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  1. Could anyone tell me where to find Field Effects 7 and 34? For 34, I heard it's not in the game yet, and I don't know where to find 7.
  2. Whenever I try to use a move in battle, there is a popup that appears on my screen that looks like this: Any idea how to fix it? tried soft resetting when it happens but no luck.
  3. I just beat keta, the sensei of sheridan village. When i beat him, one of the black belts say "What's going on? What happened to the Sensei? ANd repeats it, and I cant get out of the dialogue. I have tried everything, trying to quicksave. I really don't want to fight Keta again. Any help?
  4. Maybe because there are still items or dialogue to add, plus bug fixes
  5. I'ts v9, and the girl just stole my money on route two. I cleared the route and it says i cant go in amythest cave without finding the girl who took my money.. Am i supposed to get cut and cut through trees or something? Edit: Okay i just had to talk to a cut tree, weirdest thing lol.. For anyone that sees this post thats stuck as well, talk to the cut tree that u see west of the old lady sitting on the bench. its near a trainer. just talk to all the cut trees
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