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  1. Launce

    Version 18.2

    For #2. It's scripted Thunderstorm for raid only. and if you want to test weather use the weather report on the TV to do your testing.
  2. Well. Only the pokemon you have a mega stone for can mega evolve and really any pokemon can use z moves(as far as type crystals go). Pretty much whatever you have. Now if you're asking for what's available: Absol Ampharos Garchomp Lopunny Venusaur Aggron Steelix Gardevoir Heracross Pinsir Sharpedo Aerodactyl Manectric Gallade Mawile Kangaskhan Glalie Audino Camerupt Abomasnow Sceptile Blastoise Altaria Beedrill Sableye Charizard-X Medicham Pidgeot Houndoom
  3. I checked and you haven't picked it up yet. It's there at the glass factory.
  4. Go here. This is where the shared PC mod is located. Instructions on how to add those mods to your game are there as well. If you don't want certain mods in your game all you have to do is delete what you don't want from the folder.
  5. Or you can just use a mod called Shared PC. It links your other games together in one PC box. That is if you don't mind using the mod, but if you want to trade between saves it's basically the same thing right? Basically put the pokemon you want to exchange in that PC box and then you'll see in the same spot in your other game.
  6. Gen 8 will be implemented for v13
  7. Pretty sure Gym leaders send out their ace's last because they are programmed to do so. I remember reading a changelog about "Gym leaders now send out ace's last."
  8. I'm glad he gave the medicine to the lady first. If he gave it to Anna the story would then have continued and he would have forgotten about the lady in the forest. It's rare enough as it is that he completes side quests big or small.
  9. I'm black_gold that left you a comment on your recent YT video about not being able to return to story.  I'm posting here so it'll be easy to find me in case you need help with returning to the tournament area.

  10. The way I see it, Axis is more popular. If videos do well Ttar will continue to push them out and right now Axis is more popular than Reborn.
  11. I'm concerned about this fight with the pulse Muk. Muk counters everything except Kiki and he's not going to know the moveset of it either.
  12. Have you battled the Daycare couple yet? If you haven't, continue to talk and pester the phony day care couple and things will take care of the rest. After that, then check the house for the key.
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