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  1. :) music addiction strikes again

    1. Lugruf


      If there's such a thing as music addiction I must have it. I'm listening to music almost all the time

    2. Wolfox Glace

      Wolfox Glace

      I have been self diagnosed with it for years, so it must be a thing

    3. HongaarseBeer97


      I guess it's the same for me

  2. yes, both will evolve
  3. then a ghost type might be your best bet, or a second flying type. Granbull might also be a great option
  4. perhaps a ghost type woud work to block her main stab moves, or perhaps a flying type?
  5. Is it weird that I feel like I'm more handsome when I'm wearing a jacket?

    1. SHIA


      i feel the same way tbh

    2. Mr. Divergent

      Mr. Divergent

      Me too lol. Guess it's the style and class jackets seem to bring.

    3. Isa.phoria


      Relatable, but I have a weakness for scarves

  6. just unlocked Odion in duel links :D got all characters unlockable sofar

  7. is number one pichu?
  8. welp,finnish jojo's bizarre adventure, now on to the next anime

    1. Monochrome_Complex


      Let the voice of love, take you higheeerrrr!

  9. one is Ralts, for a reason I hopefully don't need to explain another one is Mimikyu, all it wants it to be loved so it dresses like the most loved pokemon, even though it hates pikachu(almost types pikechu, I tend to mess that up) the final one in the top 3 would be ribombee. becayse I would actually hug it so much it would lift me up and fly away with me! yes I know all of them are fairy types, but it's my favorite type, and most fairy types are just adorbz
  10. not sure who I like more, Kakyoin or jotaro

  11. nope spineblade
  12. and two more people made happy with a red Fish :) feels good inc

  13. no problem
  14. other then trading with other players and hacking, no