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  1. Hi y'all, it's been a while! We're glad to announce that the prequel to Postscriptum, "The First Journey" is out! It's a complete game (6-8 hours) and has its own thread now since it's mostly a standalone game, rather than a side episode. Although technically, it's episode 0. It's diametrically different to PS:FE, as it is, give or take, a conventional game. From a lore and story standpoint, however, TFJ doesn't solely aim to explain the few events that take place in PS:FE ...but to reveal the truth behind the lore of the entire franchise. This is, in a sense, "generation 0".
  2. In celebration of Pokemon’s 25th, and as a tribute to a friend, we are honored to present you a very special game: -Postscriptum: the Prequel- The First Journey: A Professor Oak Adventure Experience Kanto like never before! Witness Professor Oak’s personal journey! Go back where it all began! It is the year 1947. Samuel Oak, a 20 year-old prodigy, has just returned back to his home country after spending three years in the world’s best university. With him, he brings science, technology, and the true spirit of trainerhood. On a mission to estab
  3. Please save inside any interior before you update. Getting to south Artemisia once you’ve completed the “smelly package” mission will activate a sidequest immediately – this is normal if you have transitioned from a legacy version to the newest update. You won’t be missing on any new content if you’re still in the early parts of the game aside from the “Trial by Transistor” sidequest – you won’t be able to access this quest if you have already gone through the Southeastern Checkpoint. A huge new update has arrived! The “Express” update introduces a wide variety of new features, quality of l
  4. Yes, it isn't solely an aesthetic point, but it doesn't lead to stuff like branching paths either - although the form of "rewards" for exploration definitely falls under both the wider and the specific narrative of "doing your job instead". However, even though there is some consistency in what to expect when it comes to that, Thank you for considering the side episode! It will get updated in a few hours (actually it will take a couple of days due to some necessary tweaks, just sent you a Beta version of 1.1) V2.8
  5. Hello! I understand what you mean! Especially since Reborn's legacy spawned so many games that either took inspiration from it, or regurgitated its themes etc. In truth, PS wasn't inspired by Reborn - the focus on one particular city rather than a whole region was due to time-constraints (and limiting the scope for development ease). The setting's characteristics have nothing to do with Reborn either. The similarities to Reborn are very few, eg the city-focused theme. Also, there's almost no similarities at all when it comes to gameplay approach, and thematic choice (as well as general present
  6. Hey, how are you doing? Thanks for reporting them typos. A version update will be released in the coming weeks. Thanks for playing - glad you enjoyed it! 2.5, minor update 2.6, bugfixing update 2.7
  7. Hello everyone, a mini side episode, "Mission Alyssa" has just released. Since it's technically standalone, it might need a new thread, but for now the link will be provided in the download section here. Link:
  8. Also please use a spoiler tag! Update v.C1.7: Update v.C1.8: Update v.C1.9: Update v. C2.0 Update v. C2.1 Update v. C2.2: C2.3: C2.4:
  9. We're glad you like it! So, that particular puzzle: EDIT: C1.5 update: EDIT: C1.6 Update:
  10. Got word about it - sorry 'bout that, has been fixed, check the updated link! Thank you for reporting it! Changelog: C1.4 is out:
  11. Interact with the fence which isn't "covered" by the trees in the rightmost corner.
  12. Check the text speed setting in the options menu - is it set to INST? INST speed is for those who wish to skip most of the text.
  13. Hello everyone! We're proud to announce the release of the improved Courier Update version! The Courier Update has brought a ton of improvements, and 12 Sidequests too (3 of which are missions). The world has been enriched, dialogue improved, and many bugs have been fixed. Some quality of life improvements have been added too. This is much closer to the original vision of the game, and we'd encourage all those who've already played to give it one more playthrough. The game is 10-20 hours long now, depending on how you play. With that out of the way, here's the changelog:
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