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  1. I loaded up your file and the cutscene happened automatically. Perhaps patching didn't happen correctly? Either way, there will be a patch sometime this week. I said the other day that it would be up the next day, but I'm preparing for a trip soon and that's been stressing me out.
  2. It's already been fixed in .1, unless you're experiencing some other issue I'm not thinking about?
  3. PBS Files are finally up! There WILL be a patch 2 sometime tomorrow, but it will be small and mostly focus on fixing the Black/White flute issue. This closes out V12 finally. Onto V13.
  4. You have to go to the Police Station now. The quest will continue from there :]
  5. Nah it's fine, they didn't mean it like this. The issue is that I redid Absol's front sprite and didn't do the backsprite so it's inconsistent. Everything is a-ok!
  6. Repatching should fix this issue. Sorry about that.
  7. repatch the game (not the full download) or get the micro fix on the main thread.
  8. It seems like it didn't update correctly. Sorry about that guys. Should work now. Edit: Ah, I see the problem. The graphic didnt update in the patch file. But it's still patch 1 so it should work fine. Will have the separate patch files up in a moment.
  9. Patch v12.1 is out! Going to monitor this patch for a few days before I go ahead and upload the PBS files. This will likely be the only patch this version as it handles most of the bigger issues. If anything else needs to be dealt with, Patch v12.2 will come out in a few days as well. -Jan.
  10. I know. For you, and everyone else who has this issue. Simply go into your graphics folder, Graphics/Pictures and delete files BladestarTransmission and BladestarTransmission_2. Then try again.
  11. An attack? Who's the one overreacting now? I said my piece and left, that's it. This isn't some pitchfork mob at your doorstep waiting for you to make one wrong move to justify a comeback. I don't condone harassment. You're allowed to agree or disagree with me, I'm not going to fight you on this. But my point still stands and that's just that.
  12. I can definitely help out! Please send me your save file, and I'll take a look.
  13. Correct. Notice how I didn't specifically comment towards the OP of the thread or anyone in particular. It was a general statement. As the game's creator I notice a lot more talk about this sort of stuff. I've seen what people have said about the female characters and it's straight up gross. Wanting a romantic route is fine. I don't have a problem with that, but for people to repeatedly ask when I said no is just annoying.
  14. Mind lending me your save file? I don't think I've seen this error before. Hm... This is usually a very broad error. Can you find your save file, rename it to something else, then load again? Tell me what heppens when u do. Narcy issue is known, guys. A fix will come soon.
  15. A dating mechanic was never considered. Just because a cast is primarily female doesn't mean they're there for people's fetishization. I'm not here to ruin anyone's head-canons, because you do you, but just because a girl is nice to you doesn't mean they're attracted to you in any way. Ngl, the fact that people see Melia and Venam's thing as a "rejection" is really weird. I have never done anything to personally go after the player or put them in a bad spot. Despite what players think when it comes to the Mega Ring. Also none of the girls are my waifu because I'm not attracted to women.
  16. Huge mega thread. Hopefully I answered all of your questions well. There were quite a few!
  17. Field effects. This could be caused by a number of things. Namely computer strength. I recommend closing out some things to see if that helps.
  18. Was everything fine before this specific cutscene? Or did things go on for a while?
  19. I don't have any plans for any other crossovers. While it's not out of the question, I don't want too many crossovers to happen. I think the one we have with Reborn is enough, at least for now. Definitely not. I understand the ability is useless, but without that ability Slaking is just too powerful. 1,) Personally speaking, I don't really like debug mod. I think it's abused and it makes my hard work feel meaningless sometimes. That being said I can't really stop anyone from using it, nor do I really want to deal with the backlash of doing so. I just let it exist. 2.) Probably not, sorry. 3.) Yes, they will. Some choices are starting to take effect right now actually. Soon(tm) Ren's the same age still. As for Nim, I cannot say! I think it's pretty self explanatory. :] (It was used for a joke post and I never removed it because im cursed.) 1.) We still have plans for future crests! They will probably be made until around v15, but who even knows at this point? 2.) Those will probably be saved for Post Game. Though I wouldn't mind throwing in a friendly battle here or there. 3.) Along with the power of the interceptor, I wanted to show that the Player isn't the only one getting stuff done. I thought it would be fun to show the perspective of other characters and how they deal with situations. And yes... That area was Literal Hell. It took a long time to tune up and even now it gives slight trouble. Probably stuff like Diancie, and the Red/Blue orb. I plan to have all Pokemon bar legendaries available during v15. Tbh this is a good question. I don't think I could ever play rejuv from start to finish on a whim anymore. I've played it so many times. Hundreds of times. At this point I don't even have my own save file anymore because I constantly switch saves to test things. Maybe when it's finally done I can sit down and play it.
  20. Yes, it doesn't necessarily require a soul. Just one being and Rift matter. Some Legends are available. Most notable Zygarde (Doggo) and Type:Null/Silvally. Phione also exists but I don't exactly classify that as a legend? Maybe you'll see soon :] May be possiblle, who knows :] There's quite a few, I think when the game is wrapping up I'll make a thread of cut content + unused material. -In Erin's defense she's not really paying attention to who you are-- She's trying to get the library to lose business because they played her. She probably did recognize you, but didn't think it was important enough to mention. -Zetta isn't gone for good, that's all I'll say. -Yeah, the reason is workload. Each sprite has around 8? sprite sets. With secondary outfits (and future ones!) it multiplies each time. So the number of sprites that need to be made are.... A Lot. Besides I also animate the player's sprite sometimes during cutscenes and I just don't have the motivation to do more than 6 lol. -As for romance, I just don't feel comfortable doing it. I don't really like games that turn harem-ish. It's just a personal turn off. Anything more than subtle and it just gets awkward for me. Sorry if that answer is disappointing. -It's a bitch and that's why I chose to do it. I'm not afraid. I know I'm not perfect and I will make mistakes. Rejuv is just a trial run for me, long term. A very fun trial run, at that!
  21. They're just cameos before their official appearance! It's the same Erin but with blue hair. She likes to dye her hair. Flora, Jenkel, Rune, Huey, Dylan all have appearances like this. Just a little something I did to make the world feel more alive, and that these characters actually exist before their debut. I have an NPC reward on my patreon, but I'm not opposed to doing something like a lottery or a contest for something like that. We'll see. There's a lot more NPCs that need to be made :]
  22. I can't say from the beginning because that wouldn't be true. Up to around Angie, I was just going with the flow because I thought I was going to quit soon. V6 was the version I decided to actually take the project seriously and put together something. So I'd say around then. I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Unfortunately I don't have plans for Eternal Flower Floette, but it's not completely off the table, I suppose. It's just sort of weird to release something that hasn't even been released officially. Not that I've followed the rules of official games anyway. Guaranteed to have a major role. Truths will start to come out very soon! As for Crests, they're an idea I came up with at the end of v10. It started because I forced myself to play with Delcatty on a personal playthrough of Emerald. It was so bad that I wished there was something in the game similar to Pikachu's Light Ball to make it viable. Then I decided to look up if there were anything similar to the Light Ball and came across the Mystery Dungeon series. Apparently they have Pokemon specific items that act as passive buffs? I thought that was really cool and decided to bring it to Rejuv. I had no idea how people would receive this mechanic because it'd be bordering on the fine line of fake megas (Even though technically fakemon do exist). It's why some of the early crests were so basic. Just stat increases. We wanted to test the waters with it first before we did anything too drastic. Surprisingly, people love them. Which is great because I love Crests too. Not as much as Griselda, though. That's just unhealthy. Edit: Forgot to mention, but ironically, the Pokemon that inspired Crests didn't get one because nothing we could do for it would save it, rip.
  23. WWL did much better than I thought it would, so I'm happy to say that I do have plans for other side games. Not many though as I'd like to focus most of my time on the main game.
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