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  1. I put together a document with the stats of every e17 story boss. This is going to have spoilers since it includes trainer names, so be warned. I'm posting it here since this info is useful for outspeeds and damage calcs and just generally knowing movelists. There might be a couple of errors with stat calcs, so if you notice something funky point it out (for a long time I was using Mega Lucario's base stats for Victoria's Lucario and only noticed when I had something outspeed it and wondered why my mon like 30% slower was faster...). Stats are based on the PBS files available in the FAQ. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ox9ftl9TJUC31yB-F5rFVVqtjxamw6UTTxzr07gjQjY/edit?usp=sharing Anyway Flygon for S-rank Meowstic-M I've also been really liking fast Destiny Bond users (Gengar and Sharpedo for example), it adds a ton of consistency since they tend to be frail mons, so even in situations where they struggle to find KOs or are in an otherwise unfavorable fight, they can still get a 1 for 1 trade. Finally, having done a playthrough with Typhlosion, I'm gonna rescind that its limited coverage hurts it as much as I thought. Eruption is insanely powerful and it frequently OHKOs things that take even neutral damage from Fire, and can still truck things that resist it. It can also get Extrasensory and Nature Power which help cover up its coverage weakness a little bit. I'll add to the Primarina ranking that I agree with it in A/S. If anything keeps it out of S I think it would be that its meh Speed+physical durability means it struggles vs. fast physical threats. I ran it with Sparkling Aria/Moonblast/Misty Terrain and an HM/TM flex spot. I have like 6 more playthroughs worth of mons to do opinions on but I'm feeling lazy rn especially since I need to consider e17 changes
  2. [E17] New Seeds

  3. It's a held item, no need to power them up. Anyone can use the type-based ones, pokemon-specific ones have to be used by the pokemon named in the zmove. They can only be used once a battle edit: forgot which thread I was in
  4. [Spoilers] K

  5. edit: scroll down to bottom for cause of error This testing was all done vs. Titania Based on the PBS files, her Sandslash should have 273 Attack. An Aggron with 337 Defense should only be taking 180-212 damage from Earthquake after factoring in Badge Boost (which boosts to 370). Instead, it always takes at least 240, causing Sturdy to activate. Maxing out its IVs and EVs and giving it a neutral nature, this gives a Level 85 Aggron 390 Defense, or 429 after badge boost. This should only be taking 156-184 damage from Earthquake, but STILL can be brought to Sturdy on a 240HP Aggron. A 274/194 HP/Defense Swampert shows that this isn't limited to Earthquake, as Icicle Crash should only deal 99-117 damage but does 168. Earthquake should only deal 77-91 yet deals 118. An Ampharos with 174 special defense (191 with badge boost) will also show that her other pokemon exhibit the same behavior. Her Empoleon should have 300 Special Attack. As such, its Scald should be doing 117-138 damage, Ampharos took 185 Now, here's the kicker: This applies to the player's pokemon as well. A level 82 Aggron with 266 Attack (292 with badge boost) should be doing 84-100 damage with Rock Slide to Titania's Sandslash, which is about a third of its health. Instead, it deals over half. Iron Head, which should deal 135-159 (factoring in the field boost), instead is able to bring it down to red HP (her Sandslash should have 269HP). As for non-Steel types: Level 85 Weavile with 292 Attack (321 after badge boost) using Thief on Titania's Sandslash should be doing 78-93 damage, about a third of its HP. Instead it dealt nearly half (https://i.imgur.com/2mUX3ak.png ) Changing the field (via Misty Terrain etc.) caused damage to return to expected values. Changing the weather has no effect. Edit: This script is causing the problem (located in PokeBattle_Move) if attacker.hasWorkingAbility(:QUEENLYMAJESTY) && $fefieldeffect==5 || $fefieldeffect==31 atkmult=(atkmult*1.5).round end Can confirm by changing the 1.5 to some other number or having it print some combat text. This would mean that Corrosive Mist and Mountain fields have the same issue, as they have a similar and/or grammar error in the if statement for their ability-related damage boost
  6. EP17 New Mega Stones (Spoiler)

  7. [Spoilers!] a certain spook

  8. E17 kinda wild (MAJOR SPOILERS)

  9. Well it's not coming now. Or now. Or now.