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  1. Compared to a lot of first entries in old franchises, Pokemon Red has aged surprisingly well. This was the game that introduced and popularized the Monster Collection genre in the west, right? It was essentially Nintendo's kid-friendly (until the gambling laws changed) version of Shin Megami Tensei. Except... I had more fun playing Pokemon Red than I did the SNES Translation of Shin Megami Tensei 1. The Overworld didn't feel like a pain to navigate. The battles weren't just "Spam Zio to win". (Seriously, You could win more than half the battles in the game using electric spells. Zio-locks were really broken, and I don't know why they felt the need to program that into the game.) In a sense, Shin Megami Tensei might have been responsible for Pokemon's success in Japan. But Pokemon Red was definitely the better game. I do consider this game better than X and Y, mainly because it didn't hold your hand the whole way through.
  2. Star Wars fan points a gun at Rian as he tries to run away *Bang* Rian Struggles to get up only to get grabbed by the fan Rian: Fans, look, I can explain... Fan: You lied to me! Rian: No, that wasn't the deal. She (Kathleen Kennedy) told... *Bang* Rian: Aaaaaaahhh... fans, please! Fan: You betrayed me! *Bang* Fan: You used me! *Bang* Fan: You fucked up the lore... *Bang* Fan: And now... Rian: Fans, please... I can explain.... Fan: You have my permission to die. Fan Points gun directly at Rian's head *Bang*
  3. Did you intentionally name yourself after the Ace Attorney character of the same name?

  4. It seems like a lot of characters that I play, like Roy, Shulk, Cloud, Joker, etc. have really poor grab ranges. I could be right up in someone’s face, and I still can’t get the grab. Grab out of shield is now a worse option in Ultimate. This is a shame, since a lot of characters have really good throw options. But they can’t access those options due to poor grab range. It’s not just my characters. A lot of my friends face the same problems. So, I think buffing everyone’s grab range would be a good move for everyone. Would make the game more fun by making one of Smash’s integral mechanics viable.
  5. Fair enough. Except I don’t remember Ether being a concept in Pokemon other than those Items that restored PP. Other than that, Fair enough. I haven’t played gale of darkness, so I don’t know.
  6. But I mean, Jan clearly loves Xenoblade. He outright confirmed it. Even if you didn’t read his confirmation, you can tell from the Interceptor being a plot element, “Ether” being a thing in Rejuvenation, and of course, the name Melia being used. I don’t think Jan plays much Final Fantasy.
  7. @Jan So why is Melia’s name “Melia” and not “Fiora”?
  8. So it turns out Ridley was a Fire Emblem character all along? What a twist!
  9. I can't really say that Xenoblade Chronicles X "stole my heart" like Xenoblade Chronicles 1 and 2 have.


    As predictable as the Stories that XC1 and XC2 might have been, they still captivated me, enough to become a fanboy.


    XCX's story just... sucked. It's not a bad game, but it's probably the MGSV and Final Fantasy XV of its own franchise.

  10. I doubt that this won't be completed by the time I get through Memeborn.
  11. As a Smash Ultimate Cloud Main, I will never not find this funny.

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