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  1. Tacuara

    Scraggy HELP

    Actually, you can get Scraggy right before Shade, you find the key under the railnet where Anna and the rest are waiting for you to defeat Shade
  2. Tacuara

    Eevee - Leafeon

    Sorry, should have mentioned i was talking about Rejuvenation xD, thanks anyway!
  3. Tacuara

    Eevee - Leafeon

    Where can i find the "green rock" to get a leafeon? (In Rejuvenation) Thanks in advance!
  4. Tacuara

    [Resolved/not a bug]Numel not appearing

    It only appears after beating the first gym
  5. Tacuara

    Where do I go next?

    After defeating defeating Cera/Groudon, when we leave
  6. Tacuara

    Amethyst Mines quest?

    I went there with rock climb, beat the Regis and found the (ex) Xen Grunt who can't activate the genrerator, and i have no idea how to do it. Any tips?
  7. Tacuara

    'Where do I go now?'

    Arclight - the club where you first meet him Victoria - Beryl Graveyard (might have mispelled it..) Adrieen - Xyr(?) gym
  8. Tacuara

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    I'm in Helix cave, and i've done the first puzzle, and entered the next cave with a bunch of bidoof (1 of them blue), and an omastar, and when we talk to the blue bidoof we hear something like "the four western warriors, the best of our kind from top to bottom". Is there something i can do?
  9. Well, you know, all gym leaders only have to do their job when it's out time to battle them, until then they can go fight team meteor with us, go fight plants, go see another gym leader in agate circus who know how long... Edir: kinda quoted a lot more than it was intended, i think you know what i was refering to
  10. Orderly John is actually a decent fight. He once surprised me in a normal run because i just fought with him automatically, and in your case you actually have a huge weakness to magnemite. Nice job.
  11. Isnt't that egg larvesta? Would be a bad good luck if it's the case.
  12. I think you should have access to klink by now, in the building to left of the pokemon center.
  13. Thanks god non damaging moves such as screech exist. Would be a shame to be swept by ferroseed using leech seed xD He's actually been a real annoyance to me when i didnt get a fire type before florinia.