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  1. I have sinned, Father I cannot get them out of my head Their sight, their sound Slappity Slappity Slap Slappity Slap Forgive me
  2. Yeah, he also said something along the lines of having a role that he'd expect Nick or myself to have, which piqued my interest. Spontaneously I'd say a Cop/Detective variant but that doesn't sound extraordinarily fitting for him.
  3. If you joined the abstain train you'd be at least the 9th player to do so. Meaning we'd only need one more player to formally abstain, according to the rules, to ensure everyone's safety today. I understand your position though. Newt wouldn't pull a fast one on us… or would he?
  4. Well yes but also roles are not indicative of alignment in this set-up, so even if Amine has a dangerous role that doesn't really make him more or less likely to be scum. that is very interesting tho I would normally vote to lynch as early as D1, but this time I think I'm actually going to abstain because as Lía said earlier we don't even get information when someone dies. A completely blind lynch is too much risk not enough benefit imo. [Abstain]
  5. But can he still gamethrow if he's the Mayor This may not be such a terrible idea after all
  6. Bean having a Jester role sounds almost too obvious to be true but is a very real possibility nonetheless. The tags compel us to lynch Bok, but also to kill Nicki at all costs, thus I am unsure what the safest course of action is to please our god le Newt
  7. I don't trust any of you heathens after being stabbed in the back so many times Therefore I [Elect] Ali as Leader People who vote for me get protection against the mods smites It's not corruption if you're the one in power, only if you're on the wrong side of history
  8. [Eliminate] Boat why would you rejoice about the discount vig wasting a shot of all things also I haven't seen you help at all this game, so tell us a bit more about yourself
  9. I think we can safely assume that Nick wasn't the actress based on how the phase post went.
  10. @Falirion Nvm I reread the phase post and Nicki was extraordinarily generous by confirming that mafia killed Nick.
  11. @Falirion Do you know for sure that Nick saved you from the Spitter, and not from the mafia? Unless Nicki was extraordinarily generous with the information she gave you, we can't know for sure who was the Spitter target and who was the mafia target between you and Nick. Although, like you I would spontaneously assume that Nick was the mafia target because of his reputation as an intelligent and efficient player.
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