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  1. Damn Teru had a crappy secondary. Good job Yahy! I'm also pretty sure of who Ame is (already had a hunch last day phase) and it's been confirmed by my failed attempt at collecting a shard from her last night. I don't think voting for her is necessary at this point. On the other hand I'd like to hear more from quiet players, like, say... Astra. [Eliminate] Astra (I know, it's early for a vote but I forgot to vote before and I don't want to do that again.)
  2. This has "I know more than I let on" written all over it... As mentioned in Bok's phase post, Alter Ego doesn't count towards spotless or blackened number, so the blackened technically wouldn't even need to get rid of her. In that regard she's probably unlike Usami/Makoto.
  3. I agree that we shouldn't reveal Usami. It's likely to benefit the blackened more than it does the town. [Reveal] Nagito In case he's blackened, getting rid of him could be a pain in the butt due to his luck... and I suspect he has a powerful secondary. Might as well know what we're dealing with. Still not sure about Yahy, their roleclaim and apparent failure to kill anyone last night (provided they really are Peko). The kill could have failed due to targetting Kuzuryuu, Nagito, or Usami, not to mention Akane possibly restraining/protecting someone. That said I don't think we should discuss Yahy's target here. The decision is liable to being influenced by the blackened, and if Yahy themself is blackened, they wouldn't obey us anyway.
  4. (noting that Caimie is playing very loosely and seems ticked off by my vote against her)
  5. The day phase is ending soon and I don't want to jump on a random L'Belle bandwagon. This thread has been exceedingly quiet, too. [Eliminate] Caimie because she never cared to explain her vote. If it was just a pressure vote, then it seems to not have yielded any result.
  6. the vigi or the blackened, if he's spotless even if he turns out to be lying about his ability, that doesn't automatically make him a blackened, although trusting him (and his cop reports) would be difficult in this situation
  7. I would oblige but unfortunately I passed the 666 posts Milestone a long time ago 606 is my reputation count
  8. Ame enjoys rping in maf games so Idt that means much regarding who she is. The OP states that Monokuma cannot die "Under most circumstances". Whether or not this assertion covers day lynches seems up to interpretation. Regardless, Evi's reasoning is good and I dont see anything incriminating her yet. I like the idea of revealing Chiaki because it tells us whether Nano is lying or not (still, the downside of giving info to the blackened shouldn't be understated). [Unreveal] Hajime [Reveal] Chiaki Based on their personalities and habits, I'm inclined to think both Nano and Yahy have made genuine roleclaims, which is quite bad for us because they absolutely didn't need to do it and are now painting targets on their backs for free. I'd like people to avoid roleclaiming unless it absolutely can't be helped. Idk who to lynch yet, but I'm leaning towards people who have posted (meaning they at least have minimal awareness of what's going on) but haven't really contributed to the discussion.
  9. 902 back in my days it wouldn't have gone so far
  10. this also the opening post for today mentions that Chiaki is missing and someone else has taken her place. I don't know what this concretely means for us, but that makes Nano's claim as Chiaki a bit wonky. As far as revealing abilities go, I agree that Hajime, Monokuma and Usami are interesting choices. Monokuma seems to have been secured by the others so I'm gonna go with the second most popular role. Usami remains an option for Day 2. [Reveal] Hajime
  11. In. Don't really have a least favorite, but Mahiru is the only one who requires a conscious effort for me to remember she exists, so… Mahiru ig.
  12. You know what they say, meds never did a dead man any good. If some of yous have an antidote, maybe they'd be interested in trading it for… let's say, an extra vest Hit me up if you wanna trade.
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