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  1. Launce

    How to get all ev training rooms?

    Yes. You can find the EV training cards that you need at the hotel AP room which is just south of the casino room. All you need is just enough AP to get them.
  2. Launce

    EV Training

    Thanks. Good to know. I always thought it boosted the specific stat until now.
  3. Launce

    EV Training

    Can someone help me understand this? I'm EV training right now and as an example, I'm EV training one of my pokemon in speed while holding a speed EV boosting item. I got all 252 EV's in speed and then I switched to S. Atk EV's. I put the power lens on my pokemon which boosts S. Atk EV gain. Now the part I don't understand is if I battle a pokemon that supply's a speed EV and defeat it I gain EV's in S. Atk even though the pokemon doesn't supply S. Atk EV's. This only happens when I'm maxed out in Speed EV's and holding a S. Atk EV boosting item. Is this intentional or a bug? Does the item convert the speed EV into S. Atk?
  4. Launce

    Gastly Bug

    Well, there isn't much I can do about it as for me your save file just doesn't work for me. You might get a better response if you post your bug issue here.. Bug Reporting. This is where you would post any bug related issues.
  5. Launce

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Bump...... I guess. This thread just hit Page 2(well not anymore because I saved it from impending doom). Still no penta-op and not only that still no other video's on his youtube channel. His recent activity has been all twitch streaming. They're only at Terra and it's currently up to episode 82. To think of how much more they have to go through and we all know from here on out all the gym and boss battles will be full episodes in themselves, I can see this series going up to if not past episode 150. It's getting to the point for me where I feel like this series will end before they reach the end. But with all that aside. I'm curious as to what other big name groups you want to see play this game or attempt a nuzlocke. For me it's TeamFourStar. I know they won't as they mentioned at one point that they won't do fan games due to reasons, but I would still love to see it happen.
  6. Launce

    Kakori Help Center Bug

    I took a look at your game and I can confirm that it works for me just fine. My game is fully updated with no mods. As what Aboodie asked, are you updated to patch 3 and are you using any mods?
  7. Launce

    looking for unpatched v.11

    Just download v11? v11 and patch 3 are separate downloads.
  8. Launce

    Full Walkthrough?

    yeah, but let's play tend to 'rush' through the story as content creators need to keep things moving and while there are a lot of videos on sidequests you gotta know what you're looking for. (On the Hunt) This forum section is the closest thing to a 'full walkthrough' on Reborn as it has all the items (Item Guide) and pokemon availability (Pokemon location Guide). You can also check this post to see relationship values with characters to see how each decision or interaction will affect each character you meet. (Relationship Guide).
  9. Launce

    Gastly Bug

    Are you using any mods of any kind? I tried to look at your save file but I get nothing but crash errors.
  10. Launce

    Gastly Bug

    Try this. On one side only just go up and down until the gastly spazz out. Don't run in circles with it and don't try to click on it until gastly starts running around like crazy. There are youtube videos on how to catch the gastly.
  11. At some point yes. It's not very clear to new players on what to do on Valor Mountain but if you look around you will see a tall rocky structure where you can use rock smash to drop boulders into the lava so you can progress. *This process was introduced at Caratos Mountain but since the update they removed that.
  12. Launce

    stuck behind espurr

    Your backup save files are not in your Rejuv folder. Check your C drive: Users: [your username]: Saved Games: folder. A folder for Rejuvenation then should be there and that is where all your save files are at. All you need to do is rename your most recent back-up save file to Game. Also the current save file that is already named Game, rename it to something else.
  13. and that's how I see it as well. No other pokemon game made me feel as much as WLL did. That in itself tells me how much I really enjoyed this game.
  14. So unless I'm missing something again. I can't progress on valor mountain. I already saved amber and activated the red crystals but that's it. No matter what emotion I'm on all I do is go in circles. EDIT- and once again I've finally answered my own question. At this point, it's been so long since I've replayed the game I've just about forgotten everything. BUT- In the previous version, you learn about the pillars dropping boulders at Caratos mountain to progress across the lava. Well, that portion was removed in v11 so the player is not introduced to pillars dropping boulders? Am I the only one who sees a slight issue here?