where people don't stab me in the back.

  3. That feel when you're putting sugar into some tea when you're in a moving vehicle, the car hits a speed bump, and you don't spill a single drop.
  4. Oh Micky, you're so fine.... Not gunna sing that anymore Micky?
  5. Not what Anstane expected! Oh, to the thread? Yeah, my first reply to this thread is a /LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG/ time ago. Anstane?
  6. BlueMoon, I'm actually a veteran to Reborn. Most people know me here under the alias Explosms, some as ChronoZephoria. By Veteran, I mean I've been here since late 2011. Been on the forums since early 2012. So yeah, I'm not a newcomer! Bibs, you thar?
  7. How I look now! http://prnt.sc/d0lsju Have a corset slightly out of frame, but damn do I love that coat.
  8. Nope! I'm also not a new challenger~ Pineapple?
  9. Eyyyyy, Plosmy is back.

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