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Best EV Training Location Guide FOR EVERY STAT (Episode 16)



Hello everyone! This is an Episode 16-friendly guide for places to EV train your pokemon by stat, meant to expand upon and supplement Simon's 

Pokemon Reborn EV Training Guide V2 (Updated for Episode 15). If you're looking for a guide because you're thinking, "I want to EV train in Attack and Speed, if only I knew the best places to go..." then this is the place to find it. Additionally, I am not including training areas via headbutt, fishing, rock smash, etc. as they take far longer to grind than biking or surfing.


And if you know of other good places, please contribute!



IF AN AREA IS LABELED PRE-EPISODE 16, YOU DO NOT NEED A PREVIOUS EPISODE OF REBORN TO EXPLOIT IT. This simply means Reborn must be in its unrestored, pre-16 endgame state to utilize it. If you have not restored Reborn to its beautified state, ignore the following exploit and enjoy EV training as normal. If you have restored Reborn to its episode 16 beautified state, then use the following exploit to access the appropriately labeled (PRE-EPISODE 16) training areas:


Simply use the Pokemon Center nearest the area you wish to EV train in (for example, if you want to train in the Pre-16 Team Aqua Hideout, first heal at the Lapis Ward Pokemon Center), then use a pokemon with TELEPORT to teleport to that pokemon center. Doing so will revert Reborn City to its broken, unrestored, PRE-16 state until you pass through a significant building. Don't worry when it reverts, Reborn will return to normal when you come back out of most buildings!

(Also, this does not work for Mr. Seacrest's Garden. RIP best HP training spot.)


If an area is labeled POST-EPISODE 16, that means Reborn must be restored per the events of episode 16 to access the area.


  • HP: 

    POST-EPISODE 16 Chrysolia Hot Springs (Surf): Big thanks to HUEnd for catching this one! Everything yields HP here!

    Water Treatment Center: Either surfing or walking, everything yields HP, except the rare Muk which yields 1 HP and 1 Attack.

    Celestinine Cascade (Surf), Ametrine Mountain (Surf): Only Wailmer actually yields HP, but it is BY FAR the most common occurence.

    Azurine Island (Morning) Azurine Island (Day): Everything except Gloom, Yanma (morning only), and Shelmet (Day only) yields HP.

  • Attack:

    If you want Attack EVs, then you're probably also going to want HP or Speed EVs as well. See below for areas that yield both.

    Route 2 (morning): The grass outside of Agate Circus contains three different 2 Attack yield pokemon. But meditite, dwebble, and rhyhorn all muddy the consistency. Still a decent high-yield area for faster grinding.

  • Defense:

    Byxbysion Wasteland (Night): everything except the very rare Muk yields Defense. I usually fly to Aya's Gym and use the spotty grass towards the bottom right, directly below the test tube chambers.

  • Sp. Attack:

    POST-EPISODE 16 Mr. Seacrest's Garden (Day): Beautifly and Cherrim yield 3 and 2 Sp. Attack, respectively, making this the fastest Sp. Attack grind in the game. Feel free to take down Butterfree as well, even though they yield 2 Sp. Attack and 1 Sp. Defense. Only Dustox and the rare Electrike don't yield Sp. Attack here.

  • Sp. Defense:

    POST-EPISODE 16 Azurine Lake (Surf): You get a fair share of annoying Wingulls, but mostly Tentacool and Tentacruel appear, which yield the Sp. Defense you want.

    POST-EPISODE 16 Mr. Seacrest's Garden (morning): Ledyba and Ledian appear in the morning, which along with Dustox's sexy 3 Sp. Defense yield, give you the fastest grind available even despite the cherrims, beautiflies, and occasional electrikes.

    Outside of Obsidia Slums (Windy): When the Hoppip all blow past, they actually yield 1 Sp. Defense each. Not a super-efficient grind, but it's an option.

  • Speed:

    PRE-EPISODE 16 Aqua Gang Hideout: Use the Teleport gimmick to the Lapis Ward Pokemon Center mentioned above if you've already restored Reborn. The Aqua Gang Alley yields Speed exclusively.


There are also a number of areas that predominantly yield only two EV types:


  • HP + Attack

    Water Treatment Center: Either surfing or walking, everything yields HP. The rare Muk also yields 1 HP and 1 Attack.

    Ametrine Mountain: Bergmite (defense), cryogonal (sp. defense, and delibird (speed) are whiffs, but they are far less common than the predominant sealeos and cubchoos. I recommend flying to Calcenon City, then heading south through the repaired gate and into Ametrine Mountain on the left. There's a solid area there to run back and forth on.

  • HP + Speed

    PRE-EPISODE 16 Grass Outside of the Grand Hall (Day): Only Patrat yields Attack. Everything else is HP or Speed.

  • HP + Defense

    Ametrine Mountain (Dive) While Diving isn't the fastest or easiest way to grind, everything down there yields HP or Defense. 

  • HP + Sp. Attack

    Azurine Island (Morning or Day): everything except Yanma in the morning and everything except Shelmet during the day yields either HP or Sp. Attack.

  • Attack + Speed

    Celestinine Mountain: inside the mountain on the first floor--everything yields Attack or Speed except Piloswine, which yields 1 HP and 1 Attack.

    BOTH PRE and POST-EPISODE 16 Peridot Ward Alley: I prefer using the POST 16 Alleys in Peridot because Mightyena and Liepard appear. They have higher yields of 2 EVs each, but be careful of the rare Skuntank as it yields 2 HP instead.

    PRE-EPISODE 16 Magma Gang Hideout


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@Salad Table, you might wanna try out the grass patches right outside Opal Ward (even post-renovation). Iirc most of the mons there give Speed EVs. If the mon you're training can't KO them, just switch out and take them out with a leveled one.

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I always do speed quite specifically: go to the entrance of the underground rail way net and then like below picture:


start down, go to the first woobat hole. go up to the rock and back over the next woobat hole. After that go back outside, go down and back inside. and repeat. 

I use my bike with fast gameplay. you can't overshoot your targets this way, so only problem here was getting carpal tunnel syndrome from spamming the z button.

I'm mostly done in 30 minutes or so.


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I prefer using EV-boosting held-items and then training against the Woobats at the west entrance of the underground rail net.

Woobats give 1Spe EV each and go down very easily, especially due to the fact that you fight in cave field, which allows you to hit them with ground-moves.

It also goes faster than random encounters, enter the area, take out the 2 Woobat shadows, leave and re-enter.

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I found myself using these quite frequently (Sorry for terrible spelling)

Speed mons

Pidgey line, Meowth, Taurus att/speed, rattata/Raticate, Fearow/Spearow (Rooftop/Beryl Ward), Pikachu(rooftop post), Diglett, Dugtrio but not alolian Dugtrio, Ponyta/Rapidash rt. 1/Vahanan castle, Voltorb/electrobe shades gym

Tailow chysolia forest headbutt

Combee many trees by headbutt

Elemental monkeys

Bascullin (2), lumineon, finneon fishing rt 4, zebstrika,

Heliolisk dessert 1sp a/1 speed

Noibat, Novern, swoobat, woobat

Espurr/meowstic peridot alley post 16


Sp. A


Venomoth post 16 obsidia park /1 speed

Oddish/gloom obsidia park/azurine Island

Magnemite shades gym

Eggecutors dessert

Natu (Beryl Ward totom pole)

Xatu cir de arc pre 16

Spinda crysolia forest

Cherubi/cherim lower peridot ward

Oricio Tarzan cove

Minior teknite ridge 1 att/ 1sp a

Mandibuzz dessert

Chinglng under grandstairs



Beedrill 2att/1 sp def

Paras mal forest

Parasect 2att/1def Mal forest post 16

Alolian Dugtrio dessert

Mankey Slums

Doduo/dotrio Beryl ward


Pinsir/heracross rt 1 honey


Poochyena line alleyways

Nuzleaf/shiftry Mal forest post 16

Cacture dessert 1sp a

Chatot crysolia trees

Carnivine Jasper Ward

Drillbur/excadrill Tarzan depths/scrapyard

Tranquill illolia valley

Darnanian standard dessert

Escalliver Titania's gym


Druddigan Titania's gym and rt 3?

Pancham slums

Hawlucha rt 2?

Lycanrick dessert

Dhelmise diving spots in azurine lake

Golett baryl ward totem

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To fast train Speed, just get in the railnet cave by Peridot Ward and fight those two Woobats. Then go outside and insede again to respawn the fellows. They are Lvl 5, so it can be done as early as you want to.

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19 minutes ago, Octavius said:


#edited. Thank you so much! This spot is excellent! Can you confirm this only applies to episode 16 post-reborn restoration? Also not sure that there are any quagsire/wooper spawns in the hot springs.

It is only post-restoration! You need surf to get there and you can't get there before the post-restoration

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Personally, I usually used route 4 for training HP, at least when I also wanted to train attack.  Audino's (HP) and Poliswine (HP + Attack) are abundant, though the zebras are common too.

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On 8/1/2017 at 0:48 PM, HUEnd said:

You're missing Chrysolia Springs (surfing), which only yields HP EVs (Wooper, Quagsire, Shellos, Gastrodon, Barboach and Whiscash), but it's a high level area, so make sure to bring a good Grass type on your team.


#EDIT: Refer to this guide for some other areas that you missed



#edited. Thank you so much! This spot is excellent! Can you confirm this only applies to episode 16 post-reborn restoration? Also not sure that there are any quagsire/wooper spawns in the hot springs.

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I love you for doing this!


I had made an overview for myself, so I will just share that here for the ones you can add:



(Pre-16): Grimer at Coral Ward

Hoothoot: Malchous Forest

Noctowl: the grass near Beryl Cemetary (so next to Corey's gym, only post Ep. 16)

Phanpy: in Citrine mountain, the grass next to Corey's gym (Pre-16, don't know if it's still there after the restoration)

Palpitoad: Azurine Island

Makuhita: Obsidia Slums

Slakoth: Obsidia Park (not sure if also Post-restoration)

Foongus: the pokéballs at Azurine Island




Pidove: Obisidia Slums

Mankey: Obsidia Slums

Pancham: Obsidia Slums

Bouffalant: Route 1

Bellsprout: Obsidia Park, not sure if still there Post-restoration




Geodude (and Graveler): Under the Grand Stairway

Sandshrew (and Sandslash): Under the Grand Stairway


Sp. Attack:


Gloom: Azurine Island (at least Post, not sure if also Pre)

Psyduck (and Golduck): Fishing in Ametrine mountain or a normal encounter, can't recall unfortunately

Magnemite: Shade's gym

Spinda: Chrysolia Forest

Remoraid: I believe it's by fishing in Ametrine Mountain on the ground floor)


Sp. Defense:


Tentacool: Post-restoration, surfing on Azurine Lake

Venonat: Obsidia Park, not very common. Also not sure if still Post-restoration




Woobat: all those annoying pop-up dots you see in the Railnet (and some caves. You know what I'm talking about)

Noibat: Literally everywhere

Fearow: The grass next to Corey's gym (not sure if still there Post-restoration


Attack + Sp. Att:


Unown: Under the Grand Stairway, where Solaris (or Sirius) tells you about what's behind the door with the 4 coloured 'locks'


Attack + Speed:


Tauros: Route 1


This is all I recorded. They might not be the most efficient ones to use for grinding EV's, but especially Pre-16 these are the easiest and most accessible ones to use

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You're missing Chrysolia Springs (surfing), which only yields HP EVs (Wooper, Quagsire, Shellos, Gastrodon, Barboach and Whiscash), but it's a high level area, so make sure to bring a good Grass type on your team.


#EDIT: Refer to this guide for some other areas that you missed


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Not sure if you wand others to add some, but I will either way >:)

Apothyl Beach also gives good speed EV's from winguls, all you gotta do is avoid the rare pelliper.

For special attack: the volcano at apothyl has some common mons that grant special attack.

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