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  1. I currently don't have time to watch the whole thing; did he REALLY just walk past the department store? Well if he did, let him know about it and also my sticker guide. I just updated it to be more spoiler-safe for new players like him.
  2. He hasn't lost a Pokemon yet and I don't feel like watching old videos looking for a death, so does someone who actually follows him know if he releases Pokemon when they die? Or just box them? If he boxes them he could pick them back up when (if?) he runs out of Pokemon and the Nuzloke becomes impossible. If he releases them we have a problem. Also HOW has he still not put 2 and 2 together on common candies? It's one thing to just be dumb, but every other comment is screaming it at him and he doesn't pre-record these.
  3. This guy isn't the brightest bulb in the box is he? >haha why would anyone use a Common Candy it lowers a Pokemon's level, how useless >oh no my Pokemon is too high level and won't listen to me! Whatever will I do? If only there was a workaround to this! >oh hey cool the game handed me an explanation on field effects including one for the boss I'm about to fight >lemme just not read it Inb4 he continues to complain about a lack of grinding spots even after unlocking the re-battle trainers. Although I don't think the game explicitly tells you about that so it'd be more understandable.
  4. Oops, looks like I missed Ame's birthday.   Happy belated birthday Ame!

  5. This is actually hilarious, I didn't even know such hijinks could be found before Julia- no, before even meeting Fern. I'm looking forward to what laughs are to had when he actually gets into the game. >Local man thinks he's gonna nuzlocke Reborn blind >People warn him >He tells them they're wrong because he beat the tutorial battle >Spends all his money on a Premier ball and 3 Potions >Two seconds in, almost dies to a Ducklett >Uses all 3 Potions to survive the Ducklett >Now he's out of items and money >Has big brained new plan: "I'll just level grind a bunch". Doesn't realize yet how restrictive the level cap is >Now he's overlevel before Julia and has to spend the money he gets back on Common Candies* Of course it'll stop being funny if he actually quits the game after getting wiped... When he almost lost to Ducklett he said something like "see you guys in the next game haha" and I'm not sure if he was joking. *This actually hasn't happened yet, in fact it could be even worse: he could spend all his money on more Potions and be unable to buy Common Candies.
  6. I don't actually watch this dude's videos, but it's great to have another big source of publicity. Hopefully this one doesn't get increasingly disillusioned with the game as he plays before quitting because of how much the glass factory sequence sucks. Notice he mentions that he WANTS to keep playing, but won't if the video doesn't "get enough likes". I dunno how much is enough for him, but looking at his other recent videos it's outdoing all of them in terms of views. Hopefully that translates to enough likes.
  7. You'll never guess what my encounter for Digglet's Tunnel was.  A 5th Zubat.


    Also RIP Red Eagle the Fletchinder (level 18-26)  Sacrificed herself to defeat the Totem Lurantis

  8. I've lost way too many Pokemon now, just from trying to level grind them to replace team members who died in ACTUAL battles.


    SOS battles SUUUUUUCK for Nuzlockes.

  9. Finally unlocked Poke-Pelago and... uh oh, I've been releasing my Pokemon as they die so I don't have enough to make the berry field.  Well then.

  10. Aw shit brooklet hill devastated me and I didn't even fight the Totem yet.  I knew I shouldn't have put off grinding.


    RIP "Your Waifu" the Grimer (level 7-18) was too busy trying to keep Zubat alive in a double battle and didn't pay attention to her HP until it was too late.


    RIP "Brobat" the Zubat (level 8-19) At least I have three more of the things lol

  11. Man these first encounters aren't working out for me.  Two Lilipups and neither even had the decency to have Pickup

  12. First island down, only losses so far were that Wingull and a Yungoos I had only caught a few minutes before he died.


    RIP Bigly (level 9-10)  Seriously HOW did that tackle kill you from full HP, the thing was the same level and you only had -1 defense

  13. The idea of a Nuzlocke's first-pokemon rule is to get you to use stuff you wouldn't use normally, but so far it's all been stuff I've used before.


    Also I've got 4 Zubats and counting.

    1. Commander


      Dupes clause is useful for that. Personally, I think it's more for people less skilled as it ends up having you in situations that aren't favorable. Oh dear lord Mossdeep Slaughterhouse brings back memories.

    2. Eagleby18


      Nah, man.  Dupe's clause is for people who can't handle the rules and want an exemption.

    3. Chimpnology


      alternatively for people who are sick of the fucking sixth poochyena in three gyms jesus fuck emerald why did you axe zigzagoon spawns

  14. Except it's a 1:1 right down to the last vector. Look at the wiskers, it's a dead giveaway. To say all these models were """recreated""" with this level of complete, exact sameness, is laughable. They copy-pasted it. They're lying, it's obvious, they know it's obvious, and they don't care.
  15. Apparently in a Famitsu interview, Oomori stated the Pokemon models were made from scratch when they brought the series to the switch. It just a coincidence that they're all frame-perfect copies of the 3ds models/animations right down to the tiniest details. Refer to my earlier comment about these people thinking you're stupid. A bit of good news though, look at the last part I included in my screenshot. They're already backpedalling. It went from "no, we're NOT patching them in after launch" to "we haven't DECIDED whether to patch them in after launch"
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