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  1. I thought the same until I used it. The issue I ran into is that its coverage moves usually weren't powerful enough to OHKO and are only better than Eruption vs. thing that will KO it back anyway (Rock or Water types). So I usually ended up going back to Charcoal to secure KOs. Also, the Beheeyem Crest always disables if the attacker isn't already disabled (that or I was playing pokemon when I should've been buying lottery tickets) and it's a massive 33% damage reduction. That's the equivalent of having an Eviolite, which makes Beheeyem bulkier than Toxapex, and with significantly better offenses
  2. the Shade point choices often involves characters facing reality/the truth even if ends up hurting them, rather than continuing to live in a more comfortable situation where they aren't being honest with themselves or what they want (Heather learns about her dad, Taka leaving something he knows is wrong, Aster leaving Team Meteor, Fern and Florinia extra dialogue at Fiore Mansion, Titania breaking it off with Amaria rather than continuing to lie to her)
  3. Not yet implemented
  4. Entrainment Slaking is very good, it can function as either utility with stuff like Yawn or a setup sweeper with Curse. One of the best shadow mons
  5. You can buy them after the 6th gym, in Teila Resort, at this vendor
  6. It needs to be holding Apophyll Pancakes when you use a Thunderstone on it
  7. I saw a theory a while ago that suggested Alice and Allen would be the Dark and Fairy leaders, which could apply to everything in the above post other than the hair thing. It would also fit the pokemon they summoned in Eclysia (Sableye and Alolan Ninetales respectively)..
  8. Latias is used by Alexandra iirc, she is shown using her to keep the people alive at Eclysia
  9. The AI will pretty much always go for the lower HP mon in that situation (there seems to be a slight variance factor so there's like a 2% chance they do something different) Normally I'd say Outrage is not great in a non-STAB situation esp for a nuzlocke, but I think it was probably better than his third best fire move. Also Noibat will be good when it evolves but that's not til after Aya (and then it's bad vs. Serra)
  10. Would it be possible to conserve mamo for that part?
  11. Solaris is not ev trained in this fight, but I recommend ev training in general. It's hard to do until you get back to reborn city but you just got the Fly HM so you know what is coming. You don't need common candies to reset EVs, but either friendship berries or reset discs. Former is on the 5th floor of the department store, latter are buyable in reborn city once you go back Greninja should have Dark Pulse for bosses, and Eruption is the main reason to use Typhlosion What parts of the fight is giving you trouble?
  12. Looking at ttube's bench though, a lot of his bench aren't very good and a couple are redundant with what he already has (or had, in the case of Trubbish). Mareep and Sawk are good, Sandygast was probably a bad sac, Woobat is okay, and that's about it.
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