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  1. found myself in YKW2's Kicking room. it's hard, but fun

  2. so, I feel like I'm pretty much already almost over what happened tuesday. What one good cry session can do for you

  3. Wolfox

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Twit: Hopefully I can get a Mawilite. Me:
  4. This is good to see. I would have been extremely disappointed if Konami had forgotten Yusei's signature face marker (again)

    1. seki108


      Also, to add more timing hilarity to the new physical banlist adding the lotus card that the Yubel event just introduced to DL, Akiza is getting new support right around the time she's being added to duel links.  Wonder if some of the new Harpie support from the same Waifu-pack will be added along with some of the backlogged Harpies?  Duel Links mixes old and completely new (Fur Hires), so it isn't impossible.

    2. Wolfox


      yeah. my big hope is that they don't limit Jack's synchro's to just his 5d's ones and maybe add his Manga and Arc-V ones. that is what makes and break his viability as someones main (though I don't really care as considering I remain the Dutch Jack Atlas I'm gonna main him regardless)

  5. find yourself someone who looks at your the same way JD and Turk look at each other

  6. first time in a while I called in for a day off. should tell you enough about how I'm feeling

  7. two things.

    1) I think I'm getting over it just a bit faster than last time because I actualy bawled my eyes out for about 2 hours 2 days ago.


    2) I think I found a little "break up ritual" for myself. While simple, I'll just drink a cola when I get near a grocery store (and get one for the night)

  8. thank me later

  9. Wolfox

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    allow me to ask for Dr. Cox his expertise again regarding those people:
  10. Wolfox

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    oh, they can. Remember, Adrienn turned Cain on a little
  11. Wolfox

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    kinda. it's that you don't care about the looks of a person and more for who they are on the inside.
  12. Wolfox

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    to quote Dr. Cox on the nonbinary identities not being true. Wait, no. I'll just let him say it: And personally, Cain being Pan over Bi or Gay honestly makes him better for me. Because, fun fact, that's how I learned Pan Sexuality is a thing
  13. Wolfox

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    I mean, Cain is the definition of a Princess and we all know it
  14. Wolfox

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Mr. Bigglesworth tho!
  15. Playing though Yo kai Watch again because it's one of the most fun games I own for my 3DS and it's a good distraction from the break up... already trying to break the game as I'm trying to get a certain A rank Yo kai's requirements early (already got one part of it, now I just need 1 more thingy. Hint as to what it is: Dunsparce but actually good)