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  1. I'm black_gold that left you a comment on your recent YT video about not being able to return to story.  I'm posting here so it'll be easy to find me in case you need help with returning to the tournament area.

  2. The way I see it, Axis is more popular. If videos do well Ttar will continue to push them out and right now Axis is more popular than Reborn.
  3. I'm concerned about this fight with the pulse Muk. Muk counters everything except Kiki and he's not going to know the moveset of it either.
  4. Have you battled the Daycare couple yet? If you haven't, continue to talk and pester the phony day care couple and things will take care of the rest. After that, then check the house for the key.
  5. Can someone let me know how long crafty shield is supposed to last during a battle? Is it a one turn use or does it last all battle when it's used? In reborn the move lasts the entire battle (and the ai doesn't know how to battle against it, which means I abuse it). When I look it up is seems like it's only supposed to last the turn that it is used and if that's the case is this already a known issue in reborn? and since reborn and rejuv share ai codes and such the same issue is in rejuv as well.
  6. A strong pokemon. I don't like spoiling so I'll let someone else do it.
  7. Yes, unless you're including all the legendaries in the next update, in which that I don't know.
  8. I think it's for a help quest you can do.
  9. I believe and I could be wrong but giving her Blue moon just gives extra relationship points and a little different dialogue. That's about it for now.
  10. So you don't have any backup saves? They were all deleted as well? If you just lost your current save then you should be able to just re-load a backup save.
  11. Launce


    Erick was the electric gym leader. So I would fly back to West Gearen City and in the same building where you fought Erick you should find a room with other electric pokemon providing power or something and just level up your magneton there.
  12. In that case I'm not sure. I restarted my run as well on intense and haven't made it to that point yet.
  13. Launce


    oof. I think you went past it already. You can evolve your magneton at the same place you battled Erick for your gym badge. I believe you've already gone to Grand Dream City and in that case you wont be able to return to West Gearen City until you are able to use fly which I think is when you get the 14th badge? Or maybe you can fly when you have 13 badges. I can't remember. Either way you can either return to Gearen City now or you need one more badge to return to Gearen City.
  14. Launce


    You can cycle between different maps by pressing the page up and page down button and you'll visit West Gearen City in Chapter 9. I'm not sure where you're at right now.
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