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  1. A friendly request: Hey all! I have a friendly request for you. If you could fill out this quick survey for me, that would be very appreciated! The survey link. This survey is simply to see what features you like, and what you don't. This will help me make the game better. Thanks for you time, - Mega Mew
  2. I'll check out the common candies and get back to you. Nothing special. The story continues either way.
  3. The game is several hours long, and goes up to the first badge. Good luck in your playthrough, and I hope you have a fun time!
  4. Mega-Butterfree A Gen One Pokemon that often gets outshined by Mega Beedrill. Not anymore. Original sprite made by cdhernly, found on DeviantArt here. Pixel Sprite made by me Type: Bug/Psychic Ability: Prowess "Raises Special Attack after defeating an opponent." Stats: HP - 60 -> 60 Attack - 45 -> 15 Defense - 50 -> 90 Sp. Attack - 90 -> 120 Sp. Defense - 80 -> 110 Speed - 56 -> 56 . . . and now for another announcement! Serborian Snorunt Whoever mentioned Snorunt kindof hit the nail on the head. Anyways, Serborian Forms are a thing now, kay. Type: Grass . . . but that's not all! Serborian Glalie Evolution time! kay, this guy looks kinda mean now, but look at that beard tho. Type: Grass . . . but that's also not all! Serborian Frosslass The other evolution. This one evolves by using a Leaf Stone on a female Serborian Snorunt. The more you know! Type: Grass/Ghost also, I haven't been able to find a proper way to credit these guys. the pixel sprites were made by me, but based off this. If any of you know who made these, please let me know. There's some sort of credit on the bottom of the picture, but I can't read that. . . . there are a few more, so hang with me! Serborian Wailmer Wailmer. The . . . killer . . . whale? I guess now it is lol Type: Ice/Dark made by u/Spotty33, posted on Reddit here. I guess if you click on the link, you'll be able to see Serborian Wailord, but I haven't made that one yet cuz I'm lazy. I'll show it off later. Serborian Honedge kay if you've, like, seen Moana, then its like this guy took over The Rock's fishhook thingy. Type: Steel/Water Made by locomotive111 here I'll show the evolutions later. All these sprites were made by me, but based off the credited (mostly) art. Please also show support for the original artists! Oh, also, sorry, but none of these Serborian Forms will be available in Episode 2 of Pokemon Enigma. I'm planning for Episode 3 (so I can have more time to be able to implement more.) -Mega Mew
  5. A Familiar Pokemon Appears! What is the identity of this familiar Pokemon?
  6. @BRS swag That sounds great! Thank you so much for the idea!
  7. Perhaps you have some sort of concept art found online? Also, making it Water-Type would be pretty cool. You mentioned an ability, and if you have stat ideas, I'd love to hear those.
  8. Those could be some interesting megas. Thanks for the idea!
  9. Zoroark and Arcanine, huh? I'll add those to my list.
  10. @BRS swag Yeah, of course I can do Mega Cryogonal. What are you thinking for it? If you have a picture, that would be great as well.
  11. Mega-Trevenant It's officially Spooky Season, so I thought I would officially introduce Mega Trevenant! Happy Spooks everybody! doot. Original sprite made by TRXPICS, found on DeviantArt here Pixel Sprite made by me Type: Ghost/Grass Ability: Spooker "Spooker turns Normal-Type Moves into Ghost-Type Moves." Stats: HP - 85 -> 85 Attack - 110 -> 130 Defense - 70 -> 126 Sp. Attack - 65 -> 65 Sp. Defense - 82 -> 112 Speed - 56 -> 56 Post which Mega Pokemon you would like me to do next, if you have any suggestions! (PS: The sprite is not finalized, and I'm still looking to adjust it a bit. If you are familiar with spriting, please feel free to give me some tips or hints. Any feedback is very helpful!)
  12. @Luligod I'll have a look and get back to you.
  13. No, currently the shinies are the ones from Reborn. However, I do have plans in a few episodes to work on customization, so look forward to that!
  14. @Zarc After downloading the new file, and entering the top room of the sanctuary, an event was supposed to play, continuing the plot. If you were already in the room, try leaving, and coming back in.
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