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  1. The advantage you have to being the slower one to engage is that if you opponent telegraph's their next move, it's really obvious what's oncoming. That said, DVS already had his chain wrapped arms ready to help keep the blade away from him as the blood cursed dashed forward. It was about when the zombie with a sword got in range that DVS sidestepped, bringing his arm up to protect his left side in case the blade got too close him while he stepped towards the cursed one. Assuming it didn't move away in time the wrestler's forearm would soon smash into his target's head, taking advantage of the opportunity that the slash had presented.
  2. Arminius started at the dummy in confusion. Mostly because the existence of it in this area was really weird. Still he figured the kid was right. "Yeah, you should listen to the kid. Getting some better people skills can help anywhere, not just outside of a fight..." Arminius trailed off as he thought about his argument with Calvera earlier. Maybe he was the one that needed the lessons...
  3. Jack stumbled back a bit for he stood up fully, drawing his cutlass from it's scabbard as he got situated again. With traditional cry of "Oi, fuck off!" He slashes at Neo-shadow A with his Cutlass
  4. Conway, having wandered over when relevant information seemingly started to be exchanged, stood there for a few moments without speaking. This was because the only thought in his mind was "Really? The fuck do you want me to do with this, I'm just a man." But he didn't want to seem like a whiner this early on into working with these people, so he picked the one he understood the least about. "I'll help out with the bank thing. Seems like it'll get give me a little bit of time for set up at least."
  5. Jack rolls his eyes at Scarlet's explanation. "'Course you did. ... Oh looks like someone else already came through here, and they weren't interested in keeping things tidy." Jack quickly walks in, approaching one of the puddles on the floor to investigate it.
  6. Aquila looks down at the tap and seeing a small girl he needed a moment to process the question. Mostly because he didn't actually read the letter for obvious reasons and had to get his information in summary. Finally though he nods at the question. "Oh yeah, I take it that you're a new recruit then? I'm Aquila and this is Freya, good to meet you." Aquila would extend his hand to shake the small person's but... he had to make sure Freya wouldn't get swept up again. It wasn't likely but still.
  7. Rory attacks with his gunlance. As she passes by she turns around with a smirk before snapping her fingers, right as the explosive payload of the wyrmstake ignites, causing an explosion on the witch.
  8. Aquila nods at that. After a couple seconds of silence he speaks once more. "I wonder how my family is doing. Haven't seen them in years and I haven't even been in my province for a few months. Mostly been working in Chosen lands since that's where the bulk of the hard fighting is."
  9. Jack had stepped aside when someone that was apparently more knowledgeable about the system made themselves known. Seeing as nothing was probably going to be happening for now, he decided to make conversation with the mercenary. "So you know him too? Or someone with the same name at least?"
  10. Aquila nods in understanding. It obviously wouldn't be the same but he figured Freya would at least be interested in hearing about the festivals he's been to. "Well, usually I wasn't involved in much else but me and the other warriors would participate in games and shows of strength, for instance something a Highlander brought over was what he called a Caber Toss. Basically we'd take a log and try to throw it as far as we could. Also there were the typical duels and wrestling, I'm sure you get the gist of that. Hm... of course the craftsmen would come and sell their wares, the Godis would recount the sagas and share their wisdom, and of course there'd be drinking and food."
  11. Arminius had waited a few extra minutes, giving the others some time to move forward ahead of him and minimize the amount of awkwardness that was certain to happen if he and Calvera had been in the same area together. Finally he stood up and walked after them, keeping around the edges of the rooms to sneak by.
  12. Seeing that he can't understand the machinery in the shop, Conway does the obvious thing. He starts to fuck around with them, trying to turn them on and see if he can discern their use from the noises and movements they're making. Or he'll just try to read any labels available and seeing what they say.
  13. DVS raised his eyebrows at the apparent zombies. "Hm, this reminds me of that one guy... Well, I'm not a coroner, but I'll be happy to see you lot in the morgue!" DVS says as he moves a bit further away from the others with him before stretching himself out, cockily.
  14. DVS pinches his nose as he looks around. Yep, the smell was typical for this kind of job. "So, you guys wanna bet that something is going to appear and fight us? It'd make sense given the bodies... Or maybe it's just fantastic interior decorating. Very Vlad the Impaler esque, easily would go for a couple thousand I think." On the surface DVS was calm, but inside he couldn't help but be a little nervous. Large amounts of dead bodies tend to do that too you.
  15. Rory glared at the laughing witch as she dodges the attack... And then pointed and laughed in return when the bullets from Masako smacked into her. And then she smacks the witch with her gunlance again.
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