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  1. you know a mon I kinda dislike? Magearna. it may be OP as hell, it's signature move has a draw back that my head tells me to avoid: a -2 drop in spatk. thatnks to that I can't use it's main stab as required when I use fleur cannon. but if I don't use fleur cannon it doesn;t hit hard enough with said main stab

  2. you know? as someone who never had any cheats on his r4 card before, a would has opened up to me

  3. welcome welcome welcome a fine welcome to you. welcome welcome welcome I say how do you do? Welcome welcome welcome I say hiphip hooray! welcome welcome welcome to the forums to dayyyyy.
  4. adding one of the two forum champs is the right idea here. magnezone is really good VS Aya
  5. when i took a better look to your profile pic, i was amused, i must say yugo is one of the best characters tats yugo riight?

    1. Wolfox Glace

      Wolfox Glace

      yeah, it's Yugo

  6. welcome back
  7. It's not unlikely that that magikarp has roots somewhere in my shop since I did send you one in the past, so I'll allow it
  8. alright, I'll edit my post right now
  9. battle

    Ever since walace was shown to have a Mylotic and people figured out it evolved from feebas in gen 3 there has been a rivalry. Magikarp VS Feebas! now let's settle this here! also if someone could become my rival with a feebas shop the show coult truely begin!
  10. shameless selfpromotion I could potentially provide a magikarp for the third place? or a feebas could be the third place prize?
  11. don't have a paypall, so I'm afraid I won't be able to donate either (and I have a feeling that you won't have the most use for euro's as it it when it comes to getting a new PC) so all I'll say is good luck
  12. maybe an eeveelution only run? or a monotype run?
  13. let's reveal myself a second time
  14. If I recall Ralts is another jackpot starter