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  1. In the anime we're looking at a possible last-second Tobias right now

  2. Dang I've been playing Reborn wrong this whole time. I should have blind-nuzlocked it and not even touched the field effect readouts. I'd have first-tried every fight.
  3. Lol it was a bait and switch "Oh yeah there's CANNONICALLY 18 gyms, only 8 are actually in the game though because designing a game with 18 gyms in mind is too hard lol" You might be able to fight the rest in postgame but... if that were the case they probably would have said so already.
  4. At this point I've found myself hoping for him to get wiped, because maybe if he un-nuzlockes the game he'll learn to read. Read the field effects, all the stuff Dreamblitz put in the discord that he clearly is ignoring, maybe even read my sticker guide. By the way Dreamblitz you should tell him that Corey kills himself in either timeline, he still blames himself for that. Or maybe you did and he skipped it too.
  5. Hey remember when I said he needed to read the WHOLE field effect
  6. So this version of Ash has a mythical AND an Ultra Beast now

  7. Lol no I saw the twist coming from a mile away. Anyway Mr. Info, you should probably tell him about the field-change rooms. To Thamill's credit I feel like this is a badly designed introduction to them, you need to know how the Crystal Field works to GET the info on the Crystal Field. To not his credit, he saw what he had to do earlier but wasn't paying attention.
  8. Remember earlier when I mentioned he was showing signs of going the way Shofu did with the field effects? Well here we are. "You guys told me I could have done X to make the fight easier but I DON'T CARE THE GAME SUCKS" is exactly what Shofu said multiple times. Hey "Idea Guy", by the next video it won't be a spoiler that Shelly's field is something he already has the readout for. You should tell him to go back and read it for real this time. In particular he's gonna call bullshit on what it does with Anorinth's Telluric Seed.
  9. Tfw Ash's first officially-owned legendary has the same win-loss ratio as his Torterra

  10. Hey mystery info guy, I'd advise him to read the whole field effect readout next time.
  11. Just to keep track of how lucky this man is, we've got: Sand Tomb missing 3 times in a row, where it would have probably killed someone each time it was used Kiki not hitting herself in confusion, which would have probably got his entire team killed if she had Would have lost Jaques if that final gust had a lower damage roll Am I missing anything?
  12. Forget that, how about the time he didn't notice there were more than 8 gym leaders despite it being advertised on the download page? If you're too vague about something he'll never find it and you'll have wasted your time.
  13. Oh right, I'd also mention that every gym leader* has their field notes available somewhere BEFORE you fight them, so he should never be going into a gym match unprepared, should he want to actually succeed at nuzlocking this game. *except Noel for some reason. And anyone whose field can be set on fire. I don't know why Ame put those two field notes so late in the game.
  14. There appears to be a mistake in the Icy Field's readout.


    It says that Rock moves are ADDED Ice type, meaning they should be Rock/Ice moves and do neutral damage to pure Ice types.


    But I used Power Gem on a Beartic and it took "not very effective" damage, meaning the move must have been changed to pure Ice type.


    If that's intentional, there should be an arrow and not a plus sign in the readout.

  15. He went in the department store and STILL missed the whole sticker sidequest thing... Anyway I'm not this "mysterious person" feeding him info, but if I was, or if that person was reading this, I'd add: How to get those field readouts he missed To read that darn Pulse Dex he was just handed (it's Shofu and the field effects all over again, seriously. DON'T LET IT BE SHOFU AND THE FIELD EFFECTS ALL OVER AGAIN. We already saw the beginnings of that this episode with Cacnea's Sand Veil) Link to my sticker guide Point out how and why Nature Power is actually really good in this game (he doesn't have anyone who can use it yet, but just let him know) Point out that he never got Opal Ward's static encounter, and the Magikarp for sale is an amazing choice (leave out the wild goose chase he'll be sent on, it'll be hilarious) In the same vein, point out the Onyx Rooftop and that the Pokemon from the Casino count as static encounters A warning that he'll miss out on content if he doesn't find all 5 police officers before a certain point A challenge to be as lucky as he was this time on the rest of the game
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