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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. sithlordnergal

    What do you guys think Lin's Hydreigon is going to be like?

    Welp, since I don't expect Alakazam, Gardevoir, or Starmie to get off any more then one shot on Hydreigon, I can also use them in the rest of the battle. Only Chansey needs to be at full strength going in. I also have a Golem with Study and Stealth Rocks, an Arcanine with Sunny Day, Morning Sun, and Heatwave, and if need be I can swap either Alakazam or Gardevoir out for a Chlorophyll Venasaur to back up my Sunny Day Arcanine.
  3. sithlordnergal

    What do you guys think Lin's Hydreigon is going to be like?

    I don't see myself having too much trouble...Currently I'm planning to run with: Starmie which has 31 speed I.V., 30 special attack I.V., and currently has Dazzling Gleam. I'm hoping to get either Ice Beam or Blizzard on it by the time we face Lin, but Dazzling Gleam works too since Hydreigon has a x4 weakness Alakazam, which has similar I.V.s to starmie and also runs dazzling gleam Gardevoir with a Moonblast and finally Chansey with Eviolite, Toxic, Soft Boiled, and Substitute. And while I have plenty of other pokes to swap things out with, I suspect that Chansey will be able to outlast the Hydreigon, provided it isn't built to be a physical sweeper. Considering Hydreigon's stats, I suspect it will primarily be a special attacker though. Meaning Chansey shooould be able to tank most of it's attacks. Especially since I plan to hopefully toss out Starmie and Alakazan as single shot cannons. Considering Alakazam alone has a special attack that is well over 300 already and has a move that Hydreigon has a x4 weakness to I suspect I could do some damage. Not K.O. it, but weaken it.
  4. My online name for reborn is sithlordnergal, trainer ID is 12873
  5. What would you like for it? I have a decent Bulbasaur