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  1. Well, we know that Anju survived and kidnapped, as we can meet her in Indrad's mansion when we traverse it with Marianette. She says that she needs to stay there to "protect someone", whoever that may be. It might be her son, as she tells us to show it to her loved ones. We'll most likely find out in V13, as it seems to take us to Angie's mansion up north.
  2. Madame X is a time traveler, so maybe she met Indrad after he changed his name?
  3. I feel like the darkness of betrayal is Nim/Lorna, since she betrayed her friends and even turned some of them to stone. Ren isn't really evil, just misguided, though I guess you can say the same for Nim. They were both manipulated by Crescent, yet Nim has done more evil things than Ren. The only problem I see with Nim being the darkness is that Damien claims she isn't human, and even calls her an "it", implying she is something akin to a demon.
  4. So I just beat Rift Aelita and started ch13, and I know that Erin is supposed to be waiting for me on route 9 by the entrance to GDC, but she isn't there. I reloaded a save from before the start of ch13 but after the Rift Aelita fight, and she still wasn't there. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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