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  1. Tacuara

    Lightening Rod Double Battle

    Oh, thanks for the clarification, didn't know that
  2. In the double battle in the Meteor Hideout, where they abduct Saphirra/Laura/Twins/Charlotte%Shelly, they started off with Manetric and Machoke, and i had Jolteon/Nidoking. I used Thunder on Machoke, and it didn't do any damage and activated Lightening Rod on both Manetric and Machoke
  3. Tacuara

    Reshiram Path

    Slighty off topic, are there major differences between the 2 paths in ep18? Wondering if it's worth replaying the other path
  4. I believe you can get 12 or 13 badges, problaly gonna have to wait a bit to be fully completed
  5. Tacuara

    Scraggy HELP

    Actually, you can get Scraggy right before Shade, you find the key under the railnet where Anna and the rest are waiting for you to defeat Shade
  6. Tacuara

    Eevee - Leafeon

    Sorry, should have mentioned i was talking about Rejuvenation xD, thanks anyway!
  7. Tacuara

    Eevee - Leafeon

    Where can i find the "green rock" to get a leafeon? (In Rejuvenation) Thanks in advance!
  8. Tacuara

    [Resolved/not a bug]Numel not appearing

    It only appears after beating the first gym
  9. Tacuara

    Where do I go next?

    After defeating defeating Cera/Groudon, when we leave
  10. Tacuara

    'Where do I go now?'

    Arclight - the club where you first meet him Victoria - Beryl Graveyard (might have mispelled it..) Adrieen - Xyr(?) gym
  11. Tacuara

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    I'm in Helix cave, and i've done the first puzzle, and entered the next cave with a bunch of bidoof (1 of them blue), and an omastar, and when we talk to the blue bidoof we hear something like "the four western warriors, the best of our kind from top to bottom". Is there something i can do?