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  1. Well now that the game's officially out and I won't get told off for "spoilers" since this was discovered as soon as the game leaked, What do you know, the models are in fact copy-pasted from the 3ds games! Ohmori's claim about remaking them all from scratch when was a blatant lie after all. I mean it was completely obvious from the trailers but it needed to be proven for sure since he made that claim publicly (plus some people in the fandom were in denial). As you can see from Noibat there, some of the Pokemon have had very minor touch ups, as in like "click two buttons in the modeling program to smooth out a surface" kind of minor. To say that this is "remaking them from the ground up" is still blatantly untrue. And you bought the game anyway! So Ohmori doesn't care.
  2. No Primarina means no buy No Absol means no buy No Lilligant, Alolan Ninetales(?), Suicune, Latias, Aurorus, Mega Mawile, Megas at all, Lurantis, means no buy Yeah I like girly Pokemon I don't care if you laugh
  3. Well Sobble's final form is apparently supposed to be based on the TF2 spy, maybe its hidden ability is Illusion. That'd be good because you get to spend slightly less time having to look at it
  4. There's this weird phenomenon where people irrationally hate the starter's final forms when first revealed, I assume because they built up this idea in their heads of what the final form should be and are mad when it's not. Anyway I don't do that crap, I always thought Greninja was cool and Primarina has always been one of my all time favorite Pokemon, even back when she was first leaked and no one believed she was real. And I say this Sobble final form is AWFUL. Are we gonna see the reverse of this phenomenon now? Where the fandom convinces themselves it's a good design like some sort of stockholm syndrome? We're already seeing that happen with the game in general lol Oh right, the other two exist. Grookey's is kinda dope and Scorbunny's is... Are we sure that's actually the final form? I know it's level 49 so it probably is but it looks very "middle form".
  5. "There's NO WAY he wins the next boss fight first try" "Okay he won that boss fight first try but there's NO WAY he wins the next boss fight first try" I mean he actually is gonna lose to Garchomp but that doesn't count
  6. Get near perfect luck on Confusion. The one time he hits himself "I SWEAR THE RNG IS RIGGED AGAINST THE PLAYER IN THIS GAME"
  7. It wasn't a bait and switch after all, Ash really did win the league.  Also even though I don't actually like this generation's artstyle or animation even I have to admit the fight's climax was awesome.

    1. doombotmecha


      Absolutely! I saw a gif of the climax of the fight, that was so cool!


      Oh look, and Ash even gets to keep his title. Nice! I like how it makes the ending of future seasons/regions much less clear.

  8. I was thinking it'd be a run where you choose 6 Pokemon and use only them in the entire game, which sounds like it could be interesting. In the early-mid game you'd be using fewer Pokemon than usual, and in the mid-late game you'd be using "oudated" Pokemon. Plus if you wanted to get the "secret" ending you'd have to spend a whole team slot on someone who can cheese Solaris and Ditto. Maybe I'll try that sometime. This actual challenge sounds harder though. I'm interested to see where it goes.
  9. In the anime we're looking at a possible last-second Tobias right now

  10. Dang I've been playing Reborn wrong this whole time. I should have blind-nuzlocked it and not even touched the field effect readouts. I'd have first-tried every fight.
  11. Lol it was a bait and switch "Oh yeah there's CANNONICALLY 18 gyms, only 8 are actually in the game though because designing a game with 18 gyms in mind is too hard lol" You might be able to fight the rest in postgame but... if that were the case they probably would have said so already.
  12. At this point I've found myself hoping for him to get wiped, because maybe if he un-nuzlockes the game he'll learn to read. Read the field effects, all the stuff Dreamblitz put in the discord that he clearly is ignoring, maybe even read my sticker guide. By the way Dreamblitz you should tell him that Corey kills himself in either timeline, he still blames himself for that. Or maybe you did and he skipped it too.
  13. Hey remember when I said he needed to read the WHOLE field effect
  14. So this version of Ash has a mythical AND an Ultra Beast now

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