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  1. ok but really pls donut kill me Nick, I been a good boy tryna help with my meager abilities and since the Nicki vs Person voted by Nicki strat seems to be falling out of favor, lemme adjust my role to someone who is maybe possibly probably a cultist [Unvote] Jelly [Eliminate] Anti-Loser
  2. That's fair I was voting Jelly because he's the person Nicki voted off, but I can switch to Anti if it's more beneficial
  3. If I'm not mistaken, as of now there are: 4 votes for Nicki (Nick, Nano, Jelly, Sopheria) 1 vote for A-L (Kiet) 1 vote for Jelly (2 if Nicki is Mayor) 1 vote for Kiet (A-L) Ngl I do believe Nicki has been acting the most suspicious out of these 4. That being said, she claimed Mayor and has not yet been counterclaimed. Nick's strategy to verify that she is indeed the Mayor is sound; I think we should create a tie between Nicki and the person Nicki voted, in order to "force" her double vote to be the decisive factor. In that case it means potentially sacrificing someone in order to prove her innocent, but in case she is indeed a cultist, it looks like a decent trade to me. Therefore, [Eliminate] Jelly more so to make Nick's plan work out, than out of sheer belief that Jelly is cult.
  4. Abodi has been discovered and my hunch about Bean was right feelsgoodman what did AL do tho?
  5. Kiet is making Baz look like #worsthost, but isn't Bok our official #worsthost? either way if Baz could confirm whether he did a fucky wucky or not, that would be nice. In the meantime I gotta place a vote. Since pressuring Kiet is more or less covered, I'll go ahead and take an interest in someone else. [Eliminate] Bean His randomness feels less random than usual which worries me a little. @Bok Choi why Drago? random vote or does he look shady to you for some reason?
  6. I think there's a bit of a misunderstanding because Bean asked people to elect him mayor. But according to the op, mayor's already a given role yes. We need not vote to elect, only to lynch. also Caimie I would totally shoot n0 if I were vig because CHAOS CHAOS
  7. I agree with Kiet's analysis. The way I understand the roles, someone can't become cult assassin and start killing on the same night, so that's pretty much out of the way. It's gotta be granny, trapper or vig doing the killings. Only granny or vig for Aldo since he had higher priority than trapper. (Starting next night tho, we could potentially have assassin kills stacked on top of that if the cults are feeling bold.) On a side note, I wouldn't call Bok useless because as the only revealed role, he's also the only confirmed non-granny, therefore a comparatively safer visit for anyone. I wouldn't be surprised if he got culted. Beware the veggie! @ Aldo sorry you got N0'd on your first game, that's a pretty rough start hope that won't deter you from playing
  8. Idk why @Dragoknight and @Bok Choi both specifically stated that Lía only saw me visiting Kiet when she actually didn't say that. 2 people coincidentally jumping to the same conclusion at approximately the same time, mhmmm... I'm kinda blown away by how easily everyone besides Nicki followed suit on this bw, as if it arranged everyone that I get lynched. To the townies, I sure hope that I'm not the vig because if I am, you're shooting yourself in the foot big time. To the mafs, bravo I guess, you get a free day.
  9. Presumably going to be as busy tomorrow as I was today, so placeholder vote: [Eliminate] Astra in case I die in 22h or so, please do us a favor and check/eliminate the early bandwagoners for the rest I don't have particular suspicions yet, since there's almost no discussion to scrutinize
  10. Uuuuh sumimasen demo nani ga fukko I do have a visit but I used it on Lía, not Kiet (for which I didn't receive any system message btw) So before you all bw on me while I'm coming back from school, I'm gonna call shenanigans and assume that either Lía is lying, or someone has the ability to fuck up action results somehow, or I'm secretly vig. But in that case idk how Soph died.
  11. Considering Candy has possibly been hit by the puppeteer, I suspect her less now. The others I mentioned, I am still suspecting to diverse extents. In particular, I found weird that Jelly tried to throw shade at me yesterday for no other reason that sharing my opinion of other players and making a list of people I suspected the most. Had I known that Nano was inno, I would have voted for Knightly or Jelly I think. Possibly Drago but he holds lower priority in my eyes for now. I think I mentioned someone else but idr who and navigating between pages on phone is tedious.
  12. Thanks for the count A-L [Eliminate] Nano
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