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  1. Thank you, I understand your approach better now. The reason for emphasizing the themes in my response is to indicate the design method/ordering, from which everything else, including the writing, stems (no matter if it's not really beneficial to the latter). Contrary to what it may feel like, the game started with those design decisions in mind and the story came after, as a result of said decisions, and as a continuous unfolding. Strict adherence via embedded implementation, and a proper gameplay and writing approach, are not really reconcilable. Ah, but we never stated, or "adverti
  2. Hello, everything you have said is true, especially in regards to the first few hours (you said you played 'till the point where you get your equipment, right?). Part of it is intentional, and part of it organic, and what you have described here is quite pronounced until you reach the NE part of the city at least. The design runs parallel to the themes. This means that the perspective, perception and communication "peculiarities" of the MC are built into the game until progress is (finally) made in those, uh, areas. Also, the game is actively trying to discourage you from playing (please bear
  3. If it was V3, you probably still were on episode 3. You can check this by opening your game, and looking at your character. Is he wearing a blue-ish bag? If yes, then you dont need to start over since episode 4 hasn't released yet. However, there's basically 17 new sidequests now, and many more additions - still, if you want to start over to experience the new content, I'd recommend waiting a bit until the next update which will fix some bugs and introduce further improvements. In the meanwhile, you can play the prequel, called "The First Journey". Here's the thread
  4. Glad you like it. Hm, seems this fullscreen essentials bug affects this event too. Thanks for mentioning it. Don't worry about Budew for now. The doctor you're looking for is somewhere else entirely, you'll know when you get there.
  5. Ah alright, just saw the edit. Did you get the answer by noting down verses of the "poem/song" you can hear all over the various apartments of SW? Also, could you please leave a review when you're done with the game? Thank you!
  6. It's a hotel in Western Artemisia that used to be a tavern. Also keep your eyes peeled for sidequests which are different to missions and won't show up on your PDA.
  7. Hello, The save button won't appear if you have the speedup on, (although you can still quicksave by pressing T). The orphanage is located in South Artemisia, ( assume you're in SW right now?). There's a small ladder on the western side of the map, climb it down and then go all the way to the right.
  8. Version X1.1 is up, a bug that prevented you from talking to a woman during a late-game event has been fixed (credit: Yrgulian). Some minor changes, including a new evolution theme (credit CocoaButterKisses). As always, don't forget to check out the prequel (completed) which is a much more conventional game! Thread here: The First Journey Edit: Side-episode updated to v1.3, (fixed a bug that got you stuck if you tried to enter a building in SW, credit to Yrgulian)
  9. Sorry for the bump, but a big update is here! Introducing: Animated Portraits! (credit to Mr. Gela and Golisopod User) We hope you like this new addition! See screenshots and top of thread. V2.0 also brings balancing changes (credit to Specific) and a lot of tile fixes. Shoutout to Sandy for testing persistence as well. As always your feedback is greatly appreciated, as is the case with reviews. Thank you for your support!
  10. Hi y'all, it's been a while! We're glad to announce that the prequel to Postscriptum, "The First Journey" is out! It's a complete game (6-8 hours) and has its own thread now since it's mostly a standalone game, rather than a side episode. Although technically, it's episode 0. It's diametrically different to PS:FE, as it is, give or take, a conventional game. From a lore and story standpoint, however, TFJ doesn't solely aim to explain the few events that take place in PS:FE ...but to reveal the truth behind the lore of the entire franchise. This is, in a sense, "generation 0".
  11. In celebration of Pokemon’s 25th, and as a tribute to a friend, we are honored to present you a very special game: -Postscriptum: the Prequel- The First Journey: A Professor Oak Adventure Experience Kanto like never before! Witness Professor Oak’s personal journey! Go back where it all began! It is the year 1947. Samuel Oak, a 20 year-old prodigy, has just returned back to his home country after spending three years in the world’s best university. With him, he brings science, technology, and the true spirit of trainerhood. On a miss
  12. Please save inside any interior before you update. Getting to south Artemisia once you’ve completed the “smelly package” mission will activate a sidequest immediately – this is normal if you have transitioned from a legacy version to the newest update. You won’t be missing on any new content if you’re still in the early parts of the game aside from the “Trial by Transistor” sidequest – you won’t be able to access this quest if you have already gone through the Southeastern Checkpoint. A huge new update has arrived! The “Express” update introduces a wide variety of new features, quality of l
  13. Yes, it isn't solely an aesthetic point, but it doesn't lead to stuff like branching paths either - although the form of "rewards" for exploration definitely falls under both the wider and the specific narrative of "doing your job instead". However, even though there is some consistency in what to expect when it comes to that, Thank you for considering the side episode! It will get updated in a few hours (actually it will take a couple of days due to some necessary tweaks, just sent you a Beta version of 1.1) V2.8
  14. Hello! I understand what you mean! Especially since Reborn's legacy spawned so many games that either took inspiration from it, or regurgitated its themes etc. In truth, PS wasn't inspired by Reborn - the focus on one particular city rather than a whole region was due to time-constraints (and limiting the scope for development ease). The setting's characteristics have nothing to do with Reborn either. The similarities to Reborn are very few, eg the city-focused theme. Also, there's almost no similarities at all when it comes to gameplay approach, and thematic choice (as well as general present
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