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  1. Code for Serena? I never heard of that stuff. Did i miss something?
  2. If you struggling finding it, i just found it here
  3. I went trough that gym with the help of Lycanroc. I suggest that pokemon. For synthetic seed, you can find it in Route 4. More item guide: https://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/41661-item-guide-v18-void-kissed/
  4. you already got it? I can make you one.
  5. That will be very-very frustating. Shiny is still rare even with shiny charm. But good luck for that.
  6. Nice. Reborn is awesome indeed xD Thanks for the dev team who made this game.
  7. Thanks. But, I would rather give Destiny Knot and a Power Item, instead of Everstone, since we can change the nature by using 3 Heart Scale. I was trying to breed a perfect IV by myself, and this is hard It's the second time i got 30/31/31/31/31/31, almost perfect. But i still can't get the perfect one.
  8. Oooh. I see. So that's how Destiny Knot works. I misundesrtood it. Your explanation is bright and clear. Thank you so much, @LilyX!
  9. Hmm.. An ol' man ever said to me to "Take advantage of the field!" or "Manipulate the field!" Don't walk in a path your opponent made for you, walk by your own. Did you know that Desert Field (the field of Florinia's gym) may increase Ground-type's Sp.Def by 50%? You can use it as your own advantage. Eee.. maybe bringing a Ground-type is bad for this gym, but you can use Numel. It's ground and fire type. Or, you can manipulate the field. Currently, the easiest way to manipulate or change to field is by using Castform. Use Rain Dance then Sunny Day (or the opposite, but that will make Castform being a water type) will change the field to Rainbow Field for temporary, as long as the weather isn't faded. There's many effect of Rainbow Field. But the most important now, in that moment, Castform can use its Fire-typed Weather Ball with 50% boost. Isn't that cool? facing grasses using 50%-boosted 100-powered fire-typed Weather Ball. Anyway, you can look for Castform by trading it on a girl in Obsidia who is looking for a Furret. And Furret can be obtained by evolving a Sentret that you can get in Obsidia Park. Castform is very useful for many battle in the future, until 4th or even 7th gym battle. Also, keep collect the Field Note. Field is an important thing in Reborn battle. You can achieve your win against almost anything if you can make strategy of the field. Good Luck and enjoy your game!
  10. It's not a question about hunting pokemon nor item. But, if i could ask... How do Destiny Knot and Power Item works? It said that Power Item guarantees to inherit a specific IV from the holding parent to the egg depending on the item, and Destiny Knot inherits 5 random IV from the holding parent to the egg. But I tried to breed in Reborn, unfortunately, it doesn't seems like that. Can anyone explain? Thank you. Pic by: https://pokemonbreedingguide.tumblr.com/post/120605498181/miyas-pokemon-breeding-guide-part-3-training#_=_
  11. I'd like to donate a pokemon too. Anyone can adopt this Rowlet.
  12. I uploaded a meme.

    When you finally get out from Reborn City:

  13. So I can get Eevee hidden in Lost Railnet. Thanks
  14. Kunisada

    save data

    I dunno. It looks like the trouble about the permission of the PC. That's beyond my knowledge.
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