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  1. Weird Florinia AI

    This is not a bug, but didn't know where to put it Basically during my battle vs Florinia, i started with Kriketune and used constantly Fury Cutter. Killed Maractus and Ferrossed, and after that Florinia sent Breloom and started switching literally every turn until all of her pokemon died to fury cutter, which made the battle suprinsingly easy. Dont know if it's because their pokemon just coudnt's do anything to Kriketune, or just somthing wrong with AI
  2. Previous episodes event changed?

    Thank you!
  3. Team Advice Needed

    The team looks very good except for Cherrim. You might consider getting more than 6 pokemon, you don't have dark,water,fighting pokemon. (and some others but i think these 3 are the most important). i think scarfty would be a nice addition
  4. 'Where do I go now?'

    Arclight - the club where you first meet him Victoria - Beryl Graveyard (might have mispelled it..) Adrieen - Xyr(?) gym
  5. I'm in Helix cave, and i've done the first puzzle, and entered the next cave with a bunch of bidoof (1 of them blue), and an omastar, and when we talk to the blue bidoof we hear something like "the four western warriors, the best of our kind from top to bottom". Is there something i can do?
  6. Pokemon Dark Rising opinions

    I think the plot is actually interesting , from what i've played. The difficulty, well let's say i can live with it, just gotta waste some time training a lot. But the amount of bugs is absurd, and are the reason i haven't even got to half of the games...
  7. In Game Team Help

    Having more than 6 pokemon doesn't mean you have to box 1 forever. Keep all of them, and just swich acording to who you'll be battling. Considering Titania's battle just around the corner, Beatric won't be very useful, since it's slow and will problably get 1 shoted by anything
  8. Noel....

    Get a pokemon that can set up on Wigglytuff, in speed and either Attack or SpAttack (hello Quiver Dance), do it, heal the paralisys, and proceed to sweep his entire team.
  9. Factory....

    go to coral ward and talk to Cain.
  10. [Spoilers] Can't progress at 7th Street

    Not sure what triggers it exacly, so yea, just talk to everyone.
  11. Waterfall HM/Shiny Charm

    You only get Waterfall later, when:
  12. Stuck in Pokemon rejuvenation

    you find the key on the hedge maze, on the left side of the manor, its a shiny little thing, easy to miss if you don't know you're looking for it. The amount of people (me included) asking about this is frightening
  13. Beating Shade!

    You have access to the scraggy event by then. Level him up till he evolves (38 or 39 i think), and payback/crunch chandelure
  14. Byxbysian Hideout sidequest?

    I don't even get how somoene can miss that, it's just so obvious! ... Check the beldun event on youtube, if you really wany a Beldun, it's quite a long quest, and make sure you're prepared too catch it (bring timer balls and make sure you can paralyse it)