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  1. Does Pokémon Reborn Abridged sound like a good Idea?


    Basically Pokémon Reborn, but the dialogue and some actions are edited to be a parody of the original game with some alternate characterizations.


    Or I could call it Pokémon Reborn: Not really Abridged version, because It possibly would be as long as the original game.

  2. If God intended for us to have sex, how come he invented Video Games?

    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      Well, the video games didn't come until a great many nations were already dealing with overpopulation issues, so maybe its better to think of them as a quick nerf to an overpowered ability? 🤔

    2. ShadeStrider


      Well, it’s a better balancing decision than anything Gamefreak made or will make in the immediate future.

    3. Lorane2234



      VR Sex with the Master A.K.A T3RRA

  3. Bella x Edward or Bella x Jacob. Which ship is less bad? I know that Twilight is complete trash at anything resembling storytelling, but still. I feel as of this is the perfect Amount of Random.
  4. Who is your favorite of these Ace Attorney villains? Manfred Von Karma Matt Engarde Dahlia Hawthorne Kristoph Gavin
  5. Go to Caz's profile until you get to the July 30th marker. Anyways, I think Caz is the Night Mother. He's there, always watching. But he never comments. Maybe He'll only speak to a chosen "Listener".
  6. Steve in Smash Bros is a terrible Idea. Confirm or Deny?
  7. What would you think of a Pokémon game partially based on Hunger Games? What is your favorite Devil May Cry game?
  8. What would you think of a Pokémon Fangame partially based on Hunger games? Do you love Xenoblade? Would you marry it and have it’s babies?
  9. It will stay alive as long as Caz doesn’t confirm that the game is dead. But he posted that screenshot.
  10. Pokémon Xenogene could have been such a great game...





    We might never know.

  11. Of all the Gimmicks Pokémon has had and Ditched, I already feel as if Dynamaxing is the worst of them.



    Why can’t they just bring back Mega Evolutions, Z moves, and Triple battles? Further development of these mechanics would make a rather stellar Pokémon game, don’t you think?

  12. Ok, I know I made a very aggressive “executed by hanging” joke a while back.


    But the fact that Grand Dream City has the Death Penalty makes me feel kinda dead inside.


    I do say “Grand Dream City”, because you would think some one would be executed for the Gearen City Fire. Matthew was simply banished.

  13. If Pokémon Sword And Shield were to flop, I really wouldn’t have a problem with it.



    In fact, I’d be celebrating.

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