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  1. Is it possible on Rejuvenation V11 to get shiny pokemon from NPC trade?

  2. Is there an easy mode for Reborn?... because I keep on dying.


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    2. Eagleby18


      Well for what it's worth, there's a Sandbox Mod.  Lets you get any Pokemon you want, with whatever level/nature/IVs you want, has an infinite money generator and shops that sell every item in the game, basically it lets you do anything.  Except raise the level cap as far as I'm aware, you'll have to at least deal with that.

    3. Candy


      ye EV training drastically decreases game difficulty, especially early on when the opponents don't have full teams of EV-trained teams. Idk if I'd recommend Sandbox for a first playthrough (I'm assuming it is?) though just cause it wouldn't be as "fun" if you have everything at the tips of your fingers 😛

    4. LeoYT


      I believe some1 said that a beginner mode mod would be made after the games completion

  3. woah... thanks bud. this mod is pretty cool.
  4. First of all id like to clarify that I didn't know were to post this, so excuse me if im posting in the wrong place... I changed the weather so I could get Petilil, but when I changed it to the right date. It's still sunny. I tried a couple of times to change it to a normal weather, I don't like the sunny weather, but it keeps on being sunny. Is there a way to fix this because this sunny weather its kinda getting on my nerves. Cause of all the field effect thing. < That was one point. Thank you. P.S I probably am posting in the wrong place...
  5. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! I feel kinda dumb for not realizing that... haha.
  6. Whenever I go to the house in which Mareep is in Mareep is not there? Can it only appear at a certain time of day or...
  7. On Reborn whenever I open my bag an error pops up an the game closes automatically.

    Is there a way to fix it?


    1. Vinnie


      Make sure you have the latest version, check your mods if you have any, and if all else fails try and redownload it. 



  8. Hello! Does anybody know were to get Aquamarine Ore?
  9. I'm in the Sheridan Wastelands... to get Ralts. It says you have to get 3 Cell Baterrys and 1 Metal Powder... and of course the Pokeball. But where do you find the Cell B's and Metal P? Thanks.
  10. Right! Thanks! What Poke should I lead with?
  11. Hi, so I can't beat Sirius in the Belrose House. After you beat the two doctors. This is my team. I'm especially stuck on the Tyrantrum. Ampharos: Confuse ray, Thunder Wave, Light Screen and Discharge. Blaziken: Brave Bird, Blaze Kick, Fire Pledge and Strength. Musharna: Calm Mind, Hypnosis, Psychic and Zen Headbutt. Drifblim: Cut, Payback, Shadow Ball and Hex Gogoat: Rock Smash, Aerial Ace, Bulldoze and Seed Bomb Seaking: Waterfall, Soak, Aqua Eing and Horndrill Annd... nearly all my attacks miss.
  12. I can't beat Sirius in Belrose Mansion, has anybody got any advice?

    Much appreciated. 


    I can't beat his super OP Tyrantrum 

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    2. SushiFlavouredNoodles


      Its my first time how do i make a thread?

    3. Abyssreaper99


      Once you've got into the Team Showcase, above the listings of all the topics there should be a button called 'Start new topic'. From there you just enter your title and put in all the deets in the larger box underneath. There should be a button underneath all this to create your topic once done. Hope this helps 🙂

    4. SushiFlavouredNoodles



      Here... Thank You Very Much!


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