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  1. Paperblade

    Can't Find the Mawilite (EP 18)

    Mawilite should be 400. The order has been changed around a bit since beta so there might be some outdated info going around
  2. Paperblade

    E18 Gym Battle Difficulty

  3. Paperblade


  4. Paperblade

    E18 Obtainability Updates [Spoilers]

    this but unironically
  5. Paperblade

    X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    AI testing blobsweats
  6. Paperblade

    E18 Obtainability Updates [Spoilers]

    Larvitar and Dratini are both hidden behind Rock Climb as of E17 content Larvitar is down the Rock Climb area in the Tanzan Cove surf entrance to Tanzan Depths, and Dratini is on the unreachable floor of Ametrine Mountain as a rare encounter from fishing. I sort of doubt any of these will change, so the question marks for me are Scyther, Bagon, and the missing starter/mystery eggs.
  7. Paperblade

    E18 Obtainability Updates [Spoilers]

    dev blog is still 7/22 'Zard is obtainable in E17 in the same place as its prevos
  8. Paperblade

    E18 Obtainability Updates [Spoilers]

    Magneton from Evo to Wild/Repeatable Cloyster from Evo to Wild/Repeatable Seadra fixed from Evo to Wild/Repeatable (you can get it with super rod at Ametrine in E17) Machop fixed from Evo/Breeding to Wild/Repeatable (you can get it in Glitch Victory Road in E17)
  9. Paperblade

    E18 Obtainability Updates [Spoilers]

    Seviper being changed to wild is also a fix I'm pretty sure, it should be obtainable in the portion of Tanzan Depths only reachable with Surf.
  10. Paperblade

    X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    Shoutout to whoever archived the obtainable page on June 16th: Wigglytuff: From evolution/breeding to wild/repeatable event Vullaby: From evolution/breeding to wild/repeatable event It looks like Accelgor and Seviper have also been "changed" since the archive, but to my knowledge these are both fixes like the Nidos since they're catchable in the wild in E17
  11. Paperblade

    Are These Pokemon Actually In These Locations Anymore?

    Most of these are pretty rare encounters which is probably why you haven't seen them: Slowpoke's a 5% encounter. Doduo/Dodrio aren't obtainable at night so depending on when you're checking you might not see them. They're around a 15-20% encounter rate combined in the renovated Beryl Ward depending on where exactly you check Lapras as mentioned is only on Friday Snorunt is inside and only a 4% encounter Staravia isn't obtainable at night. It's a 10% encounter during morning/day. You can also find Starly during the morning. Hawlucha is only obtainable in the morning, 30% encounter rate Phantump is only obtainable at night and is a 5% encounter rate
  12. Paperblade

    Druddigon location (SOLVED)

    It's a somewhat uncommon encounter inside any of the caves along Route 3
  13. Paperblade

    X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    There's a lot of obtainables to look forward to for E18/19, even though a vast majority of pokemon are available. 22 TMs ~22 Z-crystals (excludes legendaries) 30 Mega stones (excludes legendaries) 14 Pokemon families either unobtainable or from a limited event (again excluding legendaries), 15 if you count Lycanroc-Dusk which I think is going to be included? I know Ash-Greninja isn't because Ash Last two department stickers Choice Scarf Life Orb Fire and Ground Memories for Silvally We get some of this from Rock Climb if E17 datamining info is still accurate: Life Orb, 5 pokemon (Axew, Jangmo-O, Larvitar, Dratini, and Deino), and 2 TMs (one on Azurine Island and one on the path up to Pyrous Mountain). Two more TMs are going to be from Hardy/Saphira, one in this episode and the other in 19 (Rock Slide/Dragon Claw are the only Rock/Dragon TMs remaining)