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  1. If Persona 5 doesn’t get released for the Nintendo Switch by the end of the year, then the PlayStation 3 version will suffice.


    I really want to play this game. But I also want it to be accessible at all times. I don’t bring my PlayStation 3 to college with me. So My Nintendo Switch would give me access to it at all times.


    Really, port this already critically acclaimed game to the Nintendo Switch, and since Nintendo Nerds have gotten exposure to Persona via Joker in Smash, you are pretty much printing money, even if you set the game as low as $40. Atlus doesn’t really have a good reason not to port this game to the Switch. Unless technical issues arise, but if this game can run on a PlayStation 3, it can run on the Switch.

    1. Wolfox


      The reason might be an exclusivity deal with Sony. If that isn't running out yet they literally can't port the game yet

    2. ShadeStrider


      I looked it up. As far as the internet is concerned, there is no exclusivity deal we know of.

  2. Apparently the chances of her appearing with max multipliers is 0.712 percent. But that maximum is not feasible to do repeatedly, so your chances are more around 0.5 if you raise your luck high enough. This is not good game design. This is what we call using RNG to annoy the player. You could burn through 200 legendary cores, and you might get nothing. Whoever decided on this, instead of, I don't know, making her accessible through a difficult quest should be severely punished. They should be given Immortality, hung by the neck, then cut into a million pieces, then all the pieces should be thrown to the Sharks. Then once the sharks have eaten, they should be dissected and the pieces removed. Then the Pieces should be locked inside a Metal Coffin and then thrown into a Volcano. Then they can burn. I'm actually... disgustingly proud of that punishment I came up with. It sounds like something Karen from Pokemon Rejuvenation would punish people with. I guess that makes me a psychopath. I still really love this game. And I was Fine with getting all the other Rare Blades. But this one... I don't care if KOS MOS is an Icon for the Xeno franchise. They need to make her more accessible.
  3. I want My goddamn Persona 5 Port for Switch.


    Even if I already have a PS3, I'll wait and see if it makes it to the Switch, as I'll have access to my switch regularly during the College Semester.

  4. Adolf Hitler from Persona 2 should be in Smash Bros.



    This is a great Idea that in no way will cause any controversy.

    1. Monochrome_Complex


      Still one of the most bizarre things in that franchise.


      The fact he's wearing shades makes it even zanier lol.

  5. Astral Chain looks pretty damn sweet. But where the hell is my Octopath Traveler 2? Either way, the selection of JRPGs in this direct blew me away. Not much Smash Bros news, but that’s okay.
  6. So, Why is Sexual Harassment as comedy such a common thing in Anime today? 

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    2. Youmu9


      A simple answer would be that Japan is very different compared to western cultures. Those things are probably less shocking there.

    3. doombotmecha


      Or it's because, to the modern demographic of those animes, sexual assault is a joke. I mean, shitty people exist here too. You can't pretend that it's just a Japan problem if western anime fans are buying Blu-Rays and figurines and so forth.

    4. Hukuna the Undying

      Hukuna the Undying

      lt's also hardly unique to the medium


    I know, I stole this comment from someone in the comment section.


    This trailer embodies "Top Ten Anime Betrayals."


    I was pretty excited for this movie when the trailer came out.


    Then I watched the movie.


    Then I wished I hadn't watched the movie.



    1. ShadeStrider


      The More I think about it, I think this film is a bad version of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. It constantly tries to "subvert expectations", without understanding why "subverting expectations" works as a storytelling tool.


      Metal Gear Solid 2 subverted Expectations by having Raiden playable instead of Snake. And it Subverted expectations by revealing to you that your mission was nothing more than an elaborate simulation designed to mimic the events of Shadow Moses. It did both of these things, however, to strengthen its narrative. There was an actual point to it. Even having Raiden playable was a sort of jab at you, the player, who's sort of a stand in for Solid Snake, who's only learnt things through Video games and hasn't had much real experience. 


      The Last Jedi only "subverted expectations" for the sake of either surprising you, or just making you somewhat frustrated. That's really it. There is no narrative purpose to any of the subversions, except maybe creating more problems for the story. There wasn't a point to any of it. You could given us something that we expected, and nothing would change, except for maybe the story being less problematic.


      Oh, and also the annoying character named Rose. But MGS2 Rosemary is considerably less of an annoyance than Rose Tico, who, by the way, is now popularly considered the Worst Star Wars character ever. And Rosemary had a purpose in MGS2 that didn't bring the Story down.

  8. ShadeStrider

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    I hope Caz is doing okay.
  9. ITrailer: You can sail the seas with Jack Sparrow in Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s a Pirates life for me.



    Me: That’s nice, but where the hell is my Difficult Sephiroth Boss Fight? 



    If there is DLC including some damn Final Fantasy characters, then I’ll consider picking up Kingdom Hearts III.



    Or Xeno. Xeno characters would be nice. KOS MOS, Shulk, Rex... Elma...


    1. CodeCass


      The lack of FF characters was one of my very few complaints with the game. It was an awesome experience. Just wish I could have seen the FF crew and had Sephiroth as a Secret Boss like always. Can't really say I'd be down for Xeno characters though. I'm not sure how well they'd fit honestly. Crossovers are always fun though, so who knows. 


      Also, I have to admit the PotC world was amazing this time around. I thought it was handled much better than previous entries. I think it and the world based on Tangled were easily my favorites. 

  10. This was one of my favorite Heart to Hearts in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. This was honestly one of Tora's best moments. He's like an innocent child.


    To be fair though, a woman dressing in Men's Clothing is not unusual in society today, But generally, you can still tell that she's a girl.

    1. CodeCass


      Tora was such an awesome character. I think he and Poppy were easily my favorite characters in XBC2. I just hated I didn't get more time with them and Zeke and Pandy (who was easily best girl) since my least favorite character (Morag) was the far superior tank and I really needed Nia for a healer. 

  11. One of these days, Fire Emblem Heroes will have Non Fire Emblem characters.



    1. doombotmecha


      You mean pre-Awakening FE characters? 😛


      But yeah, I see all the crossovers for Granblue Fantasy and it makes me sad because I'd love to get to play with like Joker or 2B but I just can't see myself getting into another Gacha game.

  12. Scott the Woz has caught people's attention recently, and with content like this, I can see why.

    This is really creative. I wish I had this amount of creativity.

  13. Can I also say how much I adore Litten?


    Emo Cat that has trust issues. Litten is honestly the best of the unevolved Alolan starters.


    What a Shame.

  14. ShadeStrider

    Dev Blog | V12 Status Thread

    And now the wait for Xenoblade Pokemans version 12 starts anew.
  15. ShadeStrider

    Dev Blog | V12 Status Thread

    I had no Idea this thread existed until now.