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  1. My Hero instinct detects three votes! One for Astra, two for Bean. Naruhodo. Wouldn't it be a shame if... someone created a tie? [Eliminate] Astra What will you do in the face of such villainy, students? A Pro Hero must be able to face the unexpected!
  2. SOMEBODY ONCE TOUCHA MY SPAGHET told me that I had to post once more. Sorry, I am far too heartbroken over losing these innocent younglings to consider doing anything other than weed out the evil from our school. Thus my vote stays and... nothing else shall be added.
  3. THE HERO ARRIVES using the door like a normal person. This school is very empty now... How am I going to teach the next generation how to become pro heroes if there is no next generation?? Oh well. I have become too weak to smash anyway. [Eliminate] Anti-Loser
  4. Aaaah… after this crucial blow on my old nemesis Oru Fo Wan, my power is waning. Its last embers will soon be extinguished. It is time to put an end to the villains' schemes. Do not let them sway you from the path of true heroism, students! The fate of the world is in your hands! ANEMIC SMASH! [Eliminate] Jelly
  5. @cicada What do you wish for me to elaborate upon, my suspicious and nonetheless friend?
  6. As a longstanding and trustworthy ally of the UA students, this state of affairs saddens me greatly... ... however my least favorite student still perished atrociously, so I'll consider it a relative success regardless of the outcome!
  7. HAHAAA! A perilous situation indeed. Can we just give up on these students and build a new school? Midoriya is dead anyway and I don't really care about the others. However... I cannot help but put all my remaining strength in a final blow, before the embers are extinguished forever. And so we meet again... Oru Fo Wan Take that! U N I T E D S T A T E S O F S M A S H [Eliminate] Yahy on a side note A-L plays so much like a Jester it's kinda funny
  8. THE HERO ARRIVES late because this costume doesn't fit like it used to goddammit I see you are still uncertain, students! Understandable, I would be puzzled too if I were in your situation. But you must remember what you fight for! Push through A-L's textwall posts! Don't let Nick put you to sleep! Use your honed hero minds! And have faith in my fists! DETROIIIIIIIT SMAAAAAASHeliminate NickCrash.
  9. HMHMMM My Villain Smelling Senses tell me that evildoers are near… and they aren't NOT who you would expect. HOWEVER! Wouldn't it be logical, dear students, to go after Nick who has a high probability of being non-town? Barring unlikely actress shenanigans, of course. In any case, fret not, for I can and will start SMASHING the enemies of peace and justice very soon! I'll merely ask my fellow undercover colleagues and other non-licensed vigilantes to stop murdering innocent students at night, that would be much appreciated. I'm going to get fired if everyone dies.
  10. It's fine now. Why? Because I am here! This is a dark day, students. Many innocent lives were lost while I was accomplishing my duty as an undercover teacher. But the tragedy ends here! From this day on, I need not stay hidden anymore, and I can use the full power of ONE FOR ALL to serve justice and protect the weak! The villains will fall under our crushing might! And you out there, remember... you are next. PLUS ULTRA!!!
  11. Sorry, things have been a bit hectic at home today and I couldn't browse the forum until now. @Bazaro As far as I'm concerned the situation is pretty clear. Unless Kiet lied about his report (which seems very unlikely), it was established that you and Nick can't be on the same side. That means at least one of you is maf/TP. Lynching either you or him makes perfect sense in this situation, so I don't really see where you're going with your bandwagoning accusations. I guess you could say the same thing if I voted for Nick (except you wouldn't, because in that case I wouldn't be threatening you). Compared to Nick, you do appear less towny, hence my vote. I had to pick one of you two and atm I trust him a bit more. Rest assured however, that if you flip town Nick will follow you to the grave.
  12. Thanks Kiet. Looks like Baz and Nick are both good targets to make things clearer. Baz seems a bit more suspicious to me, so I'll vote for him. If he flips town, then we'll know that Nick isn't town and he'll make a prime candidate for elimination on the following day. [Eliminate] Bazaro
  13. I agree with Nano's sentiment about Yahy. There's something fishy about Baz as well, but could go either way so I'd really like Kiet to be more explicit with regard to his NA result. Idk about Nick. I had a vague gut feeling that he may not be town which is why I voted for him on D1, but otherwise I don't really see anything suspicious or alarming about him. Might be worth checking his alignment if someone has direct or indirect means of doing that at night.
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