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  1. Amethyst Mines quest?

    I went there with rock climb, beat the Regis and found the (ex) Xen Grunt who can't activate the genrerator, and i have no idea how to do it. Any tips?
  2. Can't start game

    Not sure if this was exacly what you meant, but i saved my reborn files somewhere else safe, and it worked, Thank you!
  3. Can't start game

    So i just downloaded the game twice, and the patch, and when i launch the game this happens. Any way to fix it? P.S. - sorry for the huge images
  4. Upgrading underground railnets

    The mega stone you get it by entering the devon corp, where Ame and Adrienn did.
  5. 'Where do I go now?'

  6. Hall trainer bug?

    Ok, so i tried testing it and it happened a little diferently. When she sent Meganium, i sent Swampert and started Water Pledging. Meganium use Light Screen and started spamming body slam. After that i sent Magneton when Light Screen wore off, she used it again, and after that it happened again the thing where i attack, and her turn just skips. How do i check my version? I downloaded the community realease on the first day it came off i believe
  7. Hall trainer bug?

    I'm fighting this guy that has a Meganium, which somehow skits turns when (i think at least) uses attacking moves. It uses sometimes Reflect or Light Screen, but when it makes sense to use a Grass tyoe move, it doesnt't do anything at all. I had my Swampert attack it for like 5 turns without it doing anything at all. And it's something i've noticed happening in a few trainers in this episode, from times to times
  8. Evolving A-Sandshrew

    Thanks for the answers, guess i'm gonna have to wait for w while to be able to evolve it then
  9. Evolving A-Sandshrew

    Bulbapedia says to use a Ice Stone which i believe are not a thing in Reborn, so how do I do it?
  10. This is not a bug, but didn't know where to put it Basically during my battle vs Florinia, i started with Kriketune and used constantly Fury Cutter. Killed Maractus and Ferrossed, and after that Florinia sent Breloom and started switching literally every turn until all of her pokemon died to fury cutter, which made the battle suprinsingly easy. Dont know if it's because their pokemon just coudnt's do anything to Kriketune, or just somthing wrong with AI
  11. Previous episodes event changed?

    Thank you!
  12. 'Where do I go now?'

    Arclight - the club where you first meet him Victoria - Beryl Graveyard (might have mispelled it..) Adrieen - Xyr(?) gym
  13. I'm in Helix cave, and i've done the first puzzle, and entered the next cave with a bunch of bidoof (1 of them blue), and an omastar, and when we talk to the blue bidoof we hear something like "the four western warriors, the best of our kind from top to bottom". Is there something i can do?
  14. Well, you know, all gym leaders only have to do their job when it's out time to battle them, until then they can go fight team meteor with us, go fight plants, go see another gym leader in agate circus who know how long... Edir: kinda quoted a lot more than it was intended, i think you know what i was refering to