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  1. Arlonen

    V11 sidequests questions

    The only one that I know of is the yui ranch sidequest. Talk to the person upstairs in the house on the northwest side of the ranch to start it
  2. Arlonen

    Rejuvenation Starter

    Depends on what you're going for! Strength wise, I would go with Torchic, Chimchar, Froakie, or possibly Snivy (all with their hidden abilities). But if strength is not your aim, I would go random! It adds an element of surprise and a bit of challenge/excitement as well if you've never used that starter before!
  3. Arlonen

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    Do the Photo Quest mentioned by Alilatias
  4. Arlonen

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    I read this completely differently when I was presented with this choice. Melanie explicitly told you that you were not allowed to do nothing. By then choosing to do nothing, you prove that she has no power in this situation and you are calling her bluff. Which Melia then explains. It avoids the option that makes you look like a terrible person for dooming that reality (running) and you aren't giving up by choosing the option to hand over Melia. What I'm trying to get at is that situation can be read completely differently based on how you approach the situation. That's what I enjoy about that decision. it can be viewed completely differently by the player, and people then have their own opinions on what the right one is. As such, I wouldn't change a thing there, as it gives the player the ability to read into the situation as they wish. I also may have just been like "!@#$ you, you can't tell me what to do!"
  5. Arlonen

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    You should be able to continue with your own save even when a new version is released. That said, many people choose to restart anyway because there are generally changes to the game's past versions whether it's minor story updates as the story gets more fleshed out, or because an entire zone got revamped (take Amethyst cave and route 2 in V9 or Wispy ruins in V10). It's also possible to see things they missed the first time, or to make different decisions in a new play through. For example, I took the Erin route on my normal playthrough, and during a recent Intense playthrough, I took the Flora route.
  6. I ran into this as well, a temporary fix is to approach from the north side instead.
  7. Just encountered this in Wispy Ruins. If you try to interact with this pillar, it asks you if you want to surf. If you do, this happens and you can surf around on the floor. Going onto water and back to land fixes it though. capture002.bmp
  8. Another option is to move all your save data into a separate folder and just swap out the two saves whenever you want to switch
  9. Wispy Ruins seems to have been revamped as well with new items and pokemon available if anyone is interested
  10. Encountered this bug when I am about to fight Eli and Sharon for the first time on Route 1 I'm also having the same bug that DreamblitzX mentioned with entering east gearen