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  1. Arlonen

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    I read this completely differently when I was presented with this choice. Melanie explicitly told you that you were not allowed to do nothing. By then choosing to do nothing, you prove that she has no power in this situation and you are calling her bluff. Which Melia then explains. It avoids the option that makes you look like a terrible person for dooming that reality (running) and you aren't giving up by choosing the option to hand over Melia. What I'm trying to get at is that situation can be read completely differently based on how you approach the situation. That's what I enjoy about that decision. it can be viewed completely differently by the player, and people then have their own opinions on what the right one is. As such, I wouldn't change a thing there, as it gives the player the ability to read into the situation as they wish. I also may have just been like "!@#$ you, you can't tell me what to do!"
  2. Arlonen

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    You should be able to continue with your own save even when a new version is released. That said, many people choose to restart anyway because there are generally changes to the game's past versions whether it's minor story updates as the story gets more fleshed out, or because an entire zone got revamped (take Amethyst cave and route 2 in V9 or Wispy ruins in V10). It's also possible to see things they missed the first time, or to make different decisions in a new play through. For example, I took the Erin route on my normal playthrough, and during a recent Intense playthrough, I took the Flora route.
  3. So I recently started a run through on intense mode, and now that I'm nearly finished with it, I thought that I would do some speculation on the prophecies of Light and Dark. That said, this will contain spoilers on V10 and minor spoilers for Episode -1, so the rest of this post will be in a spoiler. Read ahead at your own risk, you have been warned. This is a bit long winded, but I think is an interesting conversation to have. I apologize if this is currently being discussed elsewhere, but I did not see another post for this that occurs after V10.
  4. Arlonen

    My current team (Thoughts/suggestions)

    This looks like a good team to me, but I would probably add a fairy/ice type to the mix (or at least a move of that type) to deal with dragon types (I personally use Abomasnow for this), and possibly a steel or poison type to deal with fairy types. I would recommend picking up Magnezone as its very tanky and the steel/electric combo is very powerful!
  5. Arlonen

    Intense Mode Team

    Well that is unfortunate. I held off on replacing my Pikachu until Terajuma before I looked up how to evolve it. I only saw that it was available in Nightmare City. Wish I had seen it was available there too...
  6. Arlonen

    Intense Mode Team

    I am currently doing an intense run right now, and the best ones I have found are Dawn Lycanroc, Magnezone, and Swoobat. Each of these guys has trivialized fights on their own. Lycanroc with Rock Slide is insane in the double battle gyms with the flinch chance. There were times that no one could move for multiple turns. Magnezone has a great moveset and is all around tanky. Swoobat with simple and calm mind is able to completely sweep gym leaders if you can get it to set up on a special attacker. Also, while at Blacksteeple Castle, make sure to pick up an Abomasnow. I would not have beaten 2 gym leaders without it. Other than that, just try to get a decent nature, and ev training is always worthwhile. Good luck! Also, side note on the A-Raichu that someone mentioned above, you cant get the item to evolve Pikachu until GDC, so I might not bank on that personally.
  7. Arlonen

    Things To Do After Beating v10 *SPOILERS*

    Evergreen Forest has the Piplup line available if you have Anju's Pendant, and there are other new areas around Akuwa Town to explore
  8. Arlonen

    Sidequests Post V10 Story?

    Did you get the kings rock as well? we finally get politoad
  9. Arlonen

    Sidequests Post V10 Story?

    Surf north of Akuwa Town. Look through the forest there.
  10. I ran into this as well, a temporary fix is to approach from the north side instead.
  11. Arlonen

    Sidequests Post V10 Story?

    I didn't have an issue with him. He went so far up that he couldn't get caught on the wall when he walked away
  12. Just encountered this in Wispy Ruins. If you try to interact with this pillar, it asks you if you want to surf. If you do, this happens and you can surf around on the floor. Going onto water and back to land fixes it though. capture002.bmp