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  1. No problem, glad to help If you want I have a much uglier document with the exact encounter rates for wilds if you'd like that information
  2. After episode 12 or whatever the most recent update is, Erin definitely loses points. Although, I have to ask, how far ahead of your updates are you?
  3. Shelly is the hardest fight at the time you face her, and demands quite a bit more preparation than any gym leader does until you get to agate circus. Most fights in the above time frame can be beaten with having one mon with a decent matchup, but Shelly, like most late game fights, demands either multiple decent answers or one very powerful one. The latter is rare so most people won't have it, while the former also isn't terribly likely unless you're specifically preparing for Shelly. But on the flipside, you can prepare just for shelly, because A) the fights surrounding her don't require much prep, and B) it's early enough you likely aren't using any of the pokemon available for the long haul anyway. These two factors mean the opportunity cost of prepping for Shelly isn't as high as, say, prepping heavily with ground and Fire types for titania then immediately going to amaria.
  4. Mostly unsorted within tiers Adrienn is the only fight that consistently gives me trouble, although it's possible I don't prepare well enough for it. Even then, they'd probably deserve A tier at minimum just because the amount of prep required for this fight is on par with that ranking imo. A is fights that are hard to prepare for because the field can only be gotten rid of by manually overwriting it with another field and gives the enemy a significant boost but does almost nothing for the player. B is fights that can be hard if I have a team with a bad matchup, especially if I have no way of complicating the fight by changing weather/the field. These fights can all be cheesed with certain moves/strategies, often in the form of destroying the field C is fights that are usually easy unless my team is really weak against theirs. This is usually because I don't have a full enough team to properly run over them which is why it's almost entirely midgame leaders. For Ciel, there aren't a ton of great pokemon good vs. Flying and all the good coverage options aren't available until afterwards, but her team isn't terribly threatening on its own. It's possible Kiki should be at the bottom of B tier instead D is fights that only the worst and most awful teams lose to. Julia and Florinia are pretty much just "are you training pokemon other than your starter" checks, Corey's ace gets hardwalled by Klink, and Luna just isn't hard even after the rework, in part because she has easily the least threatening ace of any leader.
  5. Gastly is missing its second location in the Route 4 Abandoned Warehouse (before Hardy) Togepi is missing its trade in exchange for a Probopass, located in Shantyport Station (Coral Ward train station, requires Railnet upgrade). Magnemite is incorrectly listed as still being available in the power plant Lapis Ward Alleyway Raticate should be Alolan Raticate Persian is incorrectly listed as being obtainable in the Lapis Ward Alleyway, should just be Alolan Could clarify the Turtonator is from Rock Smash Medichamite replaces Aggronite's old location, and Aggronite is now from the Railnet quest, which can be done as soon as you upgrade it Zorua is listed as not being obtainable until before Adrienn, but it can be obtained before Shelly from a similar style Disguised Corey quest Vullaby is no longer obtainable from the Mystery Egg (it was replaced by Alolan Vulpix) Mega Stones obtainable before the Mega-Z Ring is kinda misleading since it implies they're usable then but that might just be me.
  6. A lot of major fights in this mod have a special mon with higher stats and sometimes a unique ability (for example taka's farfetched has super luck)
  7. Serra: 10 on Alolatales and Sandslash 15 on Bronzong and Jynx 25 on Glaceon 31 on Froslass Radomus: 31 on Gardevoir 30 on Espeon 10 on the rest Ninetales has a Timid nature so it's still decently fast, being a 109 base Speed pokemon. Something like Rotom or Excadrill needs to be like Level 88 with a +speed nature and near max IV/EVs to outspeed that. Anything below base 84, like Chandelure or Gyarados, is going to be straight up slower even with max IVs/EVs and at level cap.
  8. I wouldn't feel too bad, the difficulty of pretty much every fight in this game depends a lot on your team composition, and the later you go the greater possibility there is to create some ridiculous team that just rolls the fight or to create one that has good pokemon but is really bad vs. the fight. Especially if you don't have a bench and are only raising a team of 6. I've had teams that are just not suited to the Glass Gauntlet at all, and then I've had teams that just roll it in one attempt.
  9. What pokemon are you using to setup? I feel like most doubles, one turn of setup isn't enough to get double kos with spread moves, or something with fake out or setting weather is good enough. Or it is eruption typhlosion and doesn't need "setup turns". I haven't used mat block gren though so genuine question on how you'd build a team to abuse it Also, on topic, I highly recommend teaching your pidgeot heat wave, it's great vs the third glass fight
  10. Even one small room with one legendary/mythical each seems like a fair bit of work due to how many there are.
  11. They're in the PBS file which is publicly available through the FAQ. That comes with a bunch of .txt files, the one you're looking for is called trainer.txt These files have all the data on trainers and their pokemon. The EVs are listed at the end of each pokemon's line, with the important note that it's HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense. Essentials always puts Speed 4th since that's just how they coded it. If there isn't an EV spread at the end, as is the case for a lot of random trainers, all of that pokemon's EVs are its Level * 1.5, up to a max of 85 (85 into each stat is 85*6, which is 510). On how to read the whole thing
  12. The new Dull Key location causes a soft lock if you move wrong
  13. Blaziken is just on its own level. It gets a decent boosting move at 31, has a good STAB combo in Blaze Kick and HJK, and with Shadow Claw it can cover most things that aren't taking at least neutral from its STABs. Later on it gets Thunder Punch, Stone Edge, and Poison Jab for the real perfect coverage, or you can just run Protect to ensure you outspeed everything. Infernape isn't bad, but Speed Boost combined with a boosting move means Blaziken just dunks half the fights in the game and that's not quite something Infernape can do. That doesn't mean Infernape is bad, and it does have the niche of being usually better on the first turn it's in, which is relevant since in any battle they participate there's always a first turn. Delphox was a lot better before the update that introduced gen7, not because of gen7 changes, but because it also changed all of the monotype trainers that aren't gym leaders. Beforehand, Fire/Psychic STAB was good against Fern, Victoria, Cain, Corey, Kiki, and Blake, and could often still hit a weakness in fights where Delphox was disadvantaged (such as nuking Shade's Doublade). With Blake and the 3 rivals now only having about half their team being shared type (and Cain having an Alolan Grimer instead), Delphox lost a lot of value. It's still good because Fire is absurd though. I like Feraligatr, although this in part because it still gets Agility by levelup which lets it utilize its middling Speed to still chunk through stuff and Sheer Force somewhat makes up for its lack of a good STAB option by turning Crunch and Ice Fang into effective 104 and 85BP moves respectively. If it got Aqua Tail at the same time as literally any other Water pokemon does it would probably be clearly the best Water. Empoleon is maybe the worst starter in the game, and definitely the worst Water. Defog is a waste of a moveslot in Reborn unless it does a bunch of stuff to fields that I don't have memorized, and a bunch of moves it likes either require breeding (Agility) or are TMs that are super late (Toxic, Protect, Scald, Flash Cannon, Ice Beam). It even requires a Water Pledge tutor to have a good Water STAB pre-Surf. It can maybe utilize a physical set utilizing Swords Dance and Aqua Jet, but I think that's probably still worse than Samurott who has higher Speed and access to Aqua Tail pre-Waterfall. Plus Dewott gets Razor Shell super early which is great. Like, Meganium is bad but it gets dual screens and Venusaur gets powders + benefits from sun. I laugh every time. It's been S rank in like every doubles format since it got Intimidate, and I think it was still like A+ before then. It just has a really good stat distribution and its level up movepool is solid. But on top of that, its tutor movelist is a mile long so once you get to that point it can just hit whatever it wants for super effective. But a big factor that contributes to it being so much better in doubles is that Stealth Rock is pretty much unused in that format compared to singles, and a slow, bulky pivot with no reliable recovery and a stealth rock weakness is just not great. But in Reborn, again, almost nothing uses Stealth Rock, so that drawback is negated just like it is in Doubles where Incineroar shines. I'd probably put it top 3 starters in Reborn, alongside Infernape and Blaziken.
  14. You also get some bonus dialogue between Florinia and Fern for winning the Pyrous Mountain fight. Anyway, I have a double update today, since I had the day off and... well, I won't spoil anything. Part 12: When It Falls (through Amaria)
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