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  1. Lynching's what we gotta do in a mafia game, though doing it blind kinda sucks. Our only certain option is Astra since he was revealed as Rain. For now I'll go with [Eliminate] Astra and [Reveal] Sonya, since I agree with Bok's sentiment about Airstrike. Going after Earthrealm and Edenia seems fair since they're the only factions that haven't lost a member yet.
  2. Blue: 23 Silver: 28 Brendan: 25 May: 21 Wally: 25 Barry: 20 Cheren: 18 Bianca: 2 Hugh: 24 Calem: 15 Serena: 25 Shauna: 20 Hau: 14 Gladion: 20 finish her
  3. This assertion is confusing me in several ways. First off, because it's erroneous. That could be the result of a swapping/redirecting action, or maybe Kenshi's Confusion, which is still hidden. Second, I checked all known abilities and unless I'm mistaken, the only one that could allow you to discover another person's abilities is Sonya Blade's Interpol. Interpol: Asks a question about a player. The next night she receives all information about the target's role and realm. So I'm pretty sure Corso is Sonya Blade. Nobody else seems to have a similar intel gatherer profile. Sonya was busy finishing off someone last night, but Interpol works with a one-night delay so it seems plausible Corso visited me the night before and got the result of his investigation just now. Everyone who's not an Earth Realmer, I'm inviting you to a free hit on Sonya. [Eliminate] Corso and [Reveal] Kenshi while we're at it. I want to know what Confusion does just to be sure.
  4. Alistair


    welcome Shadow
  5. [reveal] baraka [eliminate] yahy Don't really have much of anything else to say. If you think I should reveal/eliminate someone else feel free to convince me.
  6. [reveal] Scorpion [eliminate] Newt placeholder post to confirm that I still exist need sleep good night
  7. oh yeah, aye I guess candy don't kill me pls
  8. Normally we have to vote (which is good) but apparently Day 1 has specific rules. Also there's no explicit limit to how many abilities we can reveal, so it's best to split the votes as evenly as possible.
  9. Reborn Big Brother Mafia: Day Twelve Top of the morning to ya laddies my name is jacksepticali and welcome back to Big Brother Mafia Not too much is happening anymore but!! I do have some news for you!! This time I'm going to start with the evictions since they impact what follows. LykosHand was evicted. He was Walpurgis, the Woodpecker, Poisoner, and Bulletproof. and because I received instructions from the highest Big Brother authority... Newt was forced evicted. He was Amber, the Motivator, Confused Cop, and Scout. Since Newt, the HoH's choice, was evicted, the nominations for today are decided by the people's votes only. Factoring this, today's nominees are: 1. Nicki 2. Seal2 That's right, only 2 nominees! There are 5 of you left, so that's how it's gonna be from now on. Make the right choice... if there's one lol The next HoH is Seal! Congratulations to you @Seal The Everydaily Challenge still applies. Lastly, day phases now last only 24h because of the reduced number of players. That is all... for now. Day Twelve lasts 24h. Good luck, dear players. Remember: Big Brother is always watching. Always. (also grats everyone for making it to the final 5)
  10. Lykos is jumping on a bw that's sus!!!1!1!!1 /s never expected to have excellent rng so I won't risk a vote just yet
  11. Alistair


    henlo and welcome
  12. Reborn Big Brother Mafia: Night Eleven Good evening, dear players. I don't have much to share with you, I'm afraid... this season's become a bit stale, hasn't it? A shame! The audience is disappointed, and so am I. Our rules dictate that the show must go on regardless. Try not to succumb to the deepest despair and resignation right away, hmm? Nicki was evicted... or not. She survives! (shocker, I know) The HoH auto-nominates Newt for eviction. The Everydaily Challenge was failed, since less than 75% of the remaining House Guests have voted. No rewards for u. Lastly, since I have to play bad cop from time to time... @Newt and @Caimie haven't said anything here since Day 9. Please do something, I don't want to modkill you. That is all... for now. Night Eleven lasts 24h. Sleep well, dear players. Remember: Big Brother is always watching. Always.
  13. Is Volc a good replacement for Serperior? Depends on your team comp. Generally speaking it may provide better offensive presence but it's not like Contrary Serperior is bad either. You'll probably want to switch them in and out depending on the circumstances. Is Volc worth it? Yes, absolutely. Regardless of what you prefer using, it's never a bad idea to have one ready to go.
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