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  1. Guide Questions

    The PBS files are public and all the info can be grabbed from there, although calculating exact stats requires some legwork For the Event mon moves I have to go find the events in RPG Maker edit: I can also confirm that the event Growlithe from the Police Officer quest is hard coded to always be Female double edit: You always get a Water Stone from Craudberry's house, regardless of which gang you chose
  2. Guide Questions

    If you're still working on this, would you be interested in the full movelists/ability/held items/stats for major battles? I can also get movelists for event pokemon (I think 99% of the time it's their levelup list + one of 0-3 egg moves)
  3. Grinding in Pokemon Reborn

    My experience only using teams of 6 non-rotating (I have nearly 20 different files): In Episode 16 the EXP curve/grind was fine because we got so much money that one could spend a majority of it on Rare Candies and avoid the grind that way. Episode 17 reduced money gain by something like 70-80% which makes this no longer viable, so even just using 6 pokemon you'll have to grind Grand Hall/Indra to not be mid 70s going into Titania, which is super unpleasant unless your team is basically ideal. Personally, I feel the EXP problems stem from the lack of random trainers in the second half of the game. Once you get into Route 1, trainer density between major battles goes down despite requiring more battles to level up relative to lower levels. It feels like I'm expected to do all the sidequests and very sparsely use repels, especially in Episode 17 content where there are very few random trainers (Titania's gym has like 5 trainers but each only have 2 pokemon, then there's a few random dudes hiding out in the desert). That said, making it easy to grind to level cap would make the game significantly easier--having lost a file and had to play through from a backup 6 gyms back, using the debugger to put my mons at level cap trivialized most encounters. However, there is technically nothing stopping people from doing this already totally legitimately if they're willing to spend an extra hour or so at the grand hall/Indra.
  4. Move Changes from SM to USUM

    USUM changes aren't implemented
  5. Move Changes from SM to USUM

    Level up changes Egg move changes https://pastebin.com/uK2YREX2 lists tutor moves in a format that matches the PBS, should be fully updated for USUM. It doesn't have alternate forms (Alola, then stuff like Deoxys/Wormadam) since those are handled elsewhere. It does include the new USUM mons but those can be find and replaced out if it messes with something I don't think it'd be that hard to make a mod that updates this stuff but I'm also lazy and idk if it'd conflict with other mods.
  6. Community->public release changes (according to running a diff on the trainer.txt file) Other corrections/changes
  7. I disagree here, in a game where you fight a monotype of every team already due to 18 gyms, and two of Poison/Fighting due to the nature of Corey/Kiki, it felt very redundant to fight yet more monotype teams. It made the few fights that weren't monotype teams stand out, but not in a good way since it was more "finally" and not "oh cool", and took away from the feeling of gym leaders being gym leaders. Samson is a lot less interesting as a mono-fighting encounter when I've battled Victoria like 5 times already plus Kiki.
  8. I put together a document with the stats of every e17 story boss. This is going to have spoilers since it includes trainer names, so be warned. I'm posting it here since this info is useful for outspeeds and damage calcs and just generally knowing movelists. There might be a couple of errors with stat calcs, so if you notice something funky point it out (for a long time I was using Mega Lucario's base stats for Victoria's Lucario and only noticed when I had something outspeed it and wondered why my mon like 30% slower was faster...). Stats are based on the PBS files available in the FAQ. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ox9ftl9TJUC31yB-F5rFVVqtjxamw6UTTxzr07gjQjY/edit?usp=sharing Anyway Flygon for S-rank Meowstic-M I've also been really liking fast Destiny Bond users (Gengar and Sharpedo for example), it adds a ton of consistency since they tend to be frail mons, so even in situations where they struggle to find KOs or are in an otherwise unfavorable fight, they can still get a 1 for 1 trade. Finally, having done a playthrough with Typhlosion, I'm gonna rescind that its limited coverage hurts it as much as I thought. Eruption is insanely powerful and it frequently OHKOs things that take even neutral damage from Fire, and can still truck things that resist it. It can also get Extrasensory and Nature Power which help cover up its coverage weakness a little bit. I'll add to the Primarina ranking that I agree with it in A/S. If anything keeps it out of S I think it would be that its meh Speed+physical durability means it struggles vs. fast physical threats. I ran it with Sparkling Aria/Moonblast/Misty Terrain and an HM/TM flex spot. I have like 6 more playthroughs worth of mons to do opinions on but I'm feeling lazy rn especially since I need to consider e17 changes
  9. [E17] New Seeds

  10. It's a held item, no need to power them up. Anyone can use the type-based ones, pokemon-specific ones have to be used by the pokemon named in the zmove. They can only be used once a battle edit: forgot which thread I was in
  11. [Spoilers] K