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  1. You also get some bonus dialogue between Florinia and Fern for winning the Pyrous Mountain fight. Anyway, I have a double update today, since I had the day off and... well, I won't spoil anything. Part 12: When It Falls (through Amaria)
  2. Yeah--it's not a huge difference for most of his mons (see here), but it's fairly significant for his Crobat and Skuntank. Croagunk and Mareanie not having items in the Corrosive Mist field is also kinda strange. But more than that, the biggest thing that makes Corrosive Mist easier imo is that in that field, his Crobat cannot do anything to Steel types as Air Cutter becomes Flying/Poison. This means you can go catch a Klink in the Underground Railnet and it will solo his Crobat at base level. And yes, agreed on HJK. I run Wide Lens maybe more than I should because of it. @not Azery I accounted for the nidoking thing, but I forgot about the other stuff (it doesn't explain why he likes to tbolt Meowstic though)--straight up forgot Blaziken learns Focus Energy for example. I think in that regard I got tunneled on that it was close and I just needed things to go my way rather than creating a better, more efficient strat. Part 11: Nevermore (through Ciel)
  3. Personally, I think Adrienn is the hardest gym leader without specific preparation for that fight. Fairy is a good defensive and offensive type, doubles are rough, and double Intimidate + field boosting their Special Defense by 50% makes the whole team annoyingly bulky. Without the Sludge Bomb, Poison Jab, or Flash Cannon TMs, many pokemon are limited in anti-Fairy coverage options, including pokemon who would be using them as STABs. As far as I know, beating Amaria in singles or doubles doesn't matter for Shade/Anna points (and I just double checked the event in rpgmaker), it's just on Reshiram route you fight the opposite of what you select when she asks, and if you lose and don't reload your save it's then randomized on further attempts. This update took a while because the forum software decided to not convert my image links into images automatically and I just didn't want to deal with that until I realized I had a workaround of pasting them into another forum's reply box where it would work then copying them over here. This is the sort of ingenuity you're reading this thread for, right? Right? Part 10: Neon (through Terra)
  4. Part 9: Smile (through Charlotte)
  5. black out the sky Part 8: All Things Must Die (through Radomus)
  6. Part 7: Bad Luck Charm (through Sigmund at Tanzan Cove)
  7. Part 6: Time to Say Goodbye (through Sirius @ Yureyu HQ)
  8. Part 5: Armed and Ready (through Aster&Eclipse 3)
  9. Paperblade

    Pokemon Memeborn: Public Version

    That would explain a lot. RIP
  10. Paperblade

    Pokemon Memeborn: Public Version

    I'm starting to think early game Bergmite is a myth
  11. Yeah this is accurate. Meowstic is in for the long haul. Its offense falls off since 83 Special Attack just isn't that great when everything else is final form, but it's still good enough for things weak to Psychic and its support only gets better as the game goes on. Part 4: Wings (through Shade)
  12. Paperblade

    Good EV,IV,and Nature Necessity in Reborn

    I suspect most people breed and go for 31 IVs because people like to have maximum power in RPGs, not because they feel it's necessary. I could be totally wrong, but for me it just feels good to catch a mon and see it has great IVs, even though it's not necessary (I cannot be assed to breed or grind 97% of the time though) I totally agree that Reborn isn't hard enough to require all that (nor should it be), as can be seen from challenges like the dude playing without TMs/exp/items I would also guess most people who think this stuff is required aren't very good at the game or didn't play it
  13. Part 2: Rising (through Florinia)