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  1. My online name for reborn is sithlordnergal, trainer ID is 12873
  2. [Not a bug]Stealth Rock OP, battle bug

    It also wrecks poor Luna. Taking off 1/4 to 1/2 of every one of her pokemon makes her a breeze to deal with
  3. [Not a bug]Stealth Rock OP, battle bug

    Ehhh, I dunno. It's causing Stealth Rock to essentially be an instant K.O. on anything with a x4 weakness on it. It cooould be a feature, but I doubt it. I don't think Amethyst would be so kind to give us a way to sweep Bennett's team that easily on purpose. She might be giving us a neat strategy to toy with, but knowing how Reborn is I suspect she wants the battle to be harder then that. Unless she's planning something nasty in the future with Stealth Rock. ._.;;; Cause any strategy used by us can easily be used by a gym leader.
  4. So, I found another bug for ya, and this time it's with Stealth Rock. I sadly don't have a screen shot, as it's easier to show through gameplay. Hopefully you're able to download my game file and have it run. I ran into the glitch during the battle with Bennett, right before Luna, in the Dark Crystal Cavern and I had a Golem as my first pokemon. Here's what you need to do, and it doesn't matter what order you do it in: Set up Stealth Rocks Turn the Dark Crystal Cavern field effect into a Cave by any means available. After you do that, Stealth Rock will proceed to 1-hit K.O. Yanmega, Butterfree, and Scyther. Dustox will be brought down to half health, prompting Bennett to use a Moo Moo Milk on it, and Venomoth will be knocked down to just above half health. I suspect the glitch is being caused by a mix of the Cave Field Effect and Butterfree, Yanmega, and Scyther all having a x4 weakness to Stealth Rock. Since a x4 weakness to Stealth Rock causes a pokemon to lose 1/2 of their HP, the x2 boost Cave gives it knocks that to a full 100% of a pokemon's HP StealthRockGlitch.rxdata
  5. I suspect it isn't what we think. I'm sure this theory has been tossed around before, heck I'm sure it's been confirmed too. But I don't think that little cult of Arceus knows what it's doing. They're trying to get the four keys to open the path to the resting place of Arceus, but I suspect that isn't what we'll find. I think we'll find something else there instead. I think we'll find Giratina waiting there instead. Why? Well let me copy down a little bit of text I found in the Subseven Sanctum, from Light's End: So kind was light to show us mercy, That in it's shade we festered heresy. Twixt three stones, each shaded void, Six pillars shone, their truth deployed: Emerald, Crimson, Violet, Gold, Azure and Ivory sealed as told. Take heed of its prison, o ye foolish men, For the blackest beast lies at light's end. So, we have that passage telling clearly telling us that there is a tower with 6 pillars dealing with truth, and a seal using emerald, crimson, violet and gold. Azure obviously refers to Azure Lake, and I suspect Ivory is from the term "Ivory Tower", which is from the Biblical Song of Solomon. It also tells us that said tower is a prison, holding the blackest beast. Hell, even the puzzles in the tower relate to finding who lies and who tells the truth. But the way it's stated is special. Instead of just saying "Hitmontop lies, and hitmonchan always tells the truth", the statues read "Hitmontop has fallen to darkness, where are hitmonchan is in the light". It's more then telling the truth, it deals with light and dark. And Giratina certainly fits the bill for a beast that lies at light's end. Heh, even the time dilation fits with Giratina, since it is found in the Distortion World in the main series games.
  6. Trace/Impostor bug

    So, I was battling through the Subseven Sanctum when I ran into a curious little bug. I was using a Gardevoir with the Trace ability when I battled a trainer with a Ditto as their only pokemon. Gardevoir ended up Tracing Impostor and instantly transformed into Ditto. Now, it isn't a major bug at all, and I actually thought it made the battle a bit more interesting because it provides a bit more risk/reward when tossing a pokemon with Trace out first. But I figured you should know about it, since it seems like one of those edge cases that need somewhat specific requirements to pull off.
  7. Things that you DONT like on Pokemon Reborn.

    I'll be honest, there are really two things I dislike about Reborn, and they are the nerfs and Titania. I'll be honest, I managed to beat pre-nerf Charlotte with a team where my only water type was a Seaking with Dive and Waterfall, none of my team was E.V. trained, and I had no entry hazards. Was it difficult? You bet it was, but the challenge is what made it fun and I still managed to beat her. Considering that she was the hardest gym leader and I still beat her with a Seaking and Arcanine, the game didn't need any nerfing. As for Titania...I can't stand her. Now, I don't care that she killed Team Meteor members, they deserved it. Hell, I fully support Saphira and would gladly help her kill Sigmund and the rest of team meteor. I can also forgive her for her mistakes with Amaria. She was trying to help a friend and was in over her head. No, what I dislike about her is that she seems to see everything in black and white, and her inability to think things through. Take her interactions with Taka. She was completely unwilling and unable to see his side of things. In her eyes, he has to be with her or against her, no middle ground. Personally I fully agree with Taka, his actions, and if I were in his position I'd be doing the same thing as him. You don't openly betray someone as strong as Solaris and Lin, especially when you know they kill people. You undermine them in small ways and bide your time until you're in a position to strike. I'd be very surprised if Taka didn't play some role in taking down Team Meteor, provided you helped him out when he asked for it. People like Titania though are blind. =/