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  1. PART 9: I ALMOST DON'T GO GAMBLING BUT THEN DO Sorry it's been a while, I was busy IRL. It didn't help that the Pokemon fandom is going down in flames right now either.
  2. Half my favorite Pokemon were worthless until they got megas, now I guess they're going back to worthless.


    Oh and Charizard.  Good job Charizard fans, your favorite Pokemon is back to worthless too.

  3. Masuda did another statement on the subject after the big backlash, I won't bother posting it because it basically says the same thing with even more PR bullshit language than the last time. What's notable is that he doubled down on the "we didn't have enough time to make the high quality models and animations for every Pokemon" thing despite the fact that it's a blatant lie, that the models are clearly copy-pasted from the last five games. This guy thinks you're stupid, and will buy the game anyway no matter what kinda crap he pulls. You gonna prove him right?
  4. Here's the quote from Masuda on the subject. Translating PR drivel to English, he's saying that his poor little indie company (that's sarcasm, in case you couldn't tell) didn't have the time or the manpower to actually code all 900-ish Pokemon into the game before the deadline. It's not like this is one of the most successful media franchises ever or anything. First of all, I don't believe this for a second. They're recycling the 3DS engine, which already has the models and code for all the Pokemon. I am 95% sure that when the game comes out, hackers will discover that all 900-ish are in fact, coded into the game with models and animations and everything, and it'll turn out Gamefreak was just gonna sell it all back to us as paid DLC, or an "incentive" to buy Ultra Sword and Ultra Shield. And if this actually IS true, well, it's just pathetic. What was that famous quote from Miyamoto again? That a delayed game is eventually good but a rushed one is bad forever?
  5. Was skimming what happened in the Treehouse thing at E3, there's a couple new Pokemon but then suddenly Excuse me, WHAT? Is this just referring to raid battles? Please tell me Dynamax Pokemon sometimes attacking twice is limited to raid battles... EXCUSE ME, WHAT?
  6. Who would have guessed a pair of random Meteor Grunts would be the hardest thing I've faced in that run

  7. Looking at the website, it confirms something that the Direct only implied: That Dynamaxing is only allowed in specific battles in the game. The screenshots show it being used in a WiFi battle, so it is allowed in multiplayer in at least some form. The question is, will it actually just be allowed in WiFi battles, or will there be a "Dynamax battle" mode or something like that? Metagame-wise, it makes all the difference between "lol no one will care about this" to "lol Z-moves are obsolete because of this" This also means that when you mod Reborn for gen 8, you'd have to add a "can you Dynamax" flag for every single area in the game. Unless you just don't add Dynamaxing of course. I don't want to make any assumptions before the game comes out but it seems like 3 turns of higher stats and ultimate moves would be too good for Reborn.
  8. Pre-direct, I wasn't really feeling this gen. I didn't like any of the starters, but that isn't really a big deal until I see their final forms. I mean, I didn't like Popplio and yet its final form ended up being my second-favorite Pokemon ever. Post-direct, I like most of these new guys MUCH more. Especially Wooloo and Corviknight. Only one I really don't care for is Eldegoss. A definite improvement in that area. Pre-direct, I was kinda miffed at what we could see of the level design. Among the many reasons Gen 5 is my least favorite, one of them is that the entire region is just a straight line from south to north. And look at the region map they revealed for this game! Guess what, it's ANOTHER straight line from south to north! Post-direct, well, it seems to be more complicated than that. From what I can tell, it looks like this game composes of several areas of "traditional" Pokemon level design, all connected by a big open-world-ish map which is CLEARLY influenced by Breath of the Wild. Is this an improvement? I'm... not sure. I guess it LOOKS better, but for all we know the Wild Area is just a big hallway from south to north, with roadblocks and pit stops at cities along the way. It looks like it could be from the footage they showed in the direct. Pre-direct, I really didn't like that they were STILL using the 3DS engine. It's honestly inconceivable. This is the same company that gave us Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild, and what does their other biggest franchise get? A recycled engine from a far inferior console? It looked good on the 3DS (most of the time) but on the Switch it looks like shit because everyone knows the Switch can do better. Post-direct, well, that hasn't changed. It's not gonna change. Pre-direct, and I know this was really speculation on my part, but I predicted they'd throw their previous mechanics in the bin for some new, probably dumber thing, and we'd still not get any more megas. Post-direct, hey look I was exactly right! In fact it's even worse than I predicted because Z-moves are getting shafted even harder than megas were. Why use a super-duper-ultimate move when you can have 3 whole turns of super-duper-ultimate moves and (probably) higher stats? I might actually count this as an improvement though, because I never liked Z moves anyway, between them and Dynamax I'd say Dynamax is less dumb. I still want more megas though, and while it's technically still possible... I really doubt it'll happen. (Disclaimer: I still really like Gen 7, it's one of my favorites. It's just that Z-moves are NOT among the reasons I like it.) So, did the direct improve my opinion overall? Marginally, yeah. But it's still a really, REALLY bad look to be reusing the 3DS engine. No matter how good the game ends up being, it'd be like if the original Super Mario Bros released on the SNES.
  9. PART 5: I GET BEATEN UP BY SOME SCRAGGIES EDIT: Added some rather important details that I somehow forgot the first time.
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