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  1. Yeah you're right when you explain it in full it does make a lot of sense. I wonder about what kind of role Comet would play however, because they seemed very child-like or at least more shy, so that makes me think that they aren't completely on board with Cosmia, considering she also said he could leave once they were "finished" or something like that. But yeah i really like talking about these characters they're really mysterious.
  2. Haven't been on the thread in a while but the hype for me is still real. But there's also a part of me that's sad because for a game that I and others have followed for years to be ending now makes me realize that part of the fun of Reborn is waiting for whats going to happen next and that its going to be over soon. However it also made me realize that the fact that this fan game is getting FINISHED is a monumental achievement and it'll be nice to see the story actually end, no matter how it inevitably does. Thanks
  3. I've thought on this for a while and I can't think of a logical answer. It can't be crescent based on what we've been told (they aren't on the best of terms) and on what I think crescent is like as a character. Please correct me if I'm wrong but there were 2 characters introduced when we first came to grand dream city, Comet and Cosmia (the performers who were disguised as MC and our mother) and as far I can remember, they haven't had an active role since so the only logical conclusion i can come to off the top of my head is that they might be associated with Spacia and Tiempa (seeing that they can supposedly change form and already know about the MC) . Cosmia would be "her majesty" in this situation because she seemed like she was the leader of the 2. Cosmia and Comet's behavior didn't seem all too "mastermind like" but hey they're my thoughts. Jeez that was long sorry about that
  4. I think that Crescent is more of a chaotic good character, she seems to at least believe that she is doing whats best and seems to have some kind of soft spot for the main character. As for Spacea and Tiempa I think that they're more chaotic neutral in the sense that they know to some extent what's going to happen in the future and try to manipulate everyone around them in order to get to that future. Just my thoughts on the characters
  5. Don't forget Anast also befriends the deoxys when we defeat it in the past which would explain why Natassia then has control over the hoards of them that we saw earlier in the game
  6. Can't believe this threads already a thing. My favorite part of Rejuv is the story and I genuinely can't wait to jump back into it
  7. It says porygon is in Kakori HQ but i can't seem to find it? Am I missing something?
  8. Haven't used any shiny stone mons when playing through before but I have a roselia this time round and I can't seem to find any posts that show where you can get a shiny stone early game or if you can get one at all, any help?
  9. uugh man gonna have to carry pikachu a while then, thanks glad it wasn't just me who was confused
  10. Ok so last time I remember they were on route 3. I've looked around but I can't seem to find them, any help?
  11. I'm in GDC and I'm not sure if this has been answered but i can't seem to find any grinding trainers/Audino trainers, if there is one where is it located in the city?
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