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  1. Aquila's handling of the situation... well, the damage had been done, he was confused, he was angry, and worst of all one of his friends was upset about a bear or something. He didn't understand why, but he was more than willing to help her kill it later when they didn't have some first rate jackass hovering around. Aquila jumps to his feet, and turns back to mutant on the ground and yelling at her. "Now isn't the time! You can be upset about your bear later but right now we have a fight to win!"
  2. Rory nods at the, rather justifiably late, introduction. "My name is Rory... Instructor Prototype is a bit of a mouthful, mind if I just call you IP instead?" Rory smirks to themselves, amused at the fact that the nickname would be somewhat fitting.
  3. Rory, having not been paying much attention at that point only really tuned in to the fact that Instructor had been talking to them about midway through. Still, using context clues she figured out what they were talking about. "I can't say what exactly the trespassers are, but that is a possibility for what one could be as far as I know. As for why I think you're a risk... You remind me of robots from my home. They were made by the Schnee Dust Company which has a history of oppressing my people, and in general just made my life harder...." Rory looks like she's debating whether to say anything more or not before finally finishing. "In short, no, I don't think you can do anything to earn my trust."
  4. Rory for her part is looking interested in the conversation, but that's about it. The moment she realized she didn't really understand or care about the specifics behind some evil magic artifact she got lost in her own thoughts. I wonder what everyone else is going back home.... Do they think I'm dead? Probably not yet, it's only been a little while. Probably long enough for Tea to steal my fucking snack bars again, the bastard. I'm gonna punch him in the stomach when I get back... I wonder what this Sakuya chick'll do if she doesn't get her job back? Maybe I should offer to bring her back home with me to try out hunting, she has the look of someone that could make a name for themself doing it...
  5. Rory didn't look all that impressed with the explanation of this "Flandre" person, nor did she care for the mansion. They always seemed like a waste unless you liked throwing away your money. Still, the library got an impressed look from the previously male Faunus. They still thought that it was something of a waste, since most of these books, especially the manga, could have been bought digitally; but there had to be at least a few that weren't available that way. And since they seemed to have a problem with a thief maybe he'd have to bring that up to the librarian. It was definitely something to say she'd remember and then completely forget about later.
  6. Jack shrugs. "I'm serious, I actually feel better. Well, it's hard not too feel better because I was in more pain than I've realistically ever been able to recall, but now I'm sober and feel all... pulsy! That said, not doing it again." With a sway in his stride that Zoe alone would know is more from how well pleased he is rather than his usual state of drunkeness, Jack walks out to the new ship, pausing as he sees a second ship on the horizon. He squints as he leans out to get a closer look, before excitedly hurrying to find the controls of the ship gifted to them.
  7. Jack looks quite disoriented as he suddenly is no longer drunk, alongside the incredible and terrible amount of pain he just experienced along side that. After a brief confused look at his bottle of grog, and then a look around the room, he triumphantly raises his arms. "Hey, it wor- ugh... It mostly worked!"
  8. Jack of course, reaches of the answer to most of his problems, and starts gulping down grog madly.
  9. Rory sighed. Well, at least it'd be interesting to enter a rich person's house as a guest for once. "We'll be on our best behavior.... But the bot has the start of a good question, do you guys know anything else about that evil rock thing?"
  10. Arminius hums to himself. After a moment he shrugs and looks around the border of the first room, looking to see if it's different from the inner area where the spikes would be.
  11. Aquila was very much ready to retort that he was in fact new, but the exclamation confused him enough to make him turn around. When he did that, he froze as his blood ran cold. If he were a smarter man, or perhaps a dumber one, he'd question why she was here. But, that didn't run through Aquila's head. Rather, it was the rush of blood as fury filled him at the silent threat presented. And so Aquila responded in kind, ignoring the others or perhaps the anger and hate not allowing him to take note of them as he charged forward, which turned into a flying tackle to knock the Peacekeeper to the ground before using his shield to beat her pretty damned face into a pulp.
  12. Rory rolled his eyes. "I can't speak for her, but I couldn't give less of a shit about AIs or whatever rights they want. Actually, scratch that, I'd support AIs fighting for their rights, if only because I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't. But what I don't trust are robots from megacorps, especially not ones that just scream "I'm here to trample your rights and put an end to your peaceful protest at gun point". Maybe get off your high horse and consider that some people have actual reasons for what they think, and not just assume they're a bad trope in every sci-fi movie."
  13. Rory patiently sits through the tirade. When it's finished the faunus is silent for a time, to compose their thoughts, before finally settling on the perfect response. "Fuck off."
  14. Rory perked up a bit at the mention of a miko. She sounded pretty important after all. Still, it would be kind of rude to just ask about her even if Rory didn't really care about a random maid's employment status. "I'm not much for advice one dealing with one's employer but... maybe you guys should have a proper talk about it? I 'dunno, get some tea or whatever you drink to relax, maybe some people to act as mediators or guards to reassure this Remillia chick? Or at the very least, you could talk to Ms. Yukari. she could clear this up better than us since she seems to know a lot about the artifacts." Hopefully the guard would say no, and Rory could lead into the question more pertinent to the job at hand.
  15. Jack rolls his eyes as he shifts the crystal to his cheek. "I don't think anyone here is dumb enough ta' think that drinkin' booze does much more than make ya feel good.... 'Least I hope they don't."
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