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  1. So, Assuming Persona 5 makes it to the Switch, I'll simply wait until that port or special addition arrives before playing the game.



    In the meantime, I'm playing Persona 3.



    My first Impression: It looks really... weaboo.

    1. ShadeStrider


      They... Don't get Saturdays off... What kind of crazy school is this? Is this commonplace in Japan?

    2. ShadeStrider


      And you literally have to go Kill Yourself in order to activate your Persona. That's Dark.

    3. ShadeStrider


      I named my Protagonist Last Name Strife, First Name Cloud, just because.

  2. ShadeStrider

    Which game to buy

    God of War. It’s got the most Critical Acclaim of all the games listed. The Order 1886 is a tech Demo that has mediocre gameplay. The graphics are great, but that doesn’t mean shit when the gameplay is garbage.
  3. Ghostbusters II is better than the 2016 reboot.

  4. So, how exactly did an official licensed Pokemon Game get the topic of Manhunts past the censors?


    I mean, it's not as bad as in the next game, where you almost witness a private execution. But Still... That's dark.

  5. Is the Phillips CDI a 4th Generation Video game Console, or a 5th Generation one?


    Or does it fall somewhere in between?

  6. Honestly, I preferred the Playstation 1 over the Nintendo 64.


    Nintendo 64's Library of games was great, but they weren't as appealing as the Playstation.


    They both destroy the Sega Saturn, though. In retrospect, its no wonder why the Sega Saturn failed.

    1. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      From my experience I like the ps1 controller but the games of the n64

  7. ShadeStrider

    Aerodactyl in pokemon rejuvenation?

    Debug Mode, But that’s cheating. Also, wrong forum.
  8. ShadeStrider

    The Last, Only, and Very Final X% Hype Thread

    Dancing Mad or One Winged Angel for Lin’s theme. Please.
  9. So, I finished Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna the Golden Country.


    Sometimes I think of this as Lora’s theme song.




    My god, the Nintendo Gameboy could do anything. Selfies, Internet before the Playstation 2, a freaking Sewing machine... this portable console was ridiculous.

    1. Commander


      I want to be sedated with a GameBoy

    2. ShadeStrider
  11. The First Generation started with the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972. It... Wasn't that good. I don't think any of us have played a single Magnavox Odyssey game before, but AVGN has showcased it, and I think a lot of us got our knowledge on these old products because of AVGN. Atari Pong was released a bit later, and it was commercially successful. Still... I don't think it really compares to anything on the NES. Then the gaming industry crashed due to an overload of these things. This was known as the Crash of 1977. I don't think the term "Video Game" existed back then. Atari would go on to start the second Generation of Video games with the Atari 2600. This put the Video Game Industry on life support. Magnavox would release a Magnavox Odyssey 2, which didn't suck as much. While there wasn't much wrong with these consoles themselves, Poor quality control led to nonfunctional or unfun video games being made. As a result, the Crash of 1983 happen. Any gamer worth their salt knows about the Crash of 1983. Most like to blame it on a poor Pacman port to the Atari, or the movie licensed game E. T. the Extraterrestrial, based on Steven Spielberg's film. In retrospect, the Crash wasn't single-handedly caused by these two games: It was caused because people were tired of getting terrible games. There was no quality control over Atari games, meaning that companies could release whatever crap they wanted and consumers didn't have much education over what they were buying. The Third Generation came, where Nintendo truly revived the console gaming industry, instead of merely putting it on life support. The NES was almost completely dominant during this part of video game history. Sega also made a console, the SG-1000, but it was a failure, just like every console Sega made except the Genesis. The Third Generation was probably the most important generation in Video game history because it set standards for what Video games should be aiming for: Fun Gameplay, Atmosphere, visuals, and even story. So many games released on the NES are still regarded as classics because of what they did. Some of these titles were: Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Contra, Tetris, Mega Man... these were the games that set the Standards. And this is where Video games became more than just simple entertainment. So, In all, I think Video Games weren't really great before the NES. And I think a lot of us can agree. I think I'll make another retrospective like this sometime.
  12. Why does Buzzfeed hate People?

    1. LeoYT


      anything for site traffic

  13. Isekai doesn't appeal to me because of the basic concept of it.



    I know that they are from our real world, and that's the problem for me. The protagonist doesn't feel like a natural part of his surroundings. It's honestly more interesting for me when the Protagonist was born and grew up in that fantasy realm. 




  14. ShadeStrider

    Resident Evil 4 (for the Zeebo)

    So, this, is the power of third world gaming. This is an actual Official thing that happened. Capcom approved this. For those of you who don't know, the Zeebo is a Brazilian console, released in Brazil and Mexico. Announced in November 2008 in Rio de Janeiro and discontinued three years later. It... wasn't successful, because even Brazilians and Mexicans have access to PS3s, Xbox 360s, and Wiis. They released several crappy ports of beloved games on the Console. Resident Evil 4 was one of those unlucky sods. And I would believe that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim would have been released on the console had it been released at the time. Just look at this. It's inferior to the PlayStation 1 despite coming out 14 years later. There are no animated cutscenes: Most of the story is told through Text rather than Speech. The game doesn't look fun to play either. I didn't know Leon could knock down Ganados using his crotch. The music is absolutely dreadful too. You know, the lower graphics might have made this game creepier, like the PlayStation 1 Resident Evils. But the Terrible music ruins any chance of me taking this game seriously. If you want to play Resident Evil 4, ignore this. If you have any good Video Game Consoles, there is a chance that Resident Evil 4 is on that Console. Even if it wasn't on the Wii U, you can buy it on the Wii. If for some reason, you want to play this version, you can. Just don't waste your money on a Zeebo. This version was ported to iPhone/Android, and I guess everyone and their mother has a phone today. But really... this version is still trash, no matter what version you play. I'd totally pay for a Resident Evil 4 port for the Graphics Calculator, though.
  15. Pokemon Trainer Sephiroth wants to fight.