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  1. Team ragnarok: You can't defeat the gods!

    Team 5d's: Jack loses, sends me in.

    Team Ragnarok: You stand even less of a chance! You don't even have a special synchro!

    Me:beats all of their team. without even using a monster with more then 3000 attack.


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    2. FairFamily


      That's why you play recycle card in your deck. Also is ancient sacred wyvern in the game?

    3. FairFamily


      but yeah the challenge is not that smart considring how yu gi oh is played.

    4. Wolfox Glace

      Wolfox Glace

      Ancient Sacred Wyvern is in the game, yes. andat least jack leaves you some useful cards. Ultimate offering, end of the storm and some others

  2. still up? no school/work tomorrow or something?

    1. HongaarseBeer97


      Hahaha, sorry dad :P 


      I have exams this week (Monday and Friday) so I'm free tomorrow. And also, I just came from work and I can never sleep immediately after having worked :) 


      Shouldn't you be sleeping, young man?

    2. Wolfox Glace

      Wolfox Glace

      who says I wasn't?

  3. note completely sure about arc-V... while it's amazing to hights of 5ds season one and 3, it's not quite up to par with season 2 of 5ds. still kicked the original off the number 2 spot for me tho

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    2. FairFamily


      It is a bit obvious. The reason why I think Yusei stands little chance against yuya is the amount of boss monsters that yuya has. The four dimension dragons are already a thread to yusei's stardust. Then you have the odd-eyes combintions, the odd-eys upgrades saber and lancer (lancer gets pass all the traps), odd-eyes fusions and finally the palladins. So getting into any of these is quite easy for yuya. 

    3. FairFamily


      For yami this is more from a perspective that yami has access to some very broken cards that can easily win games on their own.

    4. Wolfox Glace

      Wolfox Glace

      I'm looking at it from a perspective with the most fair decks. like n banned cards AT ALL. till yuuya will have an advantage against just Stardust, but stardust also has nice combinations like SHooting Star, majestic and quazar. against yami it will literally be who get's the ace out first and who does the best with it. granted I would love to see either in an anime style duel and be happy with any outcome. Yuuya VS Yusei could posibly even be a turbo duel depending on the setting

  4. you know what's Ironic? DBZ Fans will always hate on Yamcha and say he's the weakest person in the anime, most of them don't know yamcha actually beat Goku in a fight and was Goku's first official rival. Granted Goku was a kid and hungry while Yamcha was around 18ish, but still he was able to defeat a Saiyen before it was cool

    1. Animefan666


      Yeah, you can't really compare characters like Yamcha to most of them because everyone has the power to blow up the damn planet. DB made more sense. Now it's just, "fight me or I'll blow up the planet." DBZ hasn't been original since the first fight with Vegeta.

    2. Wolfox Glace

      Wolfox Glace

      tbh I agree, I watched a little bit of DBZ till the start of the android saga but I was left really disapointed. there was more filler then One Piece has, it moved way to slow and story wise it simply fell down the same hole as fe fates, but deeper IMO. Granted the filler and such were fixed in kai, but that aint fixing the story

  5. aaaaaand another year is added to the time we have to wait for every time it's asked
  6. For the Blue Flame!

    1. Maelstrom


      It seems to me, if Jecht was a FE character, he would be Priam. Dat hair...

  7. Just go Julia on it with Blast Powder. and it's a dawn stone so if you want gallade, froslass or you wanna sell it you know
  8. Yay, I have to beat team Catastrophe. the funny thing is: THEY START WITH AN INSTANT SYNCHRO that can change the battle possition of your monster, dream clown in attack AND no entry.pretty much all you can do is play you draw well since their draws seem to be fixed... where's my lghtsworn when I need it

  9. Let's burn a hole, so we can climb out. Of these paper walls, of this empty house~

  10. Shinkuro shōkan!

    1. Inactivity
    2. Wolfox Glace

      Wolfox Glace

      I literally said Synchro Summon! in Japanese

    3. Inactivity


      Oh, it sounded tasty while I didn't understand it. Could've been Ramen or something, y'feel.

  11. When you defeat the Ghost first try using a Synchro monster, tell me again how that is not one of the best ways of summoning

  12. If you could live in any of the Yu-Gi-Oh! worlds, which one would you live in? And what would you be in said world?


    I would personally be in the 5D'S world as an outlaw turbo duelist in the Satellite, just pissing of Sector Security

    1. seki108


      Considering I'm only familiar with the original and Gx worlds (though technically they are the same), I'll choose GX era.  Only a case or two of end of the world shenanigans to account for, while the game is right near the point where I am still a little familiar with it (or at least the speed of it).

    2. FairFamily


      I'll take gx and become a dueling student.

    3. Wolfox Glace

      Wolfox Glace

      the days when Fusions ruled the world

  13. why do I nickname my azumarils Truck?

    1. DreamblitzX


      Because they hit like one after a belly drum?

    2. Wolfox Glace

      Wolfox Glace

      well, that, and because of Numb Nexus in a dead island let'splay, he kinda became a mechanephiliac

  14. for all people who like to bitch about casual mode being "too easy"(again, not syaing they're here, just in general).

    try beating Priam's recruitment level on Lunatic on lunatic+. suddenly you would love to have those units that died

    1. Isa.phoria
    2. DreamblitzX


      I liked using casual mode for awakening because I don't like letting anyone die permanently so a single death was always a game over. casual let me turn the difficulty up a bit and open new options in combat with strategic sacrifices

    3. Wolfox Glace

      Wolfox Glace

      same, I tend to get attached to my units to soon aswell... mainly Priam and Lon'qu