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  1. I understand some people like to exercise patience and determination by grinding. But I'm feeling that is more niche than common among players. What drives Reborn is its story. I learned how to IV breed and EV grind just to keep playing Reborn - not to lose to Ame & co and engage and solve the challenges and puzzles you/they've thrown at us, and let myself be immersed in the story and world that Ame has so beautifully built and given to us - free of charge! Having to grind (and I absolutely detest the time lost for inherently meaningless grinding) was part and parcel of the challenges of the game so far. "You want to see more? Put in the effort for it!" But this is slowly turning into something like a Pokémon-SAT now. You grind, you take the test, and if you want a good life/keep playing you have to pass the test, but the test and its grind are completely irrelevant to life/story. We play game precisely to get away from that aspect of life. Please, just make sure that you don't end up doing that in Reborn. Reborn means something, a really good thing. But falling to the trap of throwing harder grinding tests at the players can diminish this meaning. Please don't let mind numbing patience become the defining characteristic of the game. I gave up playing Rejuvenation because of this. (Along with the Wheel of Time, it remains the only thing I put down in frustration, and I've stuck to the end of some really bad and cringy stuff in my time.) The story and writing simply aren't good enough to merit wasting so much time on grinding. Reborn's story was worth it so far, but you've already promised us that we will fight some PULSE-mons with EVs higher than what we can reach. While it isn't a cheap challange - PULSEs should have something to them - it is quite certainly not a challange I am looking forward to. It seems like it is just going to be some nasty admin battles to get over - as if they weren't hard enough already. And grinding in Reborn is hard. Another example of something similar is the Poipole challange. The game is slowly becoming something that excludes players who aren't obsessed with it. That said I will finish the game no matter whatever is thrown at us. One does not simply turn away from great work like Reborn.
  2. My preferred team is a mess of fields and weathers - I can shift between rain, sun, rainbow, grassy, and burning fields. However now I'm thinking about my strategy quite darkly. I think at least one of the final boss battles will be on the starlight and new world fields, and you can't use weather effects in those fields. A weather team might not be your best bet for your first playthrough of the final episode.
  3. THE ABRAVAN KING WANTS YOU FOR THE ARMY (you code?) The Civil War Team is looking for a coder/scripter to join their ranks. Pokémon Civil War is a fan game still in its infancy, being built with Essentials 17.2. The game includes some major departures from classical Pokémon tropes, a complex plot with deep lore and world building, and some new mechanics that will affect the gaming experience, bringing a fresh new take on the old tried and tested aspects of Pokémon games. As a result, there is major work undertaken on the conceptual design front, and we would like someone with coding/scripting experience to contribute to the game concept, as well as implementing the mechanics listed below. The game is planned to be released in eight chapters. More information can be found on: PRIMARY REQUIREMENTS: Game Concept & New Mechanics This mainly includes scripting and implementing new mechanics that are present either in very few other games, or will be developed for the first time in Civil War. This is the main long term commitment the game requires of a coder/scripter, and it is likely that the coder who deals with these aspects of the game will also contribute to the conceptual design of the entire game. I should note that the below list does not cover everything, new considerations are likely to arise as the game progresses, and each item below is up for debate considering feasibility and improving the gaming experience. That said, I do not expect one person to do everything listed below. Any contribution is appreciated. Factions & Relationships: The game includes 13 political factions vying for power, and the players’ choices influence which (if any) of the factions achieve their goals. The game also includes relationships with several major NPCs, making them anything from enemies to rivals to friends/allies to lovers. I am (planning on) using switches and variables to implement the consequences of players’ choices regarding the political outcomes and their relationships with NPCs. However, this is a bit daunting, especially the players’ influence on the political factions’ goals, as this is likely to get insanely complicated using switches and variables. It also puts me in a hard place of either having to plot out every political detail of the game in advance of actual eventing of anything on Essentials, or not releasing the game until it is fully completed. (Neither of these scenarios will happen, which pretty much guarantees future regret.) Perhaps a new mechanic can be implemented to make life easier? Field Effects: This is the salt and pepper of any good fan game. Perhaps some field effects can be the same as those used in Reborn, but there will be at least one new field effect. It is likely that we may prefer to have a unique field effect for each terrain/route, even if they are only slightly different from the others. This is also relevant to the below item. Pokémon Aquaticity: I’m not sure if this can be implemented, or whether it should be implemented to begin with, but I think it could be nice to add an aquaticity division similar to the airborne/grounded division. If this is implemented, the presence of water and land on any field effect will become crucial. Different Battle Types: Can we implement triple and or rotation battles alongside double battles? The game involves military campaigns, and a variety of battle types can be used to enrich the game – especially in terms of military tactics. New Battle Engines: There are some large battle sequences planned – including a siege on a fortified city. My original idea was treating the battlements as a Pokémon called “The Wall”, or a unique field effect, but it was later suggested by a contributor that a new battle engine could be designed and implemented. While I like this idea, honestly, I don’t what I could ask for. Permadeath: I would like to make it so that Pokémon can die in the game, but this would need to be different to Nuzlocke – sometimes a strategy requires a mon to take a hit for the team, and I do not want to disqualify such strategies. I have a couple of ideas floating in mind about how this could be implemented, but I would rather talk this over with a coder/scripter. Scripted Losses & Starting Over: I would like to make it so that players can walk around with a full team of fainted Pokémon until they walk back to a healing point – instead of being teleported straightaway. Also, you may drop all your money if you lose to a hostile NPC (means differentiating between enemy soldiers, thugs, and friends.) Pokédex: It needs to give false nesting information for plot and narrative related reasons. We can also make good on the pretension that we are given a Pokédex because we will do field research. Well, let’s get that research done. I remember that Gen 5 may have some ideas to offer on this front. Banking & Financial System: The economic system of the region has been considered while world building, but I had no ideas regarding how to implement the economic aspect of the world into the game until very recently. It’d be awesome if we can implement a proper banking & financial system. I got a few ideas on this front too. Flying: Fast travel instead of instant travel. I imagine a cross between panorama graphics used in Rejuvenation and the ‘flying’ Light Platinum. SECONDARY REQUIREMENTS: Common Elements This mainly includes implementing the scripts and mechanics most games have, but do not come with the Essentials Pack. Most of this stuff will be available out there, and any one on the team can find and implement these, but since it is in the domain of scripting and coding, I’ve included them here as well. Updating the game to Gen 7 Pokémon, moves, items, mechanics, etc. Gen 5 type repel use Weather conditions Minigames (e.g. Voltorb switch) Quick save 3 registered item slots Skip text (I am verbose if nothing else) Mega-evolution …and more… OTHER ROLES Gamer: This role is about helping with the gaming aspects and balancing. I.e. competitive boss battle teams, balancing field effects, value of items depending on how the new game mechanics change the environment etc. Composer: I do not compose music, so the music I have chosen for the game so far is from my own music library, ranging from electronic to orchestral, and from stoner rock to Mongolian folk. All of this is copyright-problematic music, but then again, we all live in the shadow of Nintendo… DEVS EX MACHINA Fiasom: Lead Designer and Writer, Eventing, Mapping, Game Concept Phi-Bi: Game Concept, Spriting, Tiling CONTACT You can contact me (Fiasom) on Relic Castle, the Reborn forum, and on Discord.
  4. I have just made a massive edit to the original post. Now it is the same as the one over at Relic Castle.
  5. I am way too keenly aware of the pitfalls you describe here. Trying to save the world while silencing all "idiots" is one path the players can take, but this will essentially make the player the villian of the game. It is more likely that they will choose to side with several of the factions by the end of the game. Indeed, they will have made the 'choice' throughout the game by completing side quests, and how they complete them. And none of these choices will be simple ("I won't do something that bad") or extreme ("what harm can come from it?"). There are two main alliances, but both 'alliances' are loose, and neither is good or evil. There are those that are better than others (kind of like Starks vs Lannisters vs Boltons), but trying to explain what the factions are, and how they relate to each other is a bit too complex to do here - I have a 13 by 13 table and a 3K word long document explaining what the factions are and how they relate to each other. That said, there is a villian of the game, but it will be obscured. Understanding who is the real villain is one of the main challenges of the game. As I said above, critical thinking is a thing. With regards to differing viewpoints - everybody lies, and most don't even know that they are lying. You get to watch news, read newspapers and library books, talk to NPCs, and experience some of the news-worthy events. Each shows some kernel of the reality of things, but each also present a biased view (the exception being what you directly experience). And the points of view are not limited to the 3 countries; everybody has a different opinion, but most generally fall within the interests of the 13 factions. There are several different kinds of power in the game - economic, political & media, and military. I think this reflects reality fairly well. So I have designed an economic system based on Pokemon, inspired by the Petro-Dollar. (It is called the PokeDollar, in the end.) This has nothing to do with the money you get after battles, it works more for the lore and the plot. With regards to good and evil, I have done my fair share of studying moral philosophy, so I have a fairly nuanced view of morality. A black and white good vs evil usually boils down to either a bigoted and hypocrite understanding of us vs them or the Men of the West vs Sauron (which is also another version of us vs them, only way more simple and unrealistic/fantastical). Chapters 6 and 7 are titled Nature and Humanity, respectively. And in these two chapters I'll explore how natural morality and socially constructed morality are very different things.
  6. INTRODUCTION Pokémon Civil War is a game that is geared towards an adult audience, and has themes of violence, drug abuse, sex, and all the other good stuff. It covers the events of the newly created region of Abrava, which is home to the three countries of the Abravan Kingdom, the Free Democracy of New Unova, and the League of Elemental Cities, across which thirteen different factions pursue their interests. It is rife with political intrigue, and realism is a major theme and influence in the conceptual design. The game explores moral, political, and philosophical themes. It is planned to be released in eight chapters. I have been working on the concept since March, and I am getting close to the release of a demo. However, the writing and concept in general, and eventing on RPGMX is taking a lot of my time, so I have not done any coding or spriting and work with what I got with the Essentials Pack. The writing of the game is also growing bigger than what one person can manage in meaningful time scales. Thus I am on the look for permanent team members. See below for more. STORY We are bound to Pokémon. It may seem like we are their masters since they respond to our never ending commands and demands, but while they can live without us, we cannot live without them. They are our energy, our weapons, our religion. Our civilization stands on their shoulders. When you consider who is dependent on who, it becomes clear that they are the masters of themselves, while we are slaves to ourselves. ... The flow of blood has not stopped in the Abravan Region since the passing of the last Champion 300 years ago. The Abravan Kingdom is embroiled in a civil war between the Abravan Dictator King and the internationally backed Rebel Minority. Despite the stellar rise to power of the Free Democracy of New Unova since their founding 150 years ago, they still seem to lack the power to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the conflict. All the while the League of Elemental Cities have clamped down on their borders to avoid being sucked into the conflict. It might seem like your little town has been spared from the worst of the war. But it is not an easy thing for a single mother to raise a child in the depths of an economic crisis. If only Father hadn’t left for the army 5 years ago. At least Mother seems to have finally overcome her grief… But now, there are rebels spotted near your town. Can you rise above the petty politics, and save your loved ones from this black hole of violence? FEATURES Pokémon Available Pokémon: All non-legendary, non-ultra beast Pokémon available. Starters: None – you start with an egg that may hatch into any of the baby Pokémon except Mantyke + Eevee or Ralts. Legendary Pokémon: They are treated as gods in this game, hence cannot be caught, but may join your party if you earn their respect. The Masterball is the exception to this. Fakemon: None – perhaps one legendary Fakemon might be added, depending on how the game develops. Gyms & Badges: No gyms and +20 badges. All badges except the first and last are optional. There are 3 kinds and 6 classes of badges, and you need at least one badge from each class of badges to finish the game. HMs: HMs still exist, but they work like TMs. Story & World Plot: Complex and flexible political plot where thirteen factions pursue their interests, spread across the region. Choices you make in side quests and dialogues impact the main storyline, and determine which (if any) factions achieve their goals. Characters: Large cast of in-depth characters to be loved, hated, used and forgotten, including your best friend, a wife that goes on a quest of vengeance for her husband’s death, a legendary contingent of the Abravan Army, the Dark Philosopher, the Elemental Lords, the poetic shadow leader of the Rebels, and many more… World: Massive and detailed world with seventeen cities and villages, and a variety of terrain including jungles, forests, mountains, grasslands, rivers both above and underground, deserts, and an open ocean with tiny islands. Regional Lore and History: Detailed history that spans centuries, numerous religions centred around legendary and mundane Pokémon alike, three distinct cultures, a region-wide economic system, media, politics… Choice: As a talking main character you will have the opportunity to develop rivalries and romances with NPCs. Through your choices in the main storyline and side quests you impact how the civil war is resolved, and who emerges victorious. The game will encourage specializing in certain roles and strategies, and given that most badges are optional, which badges you want to get will be up to your choice. Unreliable Narratives: Each faction pursues its own interests, and thus holds a biased view of the political situation. You get to watch the news, read newspapers and books, and talk to NPCs, all of which give partly true and partly false information, trying to pull you in their own interests. To understand the truth, you need to make up your own mind, and decide on your actions accordingly. Your choices effect the world. Different Starting Locations: Two intertwined but completely different starts to the game that do not merge at least until half way through the game. The male character starts in the Abravan Kingdom, while the female character starts in New Unova. The current demo covers only the Abravan start. Multiple Endings: There are ten different endings. The ending you reach will be based on the choices you make throughout the game. In one you make a lasting impact to the region for the worse, in another you make lasting impact for the better, and in the remaining eight the status quo is not significantly disturbed by your actions and your impact ranges from negligible to memorable as a passing mention in history books no one in their right mind ever reads. New Game Mechanics Non-Nuzlocke Permadeath: Your Pokémon may die, but this requires more than simply fainting. I have two alternative methods in mind, but will need to talk with a coder about whether either is feasible. Game Over: If all the Pokémon in your party are dead, you have become vulnerable, and you may be killed. While this is an unlikely scenario, there is also incentive to die, too, if you think you can come back from the Ghost World. Pokémon Aquaticity: How does a Seaking, or a Kingdra move on land? By flopping around? It doesn’t seem very conducive for a battle on land, now, does it? I think it is time to separate the terrestrial and marine worlds. New Field Effects: At least one new field effect – the Battlefield Field Effect – at most a unique set of field effects for each map/route in game. Flying: Optional but desirable. Instead of making flying instant travel, it would be better if we could make is so that it is simply fast travel in the skies. Though I’m afraid this may require outrageous amounts of mapping and/or spriting, and have no idea how feasible it is in terms of coding. Special Events: Optional but desirable. The siege in Chapter 2 could be run on a special battle engine. There may be similar or different event in the future of the game. Character Stats: Optional. Two stats that make sense to me for this game are HP (related to how you get game overed) and leadership (related to Pokémon truancy). SCREENSHOTS Deep Lore: Colourful characters: Maps and small nuances: DEMO PROGRESS Concept & Story – 90% Eventing Main Storyline – 50% Eventing Side Quests – 0% Eventing Misc – 20% Mapping – 90% Spriting – 0% Coding – 0% Total – 35% (disregarding spiriting & coding, and 15% factoring them in) DEVS EX MACHINA (The Team) Just me, and as a results there is no progress on spriting and coding. I’m working only with what I got from the essentials pack. CREDITS Pokemon Essentials by Peter 0. and Maruno, based on work by Flameguru RECRUITMENT I see five roles to be filled with regards to the development of this game. Co-writer: The concept of the game is becoming too big for me to manage on my own in meaningful time scales. What I expect from any co-writer is to at least consistently give me in-depth feedback which allows me to keep progressing and avoid getting stuck, at most to take on whole sections of the writing. There are major blank spaces in the latter chapters of the game, and an entire main character (the New Unovan beginning) remains to be written. I should highlight that I am not expecting co-writers to do my for me, or simply write what I would write. The position of an invested co-writer could be better described as a co-creator. Spriter: I am working only with what came with the Pokémon Essential Pack, and it is somewhat limiting. I am looking for a spriter to create tilesets and character sprites. There are lots of characters (around 10 sprited characters for the first demo alone), and with regards to the tilesets, I would like at least to have some distinct architectural styles for the three countries. Scripter/Coder: I am looking for a coder to implement the new mechanics I have written above. Composer: I do not compose music, so the music I have chosen for the game so far is from my own music library, ranging from electronic to orchestral, and from stoner rock to Mongolian folk. All of this is copyright-problematic music, but then again, we all live in the shadow of Nintendo… Gamer: This role is about helping with the gaming aspects and balancing. I.e. competitive boss battle teams, balancing field effects, value of items depending on how the new game mechanics change the environment etc. One person can fill more than one role above, and the same role can be shared between different people. I will start a thread for each role in the Team Recruitment section on Relic Castle, and provide their links here, when I am able to do so. CONTACT You can find me on Relic Castle, Reborn Forum and on Discord (once I get used to using it) by the name Fiasom.
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