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  1. How many obtainable zygrade cells are there in the current version? are there any cores?
  2. Can't wait to see this app in my phone.It will be Soo helpful
  3. Well I have the far cry and GTA series to play,but they have a common story like 'grab a gun, kill everyone you see and the game is completed' Reborn and Rejuvenation have cool plots and unlimited team combos I never get bored of. I am playing 3 rpgxp hacks currently.(I wonder if I can name them)
  4. I'm getting sooo bored.... Neither Rejuvenation nor Reborn has released a version in such a long time. I'm tired of waiting
  5. I was gonna die of sorrow when I saw the rejuvenation cancelled thing
  6. Let's hope we get a MegaRing this episode
  7. I know this question is from the far future , but will there be a new region after Avium? Maybe we will go to Reborn region and MC from there will come to the Avium region? (Probably the wildest theory you've ever heard)
  8. Yeah I'm too curious to know what does our character being 'The Interceptor' means and about Melia's golden light arceus powers and the prophecies at the Odd house in Goldenleaf and about Defaux and Alexandra and Nim's and Damien's relationship and so many things I can go on blabbering about Excited!
  9. I Know it now.Melia is the daughter of Madame X.In the far future Melanie defeated Madame X or got the Yevtal from her as a family gift to continue what madame x was trying to do.
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