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    Pokemanz, Animu, yugimons etc I also like reading and listening to music from time to time

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  1. sdddf4

    Showdown Replays

    https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-711523277 Massive comeback
  2. sdddf4

    Pokedex Completion

    Great. Whenever you're online just pm me. Anything particular that you may want?
  3. sdddf4

    Pokedex Completion

    As the title says I'm just looking to complete the pokedex. These are the pokes that I'm looking for: Drowzee Mime.Jr Natu Sigilyph Corsola Emolga joltik Skrelp shieldon No specific evs/ivs needed.
  4. sdddf4

    Pokemon Word Chain

  5. sdddf4

    Favorite Pokemon.

    My favourite is Azumarill. I just really like its design (It looks like a blue egg. I don't know why that makes me like it so much ).
  6. sdddf4

    Looking for Battle Master Thread

    Does anyone want to battle?
  7. sdddf4

    Pokemon Word Chain

  8. Haha I guess you're right about that, thanks online ID is sdddf4
  9. sdddf4

    Looking for Battle Master Thread

    Anyone want to battle? Just pm me if you do I'll be on for like 2 more hours
  10. sdddf4

    Pokemon Insurgence Discussion Thread

    Not once have I known how much that I needed something until I got it