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  1. Paperblade

    NEW sticker guide (Episode 18+)

    If the immediate rewards from the puzzle aren't important to you, you don't actually need to do the puzzle to get the sticker. The code the woman wants is always the same, and you can give it to her without completing the magic square puzzle
  2. Paperblade

    Can all event Pokemon be shiny?

    I don't think anything before the first badge comes with one. A vast majority of them don't
  3. Paperblade

    Can all event Pokemon be shiny?

    Not all event pokemon, just some. Generally, the earlier they are the less likely they are to have one
  4. But Erin is before GDC On topic, I have to say that although I originally didn't like the... actual reactions of your face at first, having read through this while I was bored at work once, it really grew on me and this (plus your Reborn playthrough) were both great reads.
  5. Paperblade

    Opinions on the Gauntlet (E18 Spoilers)

    @not Azery Yeah, it was increased in the public release, I think it was when it was changed so you got the full restores after Luna. I consider myself pretty hardcore, but I mostly play through the game without a bench+set mode+no items in battle and I'm probably gonna do some challenge runs whenever final version comes out. I did a playthrough in E17 with set/no items with only 6 pokemon ever seeing any combat which I'll have to revisit in E19, since Ame pushed back a third of the Pokemon I used there (rip budew and magnemite) @Commander The healing items thing is definitely true--I play without healing items for the challenge so I didn't really think about it, but it's definitely something that makes the game a lot easier if you use it and is a much more efficient way of spending money than Rare Candies (you can get like 30 Full Restores and 20 Revives for the price of 6 Rare Candies, and on most of my playthroughs coming into E18 I was buying 15ish) Having played as much as I have, that biases my own views on the early encounters because I know what's coming and that if I grab X, Y, and Z species that will make the encounters much easier which a new player won't because they might not know about a detail of a field or boss encounter or that a pokemon is even obtainable
  6. Paperblade

    Opinions on the Gauntlet (E18 Spoilers)

    I think something important to keep in mind, especially for discussion of late game fights like the Glass Workstation Gauntlet, is the sort of playstyles people have. Some people don't EV train, some people don't breed, some people play on set and some play on shift, some don't use potions/X-items, and some don't keep a bench. This is all going to heavily impact how the difficulty of a fight is viewed, because someone struggling through the game with their team of favorites is going to have a much different perception than someone who will go catch a pokemon and grind it to up to counter one fight. A lot of my friends that tried this game got frustrated because they aren't into all that grinding, and their team of favorite pokemon wasn't enough to muscle past early fights like Aya People that lean towards the latter end of the spectrum (maintaining a big team) are naturally going to have an easier time with later fights, because they have both increased quality and increased quantity of options to counter whatever that opponent is trying to do. Obviously, Hardy is going to be much easier if you EV trained a Scizor, Breloom, and Excadrill specifically for that fight, but is this something we should expect and balance the game around? The EXP curve, especially late game, is so harsh that even doing all sidequests and maintaining no bench, I spend a lot of my money on Rare Candies to keep my team at a good pace, and even then I sometimes have to fight some Grand Hall trainers. With that in mind, I think the difficulty of the Glass Workstation is fine. Yes, if you have two fast attackers that can KO the lower IV mons (in public release, nothing has 0 IVs, iirc lowest is 15 and those exist in both double battles) before they can do anything, it's easy. If you have a small team, you had a good matchup for this encounter, which is inevitable in a Pokemon game with type matchups. It happens, you probably struggled with another encounter. If you have a big team, this is the choice you made. You've willingly made the game easier by grinding up other pokemon so that you could make strategy easier on yourself by bringing a better counterteam. Now, there's a big discussion to be made about self imposed challenges vs. what's actually possible in the game and things like that, but maybe I'm getting offtopic there.
  7. Paperblade

    E18 Boss Stats and Wild Encounters

    Thanks for this, updated it. I don't currently have repeatable events (outside of the Pyrous Mountain rock smashes) since that data isn't in the encounters.txt file. I'll probably eventually add all event pokemon, especially since many of them come with one of their egg moves and there's not a resource on that as far as I know, but I'm not sure if it will happen before or after E19 releases The wild encounters took a lot longer, since a lot of in game events that change the terrain are entirely different maps, so I have to compare all the wild encounter data since some of them like Tourmaline Desert and Route 4 do change based on that, and there's just a ton of maps in general (probably 500+ that have wild encounters). Updating it for new episodes is pretty easy since Ame just adds new maps to the end of the file, so running a diff shows all the changes pretty easily unless I lose the old PBS files. Updating boss encounters takes a bit more time since she tends to group all encounters with the same trainer together, so I generally have to manually find them since stuff randomly gets added in places and diff hates that. Unless she decides to add Generation 8 or do some other heavy revamp, updating it still isn't too bad.
  8. Paperblade

    E18 Boss Stats and Wild Encounters

    Boss Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pERWrhaF4cKKWdA8qDZyI52KsHkNRELi8FpzHVMrois This includes all story bosses (Meteor admins, gym leaders, PULSE, rivals, and other miscellaneous). There's currently no sidequest stuff in there. It's sorted by level cap, includes route splits, and has a spoiler protection at the top of each tab so that when you go check for a boss you don't see every boss in that tab unless you scroll down to see them all. Wild Encounters: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16Nx8KWE5sOes8POwex6ttcIEXvNH_bYwouI1etDiBLo This includes all random wild encounters in the game, tabs are sorted by episode/gym leader. It doesn't include level of the pokemon because there's frequently multiple ranges. This also doesn't include any event Pokemon of any kind, but otherwise should be completely conclusive. Credit to BIGJRA for summarizing changes for E17 wild encounters. If you spot an error or if you think there's something missing, let me know.
  9. Paperblade

    Grounding Reborn [General & Specific Teams]

    Excadrill and Camerupt are both good here because they have secondary typings that let them take neutral from Ice and deal SE damage This fight probably won't be too bad because you have a lot of options for things that can just destroy the field which makes the fight way easier since it turns off most of her evasion nonsense Your main team looks fine, Gastrodon is good once you get Toxic/Scald/Earth Power later, Mamoswine is good. Flygon is super busted since it gets Dragon Dance from the Move Reminder, this is probably one of the best pokemon in the game in general Hippo is available in Tanzan Depths before the 7th badge. It's only a 6% encounter rate so it might take some time
  10. Paperblade

    Can't Find the Mawilite (EP 18)

    Mawilite should be 400. The order has been changed around a bit since beta so there might be some outdated info going around
  11. Paperblade

    E18 Gym Battle Difficulty

  12. Paperblade


  13. Paperblade

    E18 Obtainability Updates [Spoilers]

    this but unironically